Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I went to bed in a right royal shitty last night due to my weight gain.
There is no way I want to stay in that mood.

BUT:   I have Hospice Shop today, and I'm hoping Mrs Smelly Pants is not in fine form.

There is a possibility I will make this my last day at the Hospice Shop.  It will depend on how it goes today.  I am back to feeling like I don't want to be there.  Mrs Smelly Pants has ruined my enjoyment of being there.  She is now CONDESCENDING towards me... saying things like "Oh, stand here, I know you want to share the counter".... which just gets up me nose, cos I know she hates me standing in 'HER' place.

Can I just say I really, really don't like her?  How do you work with someone who you really dislike without going nuts?
And to make it worse, it's a bloody voluntary 'job' to boot!

Sorry it's a downer post today, but I am keeping it honest.  I'm down in the dumps.

Seems according to 'someone', I'm living a 'fantasy life' here on me blog!  LOL

Funny, it seems very real to me.   I tell it like it is.  I don't LIE.  I don't make it any 'nicer' than it is.  And yes, I sure in hell do use my 'PRIVATE BLOG' to have a rant.  It's a safe place to do it.
WHAT A SHAME 'someone' can't read it.
And guess what?


Here's a few photos to make today's post less bla....

ABOVE:  it's so lovely when a baby goes to sleep in your arms....

ABOVE: detail on me new summer tights...  from K & K... what a neat shop!

ABOVE:  Ted and Coco this morning.  She's 'on guard', keeping the neighbourhood safe, and him?  Doesn't give a shit right now!  lol

ONWARD... almost time to go to Hospice Shop.

You are not going to believe this!  I got to work today and my mood lifted STRAIGHT AWAY!!  Why?  Cos the boss had moved both the serving counters in such a way that now I can serve too!   And I served lots of customers today, it was lovely.

I got some treasure:

ABOVE:  This really cute top, maybe for Brylee if it fits her, otherwise one of my girls.

ABOVE:  a BRAND NEW blue t-shirt for Griffin and a wee shift/dress.... again, maybe for Brylee, or one of the girls.

Oh yes, I also got a tall, thin wooden shelving thingee for Griffin's room, but it needs painting before we can use it..... it's still in me car.  Steve (son) can get it out when he gets home from work.

Just got a text from my girlfriend Chris D down in Palmerston North... after a couple of years of having no job she has finally got one!  So, so happy for her. 

I've decided .200 grms is not going to get me so down ever again.... It is just a number!   And in fact it's only a little piddle!  lol
I will LOSE next week... I WILL!  And it won't be a freaking piddly .200 grams. 

Cooking beef spare ribs marinated is sticky rib marinade... OMG they smell so nice!
So much happier this afternoon.... and looking forward to dinner for sure!

End of Day:  dinner was delish!  Going to blob out for a while, then have a spa before bedtime. 
nite nite.  edit:  Steve and I took the dogs for a walk after dinner... not the best time to walk... but we did it anyway.   Only half and hour, but it did involve two good hills!


  1. So sorry that your day has started out so badly...I hope that it improves as the day goes on! And you know, it always amazes me how other people think that someone else's personal blog should be for their entertainment. Blogging is like a personal journal - you write in it what you want to record for yourself. It's just a plus that you share it and allow us all to read it! Maybe "someone" needs to start their own blog! :o)



  2. hugs love ya and smile cause tomorrow could be worse... OH dear that was bad... tomorrow will be BETTER!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sounds like you need some more Diet Coke to pep up your day ;)

  4. Sorry to hear you're feeling blue Chris, and I hope your day picks up. Strikes me that if you're not enjoying a voluntary job you should most definitely kick it....

    Remember, the scales aren't important - putting the right stuff in your body and moving it is!

