Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I'm a happy Chick... I finally feel like I am back in control of myself. 
5.2 kilos lost in 3 weeks.....never to be 'found' again I tell ya!

PO:  Don't worry, my new WW Leader is not a par on YOU... YOU are unique, one of a kind, and one of my best friends forever

Telle Tubbies united... we will do this!

CHRISTY:  what am I doing differently?  PORTION CONTROL... and I have cut out BREAD.  It's working... next thing is to add exercise...

MARTINE:  Teddy is SCARED stiff of the puppies!  Even with just Bruiser home now, he runs for higher ground ( on the couch ) when the pup comes near him.  If the pup 'corners' him he literally screams in fright and scrambles to safety! It is so funny, he's such a sook. 

Today:  Hospice shop.  I think that's all!  I am not even going to say 'I will not spend anything' today!  You all know it's near IMPOSSIBLE for me to be in a SHOP and not buy sommit eh?  lol   Though... I didn't buy a freaking thing yesterday did I!  Bloody hell, that must be a record or something!


yesterday I spent over an hour looking for a white tablecloth... to no avail.  WEll... I did find one but it was $90, so it stayed in the shop.  Today at hospice, look what I got for $3 !

 ABOVE:  a gorgeous white tablecloth and some white/blue doillies.  I'm wrapt!

Work today was slow... so slow it felt like I'd been there all day ... bored stiff.  Mrs Smelly Pants dropped one 'stinker' today, and I told the Boss as we have been told to do that.  She is SUPPOSED to talk to Mrs Smelly Pants EVERYTIME someone informes her of her farting.  She did not.  It irks me that does.

I had a nap.  Now I have a massive headache.  Too much going around in my mind.  Too much stress right now. 


I get a good deal of pleasure from knowing I can rant to my heart's content on Pepsi and a certain person cannot read it!  It is so good to be able to note when/where/why/how/what,  to refer back to.   I must find all my old diaries, in the days before I blogged I wrote EVERYTHING down in my diary.  They could come in handy one day.

LEIGH:  no I didn't write down anyone's 'wrongs'... just my day to day stuff like I do on here now.  Of course when things happened (Like accidents etc) I did write it down.   Like:  Stew got a throat infection. Did not take all the pills.  Got a sore ankle two weeks later.  Then couldn't walk without crutches cos then his other ankle got sore.. then both knees... then he got night sweats... then the doctors put all his symptoms together (that I had noted in me diary) and he was diagnosed with RHUEMATIC FEVER and ended up in hospital for weeks!  That sort of stuff is in me diary's. 
YES on my private blog I have a right rant... but it is just my feelings coming out in a safe place.  NOT to be used against anyone.

End of Day:  we went to a new burger place tonight (Me day off dieting) and it was LOVELY!!  Carls Jr. in Takanini.... really, really nice burgers.  Highly recommend it.  Sheesh, first bread in weeks!
Hope I don't pay for it tomorrow with a sore tummy.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Well done hun I am so happy for you!!!

  2. Well done on the losses that is definately a step int he right direction... Poor Teddy he will not know himself when all the puppies have gone he will probably sleep and relax for days.

  3. Like I said before, congrats. Portion control and especially cutting out bread is the way to go.

  4. PS: I love that tablecloth.

  5. O Chris,
    That tablecloth is drop dead beautiful! You are a lucky duck and I believe your angles are looking out for you. : )

    Congrats. Bigtime on your weight loss!

  6. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Congratulations on your weight loss Chris!! Keep up the good work...I have to laugh at Ms Smelly Pants. Perhaps she has beans every meal lol...debbie

  7. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Coco warned Teddy off big time with the pups.

  8. Wow... i'll say you have lots going on! Whew! I hope it all dies down a bit soon... surely! You don't need the extra stress, especially when everything else is going okay.

    chin up... here if you need to vent!

    Kate (

  9. Woo hoo on the loss :) Just love that cloth.
    Hope you can enjoy the last couple of days before the school hollidays start.......gee they come round fast eh!!

  10. Leigh7:11 PM

    I have no idea what is stressing you out, but I was worried to read you seem to be using your diary to keep records of others wrongs. (If I have taken that the wrong way Sorry) But if I have got this right I'm worried because My Mum used to do this. She recorded anything someone said that upset her, and by doing this it kept the hurt going, as she would re read these wrongs, and it would be all fresh again, years after the event. It made her a lonely old lady 'cause she never forgave anyone anything. I would not wish that on anyone. There comes a time in the future when you need to let things go, and if you keep a 'record' it makes it very hard to do this.

  11. WTG on the weight loss! I have a hospice shop right down the street from work. I've found I can go there on my lunch break. I went today and found some goodies :) I wish I was on Pepsi so I knew what you were talking about ;)

  12. great loss chris , i need some of your ooomph lol.
    poor teddy wont be long and he will be the king of the house again :)

  13. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Well done on the weight loss Chris!!! I'm trying to catch up on your blog today. Loved every single one of your puppies & have enjoyed watching them grow from such little tiny things to such adorable pups!!!!!

    Belated Happy Birthday to Brylee. Glad you've had her assessed even if it was forced. Hopefully it will make her teachers try that bit harder. I guess some kids take a while to grow into friendships & hopefully with maturity will come understanding & hopefully she'll blossom & develop some lovely friends - one of our goddaughters was a bit the same & is really coming into her own @ 14.

    Back to reading more!!!

  14. I love the doily stuff you got for such a low price. I've seen stuff like that handmade by my aunt-in-law. I hope I get to inherit them. hahaha

  15. Excellent loss, keep up the good work.

  16. Keep up the great work Chris! I know how tough it is, and you are doing fantastic!

  17. Leigh8:16 AM

    Thanks for replying to my comment. Glad I got it wrong. Just had alarm bells going off in my head after my experiences with my mother. I hope I didn't upset you, that's not what I wanted to do. I just truly wouldn't want you to become bitter like my Mum did. She could never understand that it was doing her more harm than good.

  18. Anonymous1:01 PM

    I thought I'd commented on here last night but have been having a few problems. I love that tablecloth Chris, it's gorgeous. If you ever decide you don't want it I'll buy it off you. Congrats on losing the kg's. I've slipped over the last 3 weeks but need to get back on a roll again.

    Karen J, Wellington


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