Friday, October 07, 2011


- it's Friday... yaaa. Last day of term.  Someone remind me I was happy about this in a few days when I start bitching about how the kids are driving me nuts... OK?  lol

-  I take my car back to the dealer today, hopefully they will actually FIX it ... at least today they are giving me a loaner car to use.

- Expecting Kelly and Rena tonight for a visit. 

-  Thats all for now.... it's an ikkky day, cold and wet.  Probably perfect for doing the housework.. and tidying up the freaking garage.... it's a right shambles.

I decided (last night) to make some more of the mince/bacon pastry thingee's for the guys lunches today...

ABOVE:  this is what they looked like before they went in the oven.   Ummmm, I can't show ya what they looked like when they came out... cos while they were cooking I kinda got engrossed in Coronation Street and they got a BIT BURNT.  Like incinerated.  Not a pretty sight. 

So Steve gets bacon and cheese sandwiches for lunch today... and I better go make them!


LYNISE:  I make his lunch as I am already making sandwiches for Brylee and Griffin,  so it seems silly not to make his while I'm at it!  I do not do anything else for him...

ABOVE: Steve's room!  Living testament to the fact that I do not clean up after him!  I am itching to tidy it up... (of course) as I hate a mess... but it is HIS room.. him problem.  I also don't do his washing, he does all that himself. 
AND he has been known to cook dinner for everyone once in a while too... so I think he's quite DOMESTICATED ! 

Now off to the garage to do a tidy up...

LYNISE (again!)... I have been know to throw everything on the floor OUT THE WINDOW.
Sneakers left lying around have been thrown on the neighbours roof.  And one time  I can remember throwing all of a person's belongings out on the ROAD just before she came home from school too!
Sometimes it works.  But not for long.  Some people are just untidy.  We can't all be the same I suppose!

When I took my car to the dealer's this morning they gave a cute little Toyota Corolla to use.  BUT:  I had to sign a big contract... insurance etc, etc.  And I was told I had to replace any petrol I used.  I am fine with that.  But I really couldn't see me pulling into a petrol station and asking for this much petrol:
ABOVE:  $2.33?  so, I hope they don't mind cash, I even rounded it up!  lol

Guess what?  They wouldn't take my money!  AND they had washed and vacumed my car too!  I said 'Thank You' ever so nicely I did, lol.

Kelly and Rena arrived, bearing flowers...

ABOVE:  Rena with said ORANGE flowers.  Apparently there were ABSOLUTELY no other colours.  Pretty flowers if ya like ORANGE!  lol
Kelly knew what I would say too!
I love getting flowers, even if they are ORANGE!

IT'S TIPPLE TIME!  .... friday night.  Best night of the week.... yeah ... gunna have me a tipple, or two.

End of Day:  find myself getting wound up.  Three year old running around the house getting into stuff she shouldn't... just makes me foot twitch.... which is not a good thing.  Told Kelly I was getting stressed out and she sorted it.  Maybe I need to speak up more and not just simmer till boiling point!  I need to listen to my own advice! 
nite nite.


  1. Chris,,,,,, what on earth are you doing woman. I had to re-read to make sure I was seeing clearly, but yep, there it is, "Steve gets bacon and cheese sandwiches for lunch tomorrow so I had better go and make them". Mateeeeeee your days of making sammies for him need should be well and truely overrrrrr. (stressing the word OVER here).

    From memory I stopped making school lunches for E when she turned 10 (great pressie ah, lol) but she was more then capable of doing it herself AND more importantly I am very strong in the belief that its my job to teach her to be independent so one day she can totally take care of herself. I dated a guy once whose mother had literally done everything for him except wipe his bum and I tell ya, not good for the girlfriend when you get a guy who expects these things in a relationship.

  2. Me again, : - ) I'm stumped on getting them to sort their room out too. My last attempt (to motivate the teen) was to threaten posting pic's of it on facebook (evil I know, hehehe) but it worked on that particular day. I have also been known to 'advise' that anything on the floor in 2 hours will be uplifted by myself which saw the confiscation of a whole pile of rubbish which didn't really accomplish much except help her tidy her flippin room.

    Oh, another 'consequence' was no breakfast until it was done which also worked very effectively one saturday morning. ( probably helped that I made pancakes and bacon then sat her plate on the bench where it stayed until she had her room up to an acceptable standard). I hate mess too, but also refuse to tidy her room so its a constant battle I'm afraid and as you can read, I've tried bribery and corruption along with downright threats and still don't get the long term results I'm wanting. wonder what other parents do.

