Saturday, October 08, 2011


This is why I wanted a recliner/2 seater in the family room!

ABOVE :  all in a row... Brylee, Rena, Griffin and Steve, PLUS the two dogs.  How cute is that!

It works so well... they are all happy as Larry there... and I can enjoy my lounge without noisy kids.  Or Playstation/XBox or whatever the latest must have is.

Steve has work today, so it's just us and Kelly/Rena... probably go out and about as per our usual Saturday...
I think Kelly wants to go down to the Hospice shop for a look around...


I have had my first BAD experience with buying stuff online!
I ordered two fern decals for our little car... from an Australian website.  They debited my credit card 5 weeks ago, and I have not got the decals!
Does anyone in Aussy know how I go about reporting this scam artist to the proper authorities???

We went out to lunch... and I took Kelly over to Briscoes to show her the white tablecloth I wanted,  as she said her and Amanda would get it for my Birthday....

ABOVE: and I ended up buying the tablecloth AND some dinnerware ...OOOoops!  BUT in my defence, it was all so heavily reduced in price I could not help buy buy it!  Even the tablecloth was half price.

DEBBIE:    The decals were ordered almost 6 weeks ago... It does not take that long to post from Australia to here.

PENNY:  you would think so eh?  But NO!  He took me back for more within half an hour of getting home.  HE said we should!

End of Day:  well Stew is engrossed in the rugby, Steve is in Hamilton, and the rest of us are just chillin in the lounge hoping the rugby finishes soon.  Somehow I don't think it will.  It is NOT like being there, that is for sure.
nite nite.  Edit:  apparently I did not realise that the decals I ordered were bigger than the $8 ones, hence the higher cost.  *sigh*... age eh?  I simply forgot that I had ordered bigger ones, but hell, it was nearly 6 weeks ago!


  1. That is classic and how neat that Rena is there the photo yesterday of her holding the Orange flowers the middle one she is just gorgeous she is looking more and more like her mother every day.

  2. Chris first report the transaction to your credit card provider, they may be able to reverse it.

    You can use this link to report scams

    best of luck

  3. OMG, that totally sucks! Was it on Ebay? They are really good with problems like that... or go to the retailer. It it was on Ebay you can give them terrible "feedback".

    One day I put petrol in the car and instead of putting in $21.34 to the credit card machine the bloke put in $91.34 and I just signed away without checking it. (silly me)... I rang my bank and they said as I'd signed for it, there was nothing they could do...

    but call your bank and see what they say...

  4. ohhhh that dinnerware is gorgeous !!!

  5. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Oh dear!! not good about the decals. But! It may take 10 days or so to get to NZ. Hang in there. Can't you call them?...debbie

  6. Love the dinnerware. I bet Stew is shaking his head at you!

  7. !! Hope you are able to resolve the credit card problem SOON! It's a shame, too, b/c those decals sure looked sharp! :(

  8. I had that problem one time before also . The credit card people told me that if I had lost my card and not reported it -then I would be responsible for it- But - since I still had it in my possession that they would take it off of my card. They were really nice about it.

  9. In Singapore, if your credit card transaction is not what you have signed for, you just call up the credit card company and they will have to deal with the merchant who charged it. If they don't take care of it, you write to the newspaper and blast the credit company.

  10. What a gorgeous table! I couldn't have resisted that dinnerware either! Good luck with the credit card situation. It is so disgusting when things like that happen. Hopefully it was an honest mistake? But if so, then... where are the decals? Frustrating!

  11. Very funny that he took you back for more. He must have loved them!

  12. Anonymous11:54 PM

    What was the name of the shop you got the plates from? (Hoping that they got some here!)They are beautiful! I want some! WOMBAT


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