Saturday, October 01, 2011


To all those who think I am too OPINIONATED AND SHOULD TONE DOWN MY PERSONAL OPINIONS ON MY BLOG.... on your keyboard...  hold 'alt' and press F4.  Thanks. (Steve recommends this action)  Also, no more disagreeable comments will EVER be published on my blog. 

We have people coming to view the puppy's at 11am.

Stew and Steve are taking the Viva (NOW named 'The Beaver') down to the dealership where we bought it from as it is dropping out of gear on it's own... *sigh*... just what we need.... hope it's not going to cost us!  I'm now looking for a toy stuffed BEAVER... have not seen any so far.

Once our visitors have gone I hope we are going out.  I feel like going out today.  It's been a long week with lots going on and I just want to chill out somewhere nice.  Maybe lunch at Masala in Mission Bay, overlooking the harbour would be nice.  Maybe even a walk along the waterfront?

Now that would be good too... exercise must start creeping back into my days... and I mean REAL exercise.  NOT shopping!  lol

While shopping is ever so nice, it's not really getting much exercise eh?

I am ALWAYS telling you what I'm doing!  HOW about you tell me what YOU have planned for the weekend eh?  I would love to know what other people do on their days 'off'... if it's just the bloody housework... DON'T TELL ME... K?  I am sick of damn housework!  ha ha ha.

ABOVE:  Steve getting kisses from Kiba...

ABOVE:  lots of kisses!

ABOVE: a really lovely photo of Stew and the pups/Coco.

ABOVE: this must be one of the most gorgeous photos of Bee Bee... playing with Steve.

ABOVE:  I don't know what the pups love best, Steve or the sheepskin!


I heard from Rhino's new family this morning. He woke up at 2am... and cried on and off until 6am.... I don't think they were very impressed!
Here he is right now:

ABOVE: how cute is that!  I forgot to ask them if he has a new name yet... off to ask...

Well... our visitors arrived to choose a girl puppy.  BUT they could not make up their minds... so they bought BOTH TULIP AND BEE BEE!
We are so so happy, it means they will be company for each other and won't be lonely.
The family who took them are just LOVELY.... they live on a farm, so the girls are going to just love that I'm sure!

ABOVE:  Bee Bee and Tulip's new family.... Dad, Mum, Daughter and daughter's boyfriend.  I know what they will be doing all weekend now... lol!

Been out for lunch, my choice this weekend.
It is a very overcast, windy day, fairly cool too... so no walk along the waterfront.  No photos either.  Sad.

On our way home we stopped in at Sylvia Park and bought a new flat screen TV for the family room.. yaaa... goodbye to the old, huge, chunky one!

Poor Stew has a throat infection... he went to the Dr this morning and is now on Antibiotics... can't be too careful with his throat.  He got Rhuematic Fever from a throat infection when he was in his late 20's... very rare for that to happen to a grown man, so we are doubly vigilant now.
He's  having a nap ..... I tried to have a nap too but he's snoring too loudly!  lol

Steve bought himself an XBox yesterday, so the kids and him are having a great time playing it on the new tv in the family room. 
It's keeping everyone quiet, which I love.

A couple of people have asked how many pups we have left?  Well we have Bruiser, but he's sold and going to his foreverhome in two weeks, so that only leaves Kiba to go.  If for some reason he does not sell (can't imagine it!)... but if he doesn't sell I will keep him afterall.  He is the most adorable wee boy afterall.

End of Day:  well it's been a really nice day, eventful with both our little girls going to their Forever home today.  It is so much quieter here now!  And just think how much puppy poop I won't have to clean up now!
nite nite.


  1. Well today Po and Tinky Winky are going to Wangas as Po's pants are falling down. So off to Save Mart as you know Po dont like spending a fortune on clothes she aint gonna be wearing for long.

  2. We have my dad coming today, and the rest of the weekend will be spending time with the pups and toilet training Chico to go outside lol :-)

  3. Since you asked so nicely I am going to have a stall at a local market to see me wares, then tomorrow in our has has officially been called "Warriors Day" so the two boys will be watching sports all afternoon/evening...that is my weekend :)
    Hope you have a good one

  4. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Today mo the lawn dig the garden and plant some flowers. Get a pie and donut Watch the rugby again. Then I might go to CHN and get assessed for my tv disorder!
    Yeah right
    Love your blog girl keep it up.
    Mary H

  5. Chris, I'm going to a fabric fair first thing then up to a friends in Totara Park, UH for sewing ALL day. Can't lift or reach anything with my broke shoulder but I can SEW!! Then after tea come home to finish my sewing room so tomorrow I can blob out and watch the AB's and the Warriors.. oh nah I can't do that I don't have SKY! Enjoy your day. What does Alt4 do??

  6. Shopping with Siobhan then picking her friend up for a sleepover, housework, movies or swimming with the girls then risotto for dinner & if the internet devides to work catch up on tv on demand whilst listening to 2 11 year olfs giggle over Twilight.

  7. I got up at 3.30am and took my neices to the airport and got home at 7am so I am hoping to have quiet time - hubby's birthday so can't expect him to babysit ALL day!! Quiet at home - pity it isn't nice and fine huh?

    Have a goodie.


  8. RUGBY of course what else is there too DO!!!!!! haha all the puppy photos are gorgeous, oh and Stew and Steve and gawjus too!!!