  3. Those mince/bacon thingees look really nice, might give them a go :-).

  4. Oh thats one I havn't tried (throwing things out the window). I LIKE it, think it will be something I could be using in the very near future. Actually her room hasn't been too bad this week, because my latest tactic is she has no access to fun things (games, tv, dvd, bike, etc) unless the room is ok. So far it seems to be working relatively ok, but the holidays are here so I'm not holding my breathe.

  5. Yum those mince & bacon swirls do look yummy.

    I have given trying to get the kids rooms tidy at the moment. We are getting them both new beds soon so it will be a big tidy up & cull then.

    Love the payment for the petrol :-)

  6. Haha oh the memories of untidy rooms, me, my mum dumped all my things in my room on floor every day for 3 days I had to fold iron and put everything away and polish dust and vaccum, on the 4th day I had learnt to A: put away before bed and B: make sure room was immaculate before leaving for college.

  7. Samuel on the other hand he was 7 I had asked for 5 days please put away your things off floor on RUBBISH day I heard the truck down the road I said go get your 5 MOST precious things 2 of them were way too precious the other 3 HE put in a clear plastic bag and I made him walk to the gate and wait for the truck I then made him load it into truck and the GUYS crush it all in front of him HE was SOBBING and distraught I said "RIGHT let that be your only lesson, WHEN I ASK pick up or one by one all your precious things will go into that truck and be CRUSHED" to this day he still remembers that and HE ALWAYS tidies his room before going to school in the morning and at night before bed.

    Now those rubbish guys said "Shit women you're mean but I said 3 months later it damn well worked and will continue to work, I prove my point.

    He also makes his own bed, vaccums dusts his room and sorts washing into colours,whites, and puts it in machine and then hangs it out.

    When he gets home from school he sorts his uniform bag and packs up half his lunch ready for next day, he NOW yesterday text me with "Mum I've done all me jobs and tidied my room etc can I go into town,".

    My motto is IF we all do our own jobs then the workload isn't so big, he keeps his room tidy and that's all I ask, he knows how to cook I have patiently taught him over the last 5 years small meals Nachos etc roast chicken, spag bolognese, schnitzel,fried rice, mince etc BUT I KNOW when he comes home after travelling Uni or away I too will spoil him rotten, because that's nice to do as well, and why not mothers are good at spoiling.

  8. Wowser Chris, fuel here(in Melbourne) is at $1.42 atm, N.Z is at $2.10!! Geeez!

  9. O MAN - I totally ADORE those Beautiful Big flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so nice to see that her hair is growing out some . It is so pretty and shiny-her Mum takes good care of it.
    The car people sure were nice - I hope it is really fixed . Doesn't it amaze you how many "new" things seem to disappoint you ?????It seems that companies just do not take pride in their work - like they used to. They Push their employees to do more and faster-but not to work on quality, like your furniture and now your car? I just want things to WORK. Is that too much to ask for?

  10. Gorgeous gerbas.

    Congrats on your losses. I'm stoked for you. I'm starting to get back into my groove too and doing the same as you. I haven't the big losses as you though.

    Happy holidays.

  11. I love the flowers, nice & bright. That haircut on that child is horrid, I hope if grows out quick or she takes to wearing hats, she is so cute but that does not do her justice at all. It actually looks worse than when you first showed us.

  12. I was going to say her hair was looking good (and that she looks very sweet!) but I am no hair expert, mine is a mess at the moment.

    Just wondering, Chris, what did the neighbours think of sneakers on the roof?

    Penny xo

  13. Chris, I just showed the pictures of Rena to David (partner) and he said to tell you he thinks she looks like a lovely little girl. I agree, I also love the fabric on whatever she is wearing on her bottom half (flowers are in the way so can't tell if it's a skirt or not).

    Penny xo

  14. Glad it's Friday! When it's Friday there, I know I'll probably make it.

    Love the pics of Rena with the flowers!

  15. LOL I've thought about throwing someone's clothes outside. Get so tired of them RIGHT NEXT TO the basket, but on the floor. Drives me batty crazy.

    Awww flowers!

  16. For the kids room I just close the door. I don't really care just as long as there is nothing growing in there ;)

    See you tommorrow nite.

  18. I had newspaper everywhere inside and outside and she still went on the carpet, she didnt seem to want to go on paper here for whatever reason - no worries I have asked my vet buddy for advice and all will be good one day lol....

  19. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Hi Chris

    Do you still make those wonderful cards, have not seen anything about them in your posts lateley

    Just wondering


  20. Anonymous12:59 AM

    Hi Chris

    I hope that this is not the 3rd time you receive this (having computer problems)

    I was wondering if you are still creating those wonderful cards as I have not read anything about them recently

    Thanks Trish


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