Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today, once we are all out of bed, we are going down to Bunnings to get some clear roofing stuff to put above our 'morning patio'.... then I will be able to put the washing out there when it's raining instead of all around the house.

It's been bugging me for ages not having a designated area to put drying racks.

Apart from that, I have no plans!  This cold is really dragging me down.  I still feel like crap... streaming nose, cough, headache.  Just miserable.  And not sleeping well either... having to mouth breathe... which means waking up with the dry horrors and having to take a drink.... on and off all night.  That is the worst part of having a blocked nose eh?   *sniff*

Right, bitch and moan over... things to do...


 ABOVE:  My family room, back to normal with no puppy pen.

Coco... has not pined or hunted for her puppy's at all!  She had a sniff around where the puppy pen was yesterday, they wandered off and played with Teddy! 

We made sure she was locked out when Bruiser was taken away, then took the pen down, washed the floors etc,  so there was no sign of puppy's area at all when we let her back in the house.

ABOVE:   She has not played with Teddy like this for weeks... she concentrated on keeping an eye on the pups.  Now it's back to having play fights with Teddy.  He's loving it.

ABOVE:  My 'companion' for the day (and probably the next week).... it sure didn't take long for me to get to the 'cough, cough, vomit, vomit' stage this time!
I actually HAD breakfast today!  But I lost it again pretty quick.  NICE.

We managed to duck out and get the fixings (wood/clearlite/nails etc) for the roof... so I shall now 'supervise' Stew making it!

End of Day:  well the roof is up... Steve helped Stew so it was done much quicker than I thought it would be. 
I'm freezing, so am off to have a spa.... then early to bed maybe.... oh no... the freaking rugby is on tonight!  Our guys (the All Blacks) are playing Australia.  Gawd I hope we win! 
nite nite.

So, I'm still up....The rugby is on.  Our guys are playing against Australia.  I can't bear to watch:

ABOVE:  I have blocked the tv screen from my view....

ABOVE:  BUT if I lift my head I can see the score!  It's going well right now, but it's not won until the whistle blows at full time.

THE MIGHTY ALL BLACKS WON... they are into the Final next Sunday.  New Zealand Vs. France.

My condolences to all you Australians.

nite nite... AGAIN!


  1. Leigh9:45 AM

    Is Coco missing Bruiser?

  2. yes chinese laundry is not the most inviting look AT our house it is washing out washing in washing out washing in we finish it off in the dryer..... Roll on summer I say.

  3. I'm sorry you have a cold. Hope you feel better soon. Do you like sushi? Maybe a dose of wasabi will clear your head!

    Had to look up 'pergola' in the dictionary.

  4. Hope you manage to get your roof up today and that you get better quickly - nothing worse than a summer cold.
    Take care !

  5. Sorry it has reached the vomiting stage Chris - no fun at all! Thinking of you. That's really odd about Coco (well, from a human point of view it seems odd. I don't know what is "normal" for dogs?). Better than an upset Coco though!

  6. Feel better soon! Glad you don't have to chase/potty train puppies when you are sick!!

  7. Darn it - I am so sorry that you are still fighting with that cold. I HATE colds - they are miserable.

    Coco and Teddy are back to normal now. Nice to see them playing.

    I Love your family room- did you make that beautiful blue art work?

  8. Oh noes! Hope you feel better real soon! xxx

  9. You make sure you take it easy & get yourself better.

  10. Anonymous7:54 PM

    more exercise and better diet (including water) = increased wellness and better immunity.

  11. You poor thing! I hope you are starting to feel better. Don't wait to long to go to the Dr. if you are aren't feeling better soon!


  13. Anonymous11:24 PM

    Olay Olay O;ay Olay All Blachs All Blacks
    Mary H

  14. that's okay, we have to let you win sometimes so you will keep playing with us :-) xx


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