Tuesday, October 25, 2011


School starts again today, so it's back into the normal routine....
does anything happen on a Tuesday?  Ahhh... nope I don't think so!

Yaaa.... I can do whatever I want today.

I'm going to do a big clean up first thing... vacum, wash floors, tidy rooms.   I love a tidy house!

Then I think I will make a start on the placemats... didn't get any done last night, I caught up on Coronation Street.... I've started taping it and watching all 5 days in one sitting.   Now that it's on at friggin 5.30pm I can't sit and watch it.  The idiots at TVNZ moved it from 7.30pm for a blasted MASTERCHEF programme.  Grrrrrrrr.

I can't help but bombard you with a few more photos of our gorgeous Emily!...

ABOVE:   and of course her Granddad.... they are both gorgeous.  That wee dress she's wearing cost me 50c at the Hospice Shop!  NOt bad eh.

Right, enough yakkity yak....ONWARD....

Midday and I still have not washed the freaking floors or done any sewing!  I popped out to the local mall for ONE thing... and two hours later I'm home with MASSES of stuff for Christmas!  Oh and Griffin's Birthday next month. 
Was supposed to be having lunch with Beastie Girl.... but just knew I would run outta time to get everything done around here before the kids get home... so am meeting her on Friday instead.

RIGHT:  lunch then floors... oh yaaaa...

*sigh*  I don't know if I should go to WW tonight and show a BIG gain... or wait until next week and show a small loss.........

WELL!  Clearly I'm boring the pants off ya!  no reply... so I think.... I will go eat chips and dip.  I'm bored.  Feeling fat as.  And it's summer out there and I look god-damn awful in me togs. 

MARIE:  the first time around all I did was TRACK everything that went in me gob, stayed within points allowed and slowly started walking... and upping the distance every month or so.  It was a long, slow, hard slog... and one I have to do all over again.  Only this time I don't have the same motivation.  I am still trying to find that DRIVING MOTIVATION that will keep me on task, on track and losing EVERY week.

I had some chips and dip.... cos I was crabby.  Then I said "NO MORE"... and put them away.  I swear I only had a fifth of what I FELT LIKE HAVING... I will go to the meeting tonight.  But it won't be pretty.

I really did eat some amazing crap over the past couple of days I tell ya!  I blame it on the rugby...K?   lol

Brylee started gym again this afternoon... she loves it so much.  That's neat.... and she has the perfect figure for it too.  I have found a way to make her eat enough too... just said she could not afford to lose any weight, and if she did start to lose weight I would have to pull her from gym.   Wow, that worked!  She has been eating really well lately.  hee hee... there is always a way around fussy eaters eh?

End of Day:  crabby now.  Feel like I have just been piss arsing around for three weeks.  And I havn't been that bad, yet I am just going up and down 200 grams.   YEP, I gained .200 grams this week.  Pissed off at myself.
I so wish I could get that 'I can do it' feeling back.  The meeting tonight was so-so.   I stopped sitting with the group I first met... they are a 'family group' and I was feeling like an interloper on their happy little group.   So tonight I sat on me own... and almost left before the meeting even started... just wasn't into it at all.
nite nite


  1. Boy she certainly loved that grass clothes for kiddies have to be cheap they grow so darn fast....... Stew/Grandad looks smitten too! I'm off to work ugggggghhhhhh yay me.

  2. Puppies and Babies, there's no end to the cute over here :)

  3. Go to your meeting - keep it honest!!!!

    Your grandaughter is so adorable!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    I hope you went to WW. You might have been surprised and it might have been a good surprise..and if not then insentive to do better...Emily is so cute! Loved her 50c dress! Love poka dots!...debbie

  5. You are not FAT AS. I think you are lovely. And bet you you didn't gain. Is it too late to go? You have surprised yourself in the past. Hugs to you and your family and btw Emily is beeeeautiful! She really is so pretty.

  6. Its off to work I go....but before I go must say I love the pic of Emily and Stew :-)
    And ohh go to your ww meeting eeven tho you have gained...it will make you more determined to lose next week.

  7. PUT THE CHIPS DOWN! You're bored.Not hungry. Down a glass of diet coke and clean the floors - use it as a work out and a distraction from food. You can do this !

    Out of curiosity, what did you do other then count points to lose the weight in the first place??

  8. Go tonight......... And love the dress, so cute :-)

  9. Saturday morning TV1 has a Coro St Omnibus so it runs all 5 back to back, easier to tape & watch all in one hit then.

  10. Emily's dress and hat are soooo cute!!!

  11. Even the grass looks lovely!

  12. I agree - go to the meeting. It's better have that 'starting fresh' feeling that comes after a weigh in.
    I can't believe you with your Corination st. That was my mums fav show in the 70's! But i shouldn't talk. They are re-running Prisoner here, and i am hooked on it! Don't you think its better to tape your show though? Then you can watch at your leisure.

  13. This quote came to mind when I read your blog today:

    "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got, and you'll always feel what you always felt"

    Time to do something different? Good luck :)

  14. I agree with the others, go to the meeting, who knows, maybe you'll find some of that missing motivation there to help you thru the next week..

    but at least you would have gone, accepted the numbers and move on to the new week with no regrets..

    mkay? :)


  15. Emily is gorgeous!

    My sister is Coronation street obsessed. She has the street sign in her loungeroom, slippers, signed pictures, books and a ring tone on her phone. Most depressing ring tone ever!

  16. Most places I've lived or heard about, school gets out for the summer, There. school gets out for the winter?

  17. as long as your vacuming, could you come over and do my place as well? There's little paw prints with wee-wee all over my kitchen....

  18. Well now that you weighed in you have a clean slate for this week! You can do it!!

  19. She's very cute. I bet you can't wait until she walks.


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