  9. Today, we run an art and craft market which happens around our shop - so that is open too, so we are in the middle of that right now. So I am sitting at my desk about to start printing wedding invitations.
    Then I am going shopping with my mum as I am in need to new jeans. Then I shall spend the rest of the weekend watching some rugby. :o) (and doing house work, has to be done *sigh*)

  10. I wish I could say I had an exciting weekend excitement, just kids soccer, baseball, etc, and no housework. I'm just excited that it is the weekend.

  11. Oh I just love the pupper piccies -especially that one of BeeBee, too cute!!!
    We've got a formal dinner to go to tonight and we're even staying overnight in the City - woohoo!! Really looking forward to it :o). Only trouble is, that flamin' menopause has swelled my poor tootsies up to twice their usual size, so now I have to go and buy new shoes cos my good ones won't go on me lol.
    Oh well, it could be worse, at least I can still squeeze into the "posh frock" ;o) LOL!!!
    Joy :o)

  12. Saturday (tomorrow) is the baby shower!! Can't wait!

    I am truly floored at how many people have to comment negatively on your blog. Sheesh if you don't like reading it why do you? Makes no sense to me.

  13. Those photos of Steve and Stew with the pups are so adorable! And as for Rhino crying...well, he is a baby and has just been separated from his brothers & sisters and's expected. He'll eventually settle into his new home and he'll be happy!

    Sorry you, too, are experiencing negative stuff on YOUR blog...honestly, what is it with people? Hang tough, girl.... I think you rock! :o)



  14. Hi Chris,

    I am going to work on my thesis today, and then tonight my father is visiting from Fiji, so we are going down to the Viaduct so he can watch the rugby and have a few drinks, I bet. Can't wait to see him, I miss him.

    Have a great day! Penny xo

  15. Hey Chris! Won't tell you what I'm up to today because it begins with H ... and ends with K. However, I will tell you about this .... .... maybe if you like this Beaver you could ask the seller to re-list. The auction ended yesterday.

  16. Alternatively, here's an overseas link with heaps of beaver soft toys ...

  17. Glad they have gone to a nice home. How many do you have left now?

  18. You can say whatever you want on YOUR blog. I would miss it if you weren't open and honesty about your feelings.

    Tonight is pizza and sci fi movie night at a friends and tomorrow is house hunting. I'm dreading looking at houses already.

  19. you mean it's weekend already? :) yikes, that means daylight saving starts here tomorrow for us (NSW)

    Got Toni's boyfriend over for the day today, so we're not doing much apart from usual lol sigh so boring we are :)


  20. I absolutely ADORE the picture of Steve and Kiba! I love that puppy's color! That is my favorite color because I have had Two pekingese in my lifetime that were that same color-something about it just "rocks" for me. : )

    O course the picture of Stew and the pups are precious. He HAS to be a GREAT MAN - !
    BeeBee is so funny playing with Steve!
    Poor little Rhino! Over here I have heard many suggest putting a wind up clock in the covers for the pup -it is suppose to remind them of their mother's heartbeat.

    I could not believe that your visitors took TWO pups! How wonderful is that - like you said -will keep each other company! You know I Have NEVER understood why people will get one dog and tie it way out in the back pasture and then complain why it barks????? We call human beings sociable and yet dogs are pack animals and enjoy that ability to have a friend-even more than people do.

    Your day sounded like our afternoon weather- overcast - windy and cool-yep - you said it all! : )

  21. Love the pics of the pups not many left now :( How's teddy getting on with them now ? ! Making wheatbags today and repairing some of the daughters clothes, plus a big walk with my rugby here lol...have a good one chris.

  22. Oh how neat that the 2 girls go together, hope you find a good home for the last boy. We are having so much fun with Chico.

  23. I love your blog. You are honest and open. Negetive people need to go away!! Usually they are unhappy people who want others to be unhappy too!!
    Pup pics are precious! The one where the pup is kissing Steve is down right adorable!!
    Wow 2 new puppies at once! How grand! They will be busy for quite some time, but will have 2 sweet dogs in the long run!
    As far as the weekend? I have no clue yet. H------k will be part of it, I am sure...LOL

    God Bless~

  24. Today is my day off. I just woke up at noon. Woken up by son. It's really cloudy and I'm staying home sewing as I have another craft market coming up. p.s. love the pics of Stew with the pups & that of beebee is priceless. will miss the pups for sure. Have a great weekend Chris.

  25. I REALLY think you SHOULD publish all the bitchy comments! At least then you get support from your readers! Like when that reader mentioned about the baby on the floor with the shoes and Linda and i laughed at her! Think of this-you'll still get them and read them...don't stew on them alone! Publish them and we'll all share them and help you see you have friends and support!


  26. I'm almost secretly hoping you do keep Kiba - Kiba looks like he absolutely totally adores Steve in that photo :)

  27. You post whatever you want on your blog. I'll be reading it and commenting.

  28. Huge day here with 6 grandies ... one grumpy son, one wounded hubby...and a house needing cleaning!!

  29. Kiss them pups for me!

  30. Going to get my hair done. Almost as dreaded as housework!

  31. Better late than never! Shopping (groceries & shoes) on Saturday, 60th birthday party on Saturday night, then clothes shopping with hubby on Sunday (I have to go along and tell him what he looks gorgeous in!). When I get home it will be home baking for the school lunches the coming week, and making something scrumptious for dinner (maybe with pudding). A pretty laid back weekend all round....

  32. Yay! I love seeing how the pups are going to great homes! And yes it's YOUR blog and the ninnies can find someone else to pester! :)

    We have been to see an International Master do a presentation on chess openings and controlling the center of the board. Yay! :)

  33. Awww how sweet that they took them both! That's really great :)

    I hope Stew is feeling better by now :)


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