Tuesday, October 04, 2011


ABOVE: our wee Rhino in the arms of his new owner's daughter.... SPOILT?   MUCH... lol.
He has a new name now:  ARCHIE.   It suits him.  He sure looks happy as Larry there doesn't he!   Such a love.

TODAY:  WELL as far as I can remember, the day is all mine.  I am going out to post the parcel I didn't get to post yesterday, do some banking... and just have some quiet retail therapy.

That lovely young family who bought Kiba let me know he has been really happy, no crying!  AND his new name is OSCAR... the kids choice won. 

Now we just have to wait for Bruiser to go to his new home.. and we will know all their forever names. 


Seriously, it's so good going to the mall on a week day!  There are no crowds blocking the way... you can browse to your heart's content without being bumped into by the masses.  I really enjoyed my morning. 
And I spent...NOTHING!  I just looked.  Stew is going to be gobsmacked... lol!

Now I'm home and catching up on a couple of tv programmes that have been taped.... sorting out dinner (marinated beef spare ribs) and just chilling for a while.  Kinda basking in the peace. 

I'm stuck on my lounge chair... can't think why?

ABOVE:   Bruiser.  Our first born puppy.  He's special.  And lonely.  So I shall just sit a while...

Sitting never lasts long around here.  Stew came home from work early.  He's sick with a throat infection.  Then the kids arrived home from school.  Shortly I have to take Brylee to gymnastics. 
Then cook dinner.
Then go to Weight Watchers at 7pm....
wish me luck!

MARTINE:  Coco has been fantastic!  I'm sure she simply does not realise all the other pups have gone!  She seems like her happy, usual self.  Plays a lot with Bruiser which is lovely.  I think she was over all of them to be honest! 

End of Day:  I did well at weigh in... I lost.... 1.6 kilos!  (3.5 Pounds), which means I have lost 5.2 kilos in three weeks (11.4 pounds).  I'm happy with that.
nite nite.


  1. I'm pleased for you that the handing over of the puppies has gone so well

  2. owww, he looks so snuggly there. Coco (and partner) sure made beautiful babies. lol

  3. You sure have pulled off this "puppy-experience " with Honor. All of the love and care and attention to raising perfectly beautiful puppies with terrific personalities , and then letting them go to their new 'forever' homes!

    My hats off to you my dear! Job excellently done!

  4. The living room is almost all yours again! So cool to see these guys with their new owners! :)

  5. archie and oscar how cool so happy they have their forever homes :) love the pic he looks very very content!
    have a great day!!!!!

  6. Those puppies will be spoilt much they are adorable thats why and yay for all the new families that acquired adorable overload!!!!!! lucky beggars.

  7. Oh he looks so sad..... Chico has settled in so well, going outside to play now, not sleeping much, well it feels like it lol.... and eating like their is no tomorrow. She really has gained confidence now :-).

  8. Poor Bruiser. So lonesome.

  9. Poor little Bruiser, he must miss his brothers and sisters. How has Coco coped. Great photo of Bruiser. Martine x

  10. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Coco must be a typical mother..glad when all the kids have left home! How is Teddy now there is only one pup around? WOMBAT

  11. Aw, poor sweet little Bruiser....left all by his lonesome. Isn't it funny that the biggest of the bunch is the biggest "cry-baby" too?! Bless him, I know he's just missing his siblings. Once he gets to his forever home, he'll come around. Honestly, your house is going to feel lonely without all the pups...so hard to believe the time has come and they are all gone now! :o( Enjoy your evening, Chris!



  12. Well, I suppose you can understand how raising 8 children is tiring. So Coco just wants some peace and quiet no doubt. Martine

  13. I wonder if all the dogs wonder where all the others are going?

  14. What an absolutely adorable picture of Bruiser! He is a beauty!

  15. Your weight loss has been stellar!!! What are you doing differently???.... please let us all know!

  16. Yay Chris! You are a much needed inspiration in the Penny household, I must admit... now where is that motivation again?

    And yes, like Christy, details would be good...

    Love Penny xo

  17. Awesome loss, you go girl, keep smiling :-)

  18. It seems so odd to only have one puppy left. Not too long ago they were wee things with their eyes still closed! How time flies!

    Great job on the weight loss! You are doing so well!

  19. Congrats on the weigh in! Keep up the good work. Glad to hear everyone is please with their puppy.

  20. Wow! Well done with the weight loss - wish I could get your motivation!!

  21. You've lost over 5 kilos in three weeks? I wouldn't be happy with that. I'd be BLOODY ECSTATIC!!! Majot congrats, Chris! You did good!

  22. Poor Bruiser looks so sad, you'd never know there was 2 other dogs there for him to play with!


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