Thursday, October 13, 2011


ABOVE:  Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, right?  What's he looking at ?

ABOVE:  MY cardigan!  And wires.  Any wire will do.  Computer.  Phone charger.  Camera USB cable.  Or toes... toes are nice to chomp on too!

AND let's not even MENTION the HUMPING!  OMG he is only 2 and a half months old and he is humping any body part he can 'mount'.   EEeeewwwww.    How many more sleeps?

Oh yeah, two more!   I still think we will miss him.  For a little while.  Then I will start to enjoy having my house back in 'order'... lol.

TODAY:  I don't know!  Might just go down to the mall and pick up my new luggage.  NOT that I am going anywhere fast!  Stew and Steve give me shit for buying new luggage when we have no plans to go away.  But, it was on sale!  And I will need it at some point!  Doesn't matter if it's now or in a year.  I will use it one day!  Right?


Knackered!  Just did the grocery shopping.  And bought some fabric to make a dress for Brylee for Christmas.  It's now 2.20pm, time for some lunch I think!..

ABOVE:  I just made a dress for Brylee, same colour combo as the wee one I made for Emily Sienna.   I had to blindfold Brylee so she couldn't see the colours I had used!  It was quite exciting, as I don't think I have ever made her a dress before!  This one should fit her for a good 2 years.  She is only growing upwards ... not outwards.

It's now dinner time.  Hmmmm... have not sorted out that yet. Better pull finger...

End of day:  well we had takeaways for dinner, which was nice as I'm really not feeling the best.  Got a headcold.  Most of the family has had it... now it's my turn.  I just hope I don't get the cough.  Last time I got a cough it lasted for 6 weeks. 
nite nite.


  1. OMGosh, we just had a dog that we were only watching for 6 months. She is finally gone but she humped my other dog AT LEAST 10-20 times a day. I swear something was chemically wrong with that girl and she was even fixed.

  2. LOL still waiting for you to buy a new laptop/ipad maybe....... luggage, hmmmm well I suppose it could be an incentive to start saving for the trip :-)

  3. I think the notion of a trip has romanticism to it a trip any trip away is good whether soon or in the future. Bruiser is so cute really who could resisit that face....

  4. Anonymous9:25 AM

    When you mentioned the luggage a few weeks ago I thought you must have been planning a trip to western Australia. Speaking off which, my luggage is packed and I'm off to W.A. right now! Ta ta! WOMBAT

  5. Rusty ate a ton of our wires. Knock on wood he hasn't done that in awhile (but he still eats flip flops)

  6. Dogs of any species always seem more messed up than mutts. Mixed breed is the way to go.
    I think that's human destiny too, everybody sleeps with everyone else till we have one race of nice, suntanned looking people!

  7. Anonymous3:15 PM


  8. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Go get the J Beaver from the Viva for bruiser to hump. The new owner is in for a shock!
    Mary H

  9. AWWWW - soo cute ! I can relate to the Chewing of my chihuahuas ! They ate teh cord to the computer and many times they ate the cord to the printer. I Hated getting down and hunting the wires -then putting all of those little wires back together. After somebody ate my glasses - I made sure that I never left my sewing machine cords DOWN -ever again .

  10. Bad anonymous person7:26 PM

    I don't think your girl will be sincerely happy about her Christmas present as it is not a surprise to her at all! Only colours... not much of a surprise.

  11. Such beautiful dresses you have made Chris! The girls will love them I am sure.

    I hope you get to use your new luggage soon!

  12. Ha! Bad anonymous person... you dork

  13. This puppy looks so much like his daddy. And hey, his dad was pretty good at making the puppies. :)

  14. Sorry to hear you've caught a cold. Hope you are feeling better soon. Rest up and get well.


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