Tuesday, October 18, 2011


ABOVE:  well the Decals for the car finally arrived. And they are too big for the car.  DOH!  Luckily he threw in some little ones, so they can go on the car.   I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do with the huge ones!  Ideas anyone???

ABOVE:  Today, Teddy goes to the groomers.  Clearly he needs to go!

ABOVE:  He's so bloody cute.... I reckon we won't recognise him later on today! 

The kids and I will have a wander around the shops while Teddy is being groomed.  Tossing up whether to take Coco with us and take her for a walk too...  I think it will depend on the weather and how I'm feeling.


ABOVE:  Well, Teddy is no longer a sheep!  He's very tired though, it's hard work being groomed! 
While he was at the groomers the kids and I did a bit of shopping.  Some for me and some for Xmas presents.

ABOVE:  This is for me.  It's a really different candle holder and I fell in love with it. 

ABOVE:  this candle holder is perfect for on the table.... long and low.  You can see over it to converse over dinner... which is nice.  Just have to find some candles for it now.  

ABOVE:  this metal bug.... it too is a candle holder ... you hang it on a wall and the candle is inside the 'body' of the bug.  Cute.  Probably a Christmas present for someone.

ABOVE:  I got two gift baskets of funky soaps, perfect for Christmas presents too. 

So, in all a sucessful morning.  The kids enjoyed our visit to Pukekohe .... especially morning tea!  Griffin is happy as long as ya feed him!  lol

ANON: thanks for that!  Your comment just made me laugh, and I needed a laugh!  *smiles* 

Late lunch time:  off to make the kids some sandwiches...

Lunch done.   Watching the weather go from fine and sunny to TORRENTIAL rain... over and over again! 
I am going to WW tonight too.... must get on the scales and see what the damage has been these past two weeks.  Been very upset by recent happenings and been taking it out on myself (self medicating) with chocolate.  Silly me.

But I think I'm over it now... I know that at the end of the day we will be OK.  There are so many friends and family prepared to back us up that I am sure things will work out well. 

Second day in a row I've been hit with bad dizziness and feeling FREEZING COLD.... think I am throwing up more than I'm taking in at the moment.  So, I am still going to WW tonight, but Steve will drive me there and back.
Got Butter Chicken on for dinner... hopefully some of that will stay down.

End of Day:  well I lost .200 grams over the past two weeks!  Seeing as I was up half a kilo last week I shall not complain.
Dinner was ok... my taste buds are totally out of whack... even me diet coke is a bit ikky! 
I need to get over this cold... not liking me Diet Coke is DREADFUL!
nite nite.


  1. Decal for the window of your house? Teddy looks so funny unrecognisable even, hope it doesn't rain on the walk, Weather packing up here and its rain start rain stop rain start rain stop.

  2. I have sent you an email too.

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Play nive....you should take you'r own advice.
    Ideas for the big logo, put it over your mouth..... some people are just a bit sick of hearing bout your life, it's getting patetic.

  4. Teddy looks pretty darn cute any way his hair grows! LOL! And you racked up some great finds/gifts, too.

    Okay, I just have to say this...if Anonymous doesn't want to read/hear about your life, why the hell is she/he reading your blog? What a jerk!



  5. Ummm I like hearing about your life, that is why I read your blog, if I didn't then I wouldn't not a really complicated concept I thought. Does anonymouse have someone forcing her to read blogs she doesn't like?

    I also have a suggestion for the oversize logo, send it to anonymouse to stick up her ....

    I love the candle holders, you manage to find such cool bargains, I obviously don't spend enough time shopping - such a crime :-)

  6. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Love the little bug candle holder.
    Bloody nora Teddy what a winter coat. Now he looks like metromale but a dog He looks great.
    Sell the fern on Trade me
    Mary H

  7. sharingnaharvey1:53 PM

    Wow anonymous im not entirely sure what's worse, you're spelling or you're attitude. If you're "sick of hearing" about my mother's life, why the fuck are you here reading and commenting about it dumbass? You can't spell naive, about, you're or pathetic. My suggestion - go back to school and learn how to spell before you try putting other people down in a text format. As for the origins of you're attitude towards my mother, all I can assume is that it stems from jealousy. Jealous of the life my mum has deservedly attained through years of hard work and dedication to her family. You read each day and see things about her life you yourself strive (but clearly fail) to obtain - financial security, devoted husband, loving children, talent creatively (pottery, sewing etc etc). So please stop spreading you're hate simply because you're jealous of anothers life achievements.

  8. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Yawn Anon here we go again.
    It is totally harmless this blog so stop stirring and just piss off.
    BTW still love the little bug holder!!
    Mary H

  9. Well Teddy looked handsome in my eyes before the haircut, now he is super handsome. Give him a cuddle for me.

    Anonymous, if you don't like what is written on this blog, please do not read it or comment.

    Others like me get a lot of joy from reading about this wonderful, caring and talented woman called Chris - honestly there are worse things happening than this blog. When I am going through tough times, sometimes this blog keeps me going. Chris - always remembered you are loved and adored by your family and the blogger community. Martine xxxx

  10. Maybe resell your logo sticker on TradeMe? You'll probably make a profit!!! xxx

  11. I think it would also make a lovely window decal. BUT which room to put it in, I couldn't tell ya.

    Wow, you sure do have some interesting comments...

  12. Martine couldn't have said it better (plus the other supportive comments too). I don't know about the rest of you but I am guessing most of us don't have time to waste reading something we aren't interested in. It's ridiculous. Penny xo

  13. Chris sweet pea, if you are finding your diet coke tasting ikky I am worried! Hope you feel better soon. Worth a doctor's visit or not? Love Penny xo

  14. Well done on the loss. If the diet coke still tastes bad after a couple of days I think you should seek urgent medical attention :-).

  15. Being sick this long I wonder what else is going on. This no longer sounds like flu and I am concerned.

  16. Congrats on the loss. Time to go to the DR perhaps! Get well soon.

  17. Anonymous5:43 AM

    Got a good idea! If you have glass shower doors, put it on there, might have to trim it some! Teddy looks very handsome after his hair cute, but I think he's cute all fluffy too! Hope your cold goes away soon. We all love your blog, so just ignore the grumpy one - we love hearing about your days!! ...debbie

  18. how is the puppy behaving? im in puppy hell here...

  19. Sounds like you have bronchitis! I'd be going in for some meds!


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