Sunday, October 02, 2011


Today Brylee turns 11...  my gosh how time flies!
I can still remember her as a teeny, tiny little baby... so small and delicate she was.

Now, she's still small... but hell no... not delicate!
She is a right girly girl though... loves clothes, jewellery, dolls... *smiles*.

I have bought her mostly new clothes for her birthday this year.  I am sure she will be wrapt with them... expect a little fashion show later on today.

Apart from that... no other plans for the day.  We expect Stew's sister to visit after lunch.... which will be nice.  We had been thinking of going to see how her new home is shaping up... she's been doing extensive renovations for the past month or so. 

Converting the downstairs into a self contained, one bedroom unit...  hopefully we can go see it soon.

That's all for now.. I'll be back later...

ABOVE:  Brylee's new clothes, a leotard for gym, new togs and a summer dress... 
Right now.. Steve and Brylee have gone shopping together!  Steve is letting her pick her own present from him.  How sweet is that.

I heard from the  family that bought Tulip and Bee Bee this morning.  They both had a good night, no problems at all.  They have new names:

I like their new names.... India and Charlie.  I am sure they are going to love their new family.

I got a phone call from a bloke who wants to come and see Kiba ... so we might be saying goodbye to Kiba tonight!

ABOVE:  I usually have one or two little drinks of me tipple (Totara Cafe) on a friday night.  But tonight I just feel like I need to unwind... and this will sure help!  CHEERS.

ABOVE:  Kiba has left the building.  He has gone home with his Forever Family.... Dad, Mum, two little boys and a cute wee girl.   The kids want to call him 'Oscar'... but I think Dad has other ideas!  They were a really cute little family, and I feel sure he will be much loved.  The Mum is a stay-at-home Mum so will be with him all the time, which is lovely to know.

End of Day:  well, I took over 200 photos of Kiba before he left... so can show you a few tomorrow.  I'm sure you will love that!  lol
Just Bruiser left at home now.  I hope he doesn't cry tonight!
nite nite.


  1. Happy Birthday Brylee, have an awesome day :-)

  2. Happy one one :) one of my favorite b days ever!

  3. Happy Birthday to Brylee. I hope she has a lovely day.

  4. Leigh9:13 AM

    Who is stealing your photos?
    Oh and Happy Birthday Brylee

  5. Happy Birthday Brylee that blue is a gorgeous colour on you, and I love the dress. I hope you have a lovely day today.

  6. Aw, Happy, Happy Birthday, Brylee! You sure got her some really cute things, Chris. And how with Uncle Steve. (Some girl is going to be very happy when she catches him!) :o) I hope Brylee's special day is fantastic!



  7. Happy Birthday to Brylee.....hope she has a great day and Steve ends up not broke!!! :)
    Enjoy your day too Chris, you've done well :)
    Actually its Jim's birthday today too so a special day in both our homes.
    Big hugs :)

  8. Hey that is great about stopping the bread. It is grains of all kinds too but you don't eat cereal so not a problem. Can I ask who's blog you saw this on (Wheat Belly). Happy Birthday to Brylee too.

  9. Happy birthday B...Im sure she will have a fantastic day!!

  10. She certainly is a healthy and happy looking girl, and very pretty. Happy Birthday to her!

  11. Happy Birthday to a sweetie! I think posting on my blog somehow solved my posting woes!

  12. Happy birthday B!!

  13. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Happy Birthday Brylee!! Glad to hear your ww meeting went so well Chris. I didn't cancel my ww membership and will be going back on Wednesday, expecting a gain but I just need to get over it and move on :)

  14. Happy Birthday to Brylee! Would you believe I can remember when I was that small - a hundred years ago! Tell her to eat all the cucumbers that she can hold now -because when she gets older her tummy will make her pay for it! LOL

    Love her outfits. For a minute I thought - SHORTS - she will freeze to death although I did have one granddaughter who lived in shorts all year long when she was Brylee's age! Yea- I got smart when I realized you are the one being blessed with beautiful weather while I have OLD MaN WINTER coming for a visit over here! UCK- I hate him.

    It will be nice to see what she picks out from Stew. I did that one year with one of my granddaughters and she picked something that would never entered my mind - so I decided it is a "learning -experience" to see what they pick out!!! : )

  15. That is one stylin' 11 year old.
    Happy birthday Brylee!

  16. Happy Birthday wishes to Brylee! and isn't Steve a lovely young man taking Brylee shopping, I am sure she will love that!

  17. and I love the puppies new names too!

  18. Thought I'd stop by and say 'hi'. Glad you are doing well. My boy just turned 10 so they are close in age.
    I'm not blogging but I'm on facebook as patty pearson johnson if U are on there. Take care.

    angelfish (patty)

  19. Happy birthday young lady!! Nice dress for her to. Good picking!

    Thanks for your comment - my girl already has grommets in (which is half the problem) :)

    God I am going to miss the puppy photos!!

  20. Happy Birthday Brylee! You got her some funky clothes. Too bad you have to bleep out her face. We have such cases in Singapore where the faces of kids get stolen and put elsewhere. But there are no laws here to prosecute the thieves! We have laws against chewing gum but not that? When I take pics of my kids for the blog, I get them to tilt their faces down or such that you can't really see their faces.

  21. Happy Birthday, Brylee!!! I love your name!!! Hope it is all fun!!!

    God Bless~

  22. The daughter totally named those girls after characters from Home and away! Enjoy your tipple ... after all the rugby's on (Not that either of us are big fans, but the atmosphere is nice)! Spent the afternoon in the sun down here drinking at the beach, getting ready to go watch the rubgy in town- Ireland vs someone (can't remember). What are the chances I don't make it to my classes tomorrow??? heheh. Ok I'll stop annoying you with this comment. Love ya x

  23. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Hello? Is there anyone home in New Zealand? I think you's are all over here watching the warriors! Happy birthday Brylee! Glad and sad about the pups. Glad they've nearly all found good homes and sad you won't have them anymore! WOMBAT

  24. Wow, the dress is beautiful, Miss B will really bring that frock to life.

    Happy Birthday to Brylee, hope she has had an amazing day......and spent all of Steve's pay, along the way ;o)

  25. awwwww poor wee Bruiser all by himself now...hope he settles down ok tonight for you.

  26. ohhhh and Happy Birthday to Brylee, hope she had a funtastic day...and enjoyed her outing with Steve.

  27. Whats Totara Cafe ?..I had a couple of Black Russians on holiday !!! Now let's phrase that again , Vodka and Khulau .topped with ice
    Happy birthday Brylee .

  28. Happy Birthday Brylee!
    From Tulip to Charie? They must be crazy people. Tulip was an excellent name. (for a girl)

  29. Happy Birthday to Brylee!! Those kids sure do grow up fast don't they.

  30. Happy belated birthday to Brylee! Now she's the same age as my oldest daughter.


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