  5. I don't see where since it's a voluntary job that you have to spend one second with Ms. Smelly Pants that you don't wish to. It's a shame you and a friend aren't really into this together; you could do your shifts together. :)

  6. Tell the manager Chris. Smelly pants shouldn't be at the counter, how many clients does she offend. I'd suggest to her that she trys to eat less sugar and eats charcoal tablets as they help with wind. I had a problem but since being diagnosed as intolerant to Fodmaps farting is not a problem. Stand up for you Chris. You do enjoy that job and get some wonderful treasures.

  7. There are T shirts out that say POO who FARTED!!!! cross that out and put POO she farted and a BIG ARROW!!!!!

  8. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Come on girl you can do it bugger all the odd balls.
    Do it for yourself & your family. Nobody else matters really.
    Suggestion: You are very good at keeping track of things so lets see a dog walking plan down to the park & back x number of times a week Thats a start & they will love it.
    Mary H

  9. Firstly, your tights are amazing! Loving the flower design.

    It makes me so sad that you are beating yourself up about this Chris. You are taking steps to live a healthier life and it makes me so sad that this number is affecting your attitude. Feeling bad isn't going to help you look after yourself properly at all. Such a minor fluctuation on the scale is the same as a big wee!

    Please just keep on making the choices to feel your best and if you choose to weigh yourself, then accept it's not always a linear path but has ups and downs.

  10. It's not fantasy? I thought it was all just a dream,
    just a dream,
    just a dream...

    Wish I knew how to get myself in a better mood when I feel crabby.

  11. Sorry to read your day is not going the best - hope it improves - onwards and downwards!

  12. Anonymous1:40 PM

    That's the attitude. Moving onwards & upwards not outwards!
    Need a Tui billboard that says "I've put on grms but it's only a piddle YEAH RIGHT"
    Pleased about the new serving arrangments such a simple solution.

  13. Wah-hooo! Glad your boss fixed everything up. :)

  14. Yay - sounds like you've re-found your mojo. Good for you...

    Just wondered if my mojo was with yours????

    Kate (

  15. Man, what is wrong with that crazy lady? It makes a job miserable having to work with people like that.

  16. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Hope tomorrow will bring you a ton of brightness!! Thank goodness for "New Days". Was glad to read Ms. Smelly Pants didn't bother you today! Glad you were able to serve the public today! Exciting news! ...debbie

  17. so glad your day turned out better :)

    mmm dinner sounds delish :)


  18. 200 grams, like you say a piddle, enough to be annoying but nothing to get to worried about!! I was thinking you had actually put on a KG or more, you obviously were not that badly behaved with the nibbles. I put on 2Kg over the last 2 weeks!

    Finding motivation I reckon is only something you can do for yourself... sometimes we have it and sometimes we don't and nothing anyone can say will help. But success builds success, one loss gets us excited to achieve another loss.

    As you have previously blogged, you have to track everything you eat - it works if you do!

    I know you have done it before losing 60Kg so you don't need to be told how to do it, but I reckon that dog walking someone mention could be a winner.

    Good luck finding your mojo Chris - you deserve to be happy!

  19. Me hubs could lose 200g if he drinks bad water. In fact he rejoices when he gets bad tummy. That's how he loses his weight. I think your manager is brilliant. And slow. Shoulda done this magic counter moving thing sooner. I think Ms Farter will tire of all the words pretty soon IF you don't respond. No audience/reaction - no thrills.

  20. I'm glad your day got better!

  21. Arrgh ... I wish you hadn't mentioned the name of the shop that sold those lovely "flower" leggings - I've just checked out their website and I can see this is going to cost me! Oh, by the way, I use to have similar leggings some years back - and they had a matching top with cut-outs. I think I got them from Ezibuy at that time.

  22. You're crazy for still working there. If you don't like it and you're not getting paid, you should leave. Life is too short.

  23. Bless your heart and you keep blogging even on crappy days.....that was so hard for me this last heart just are AMAZING! YOU REALLY SHOULD WRITE A BOOK....YOUR LIFE IS SOMETHIN' ELSE. Nothing better in the world than a sleeping baby in our arms......for sure!!!


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