Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today, as I am feeling a lot better we have decided to go on a day trip to town... on the train.   We are going to visit 'Party Central' down at Queens Wharfe.   It's the 'base' for all the Rugby World Cup Festivities.

ABOVE:  where we are heading.  Hopefully it stays nice weather-wise.  And hopefully it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get in to see 'stuff'. 

ABOVE: It's all about this !   Our country has been hosting the Rugby World Cup and this weekend (Sunday night) is the final game... New Zealand (us) Vs. France.   It will be fantastic if we win! 

I'm sure we will have a lovely day with the kids. 

Back later ...


We had a really nice day!  Caught the train into Britomart (bottom of Queen Street, Auckland city).  The trains were PACKED to the gunnels!

ABOVE:  The 'cloud'... where inside there were displays of New Zealand innovations, a huge screen displaying world cup stuff and NZ scenery etc.  I bought Stew a World Cup cap for $50!  I didn't mind the exorbitant cost as it's a keepsake.

ABOVE:  a couple of blokes riding around .. one in a 'toilet' and the other in the handbasin.   I don't have any idea why!

ABOVE: this lady was in the queue to catch the ferry... I had to photograph her!  She was done out from top to toe in creams/whites and pinks and looked GORGEOUS.  I went up to her and told her so too.... I loved her shoes in particular...

ABOVE:  the shoes.   I asked her where she had bought them from, and would you believe they came from The Shoe Warehouse!  She has had them for over 5 years!  She loves them so much she's had them re-soled a couple of times.   

ABOVE: the view of 'The Cloud' from the ferry as we left the dock...

ABOVE:  another view.  Does my camera take awesome photos or what!

ABOVE:  we couldn't have asked for nicer weather today!  It was VERY, VERY windy out on the water though!  And quite chilly!  The kids loved it though.

ABOVE:  a police launch on it's way somewhere in a hurry.

ABOVE: in the train on our way home again.  Griffin is in the middle of that huddle of blokes... and he kept them all highly amused yabbering away.  There were lots of laughs.  Our Griffin can talk to ANYONE, such a friendly, VERBAL boy!  *smiles*

***I just found out Griffin was regaling the guys with the many ways you can use DUCT TAPE!  The mind boggles!

I've just put mince/bacon/mushroom/tomatoe and cheese pastry 'thingees' in the oven for dinner.  Hopefully this time I don't burn any!

End of Day: dinner turned out perfectly, which was good.  Brylee flaked out and fell asleep before dinner... big day out!   My cough has come back tonight, which is so annoying!  But, it's a more 'productive' cough now, so at least it's not that dry, barking, hurting cough. 
nite nite.


  1. My sister lives in South Africa and I remember when they won. She said the mall was packed out top to bottom with people stomping and cheering watching a big screen. Sounds amazing! I have no idea really what Rugby is but heard it's a little like football. I don't understand football either.

  2. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Chris, been wanting to ask you this: Do you get a little stir crazy living on an Island? Have you driven from one side to the other lengthwise? Or is NZ huge.?? ...debbie

  3. Yeah go the AB's I am so looking forward to the Final and the Wales/Aus game at the end of all the Hooplah WE NZ will have bragging rights. Yay

  4. Looking forward to tomorrows train pics!

  5. The town looks so pretty!

  6. Glad you enjoyed the day. And the photos are lovely... sigh. Need to visit NZ again.

  7. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Me thinks they might be the cleaning & pick up rubbish crew. Better than a council truck trying to get in there.
    Or they are going to have buny races later!!!
    Mary H

  8. YES! Your camera DOES take great pictures! It looks like a really fun day. Queens Wharf is lovely.
    Thanks for the tour, jj

  9. What a fantastic day out, I am so pleased you all had a good time.

  10. Yes, your camera does take fantastic pictures. I had got one about the time you got yours and mine has already kicked the bucket. How rude of it.

    That gift of gab that Griffin has should really help him in this life. I wish I had a little more of it. : )

  11. Anonymous6:04 PM

    that lady does not look good - old blondes look trashy - her shoes are UGLY, and she is carrying a hello kitty bag like she is 12!!! I don't understand you

  12. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Your day sounded awesome, such beautiful pictures. Oh and I see anonymous has come out of its hole again!!! Such a nasty person!

  13. Loved the photos - must be great to be in all the hype of the World Cup.

  14. Just the kinda day you needed, glad you enjoyed it!

  15. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Well, I am what some might call might call old and I am blond, but I am definately not trashy, I think it's funny Chris that you are publishing posts by anonymous,

    I love the photos your camera takes what sort of camera is it....

    Did you get my email about Pepsi??

    Maggie (Magpie) Aus.

  16. Lovely weather and a great day, why you couldn't ask for more. Keep on having fun.

  17. Feel better soon!! And where does Griffin get this stuff from? lol


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