Monday, October 24, 2011


I have to start today with this:

OUR ALL BLACKS WON THE RUGBY WORLD CUP.  I do believe there are about 4 millions KIWIS on cloud nine today.... and the odd few who didn't give a shit!  (Jaxx!)  lol

Now back to usual transmissions:

I'm so chuffed with myself!
I have made a good start on the Christmas present wrapping:

ABOVE:  so far two piles.  One for posting and one for under our tree.  I am hoping to have all my Christmas shopping/wrapping done by the 1st of December this year. 
Then I can relax and just enjoy the season.

ABOVE:  I opened a 'UFO' box last night, and as soon as I get a chance I am going to work on this project.   It was going to be a quilt for one of my girls, but not now.
I shall go back to what I originally made these blocks for:  placemats for our table.   I am really looking forward to getting them finished.   I don't have a lot to do... just cut the batting and the backing fabric, quilt them and then bind them.

They will look lovely on our table.  I have already made a few things in this fabric for our home, so they will tie in nicely.

TODAY:  Me thinks Amanda wants to take me shopping?  
It's Labour Day here, so a Public Holiday.   Steve (son) is working, so he is happy as he gets more pay for the day.

Shopping done.  Amanda bought me some make up for my birthday... a foundation even.  I've never had a foundation before.
Shortly we are going out to Maraetai for a nice lunch by the water. 
It's such a lovely day... sunshine but not too hot.


ABOVE:  a sprinkling of the over 140 photos I took of Emily at the beach... there were so many really lovely ones!
The beach:  lots of people there already, it was a perfect sunny day.  Some people were swimming too... a wee bit cold for us yet.   Another 6 weeks should do it.

End of Day:  the end of a lovely long weekend, it's been so nice having Stew home too.
Amanda and Emily are safely back in Hamilton... might see Emily again next weekend apparently.
nite nite


  1. I'm such a last minute Christmas shopper! I'm glad your team won!

  2. LOL yeah was an exciting game and I was so hoping France would take it, but not this time..... lol - now we are going to have to listen to the celebration for the next few weeks, I am over it lol....

  3. Congrats on your teams win! That is a big deal.
    I suppose I should thank you for the pics of the wrapped Christmas presents....I haven't done a thing yet, but it is a good reminder that I should at least think about getting started.

  4. I'm so jealous of your Christmas organisation skills. This year I am more behind than ever!!

  5. The boys did do well didn't they - altho not so close next time!
    Woo hoo on the chrissie presents - I have a couple but nothing wrapped - with a believer in the house I still have to hide them.
    HAve a great day - the weather in Auckland is awesome isn't it

  6. Came up for the Bronze final on Friday night and then headed off to Maraetai on Saturday afternoon, and it was just stunning and then we stumbled across the Pakuranga night markets on the way back to Greenlane.

    If it hadn't been for your photo about Maraetai I would never have gone so big thanks for that. Weather was spectacular and sunny not overcast as it was in downtown Auckland.

    Enjoy your day and belated birthday wishes!

  7. Glad the All Blacks have won. Will send a personal email in the next few days - haven't been online much as have an ill nephew. Love to Coco and my boy Teddy - who by the way was so handsome as a puppy. Martine x

  8. YEAH for your team's victory! It's a very big deal when it hapens to a hometown team here and I'm sure it's even bigger for for your country. Very cool.

    LOVE the quilting. The colors are fantastic together.

    Happy shopping, jj

  9. There is always something exciting going on at your place. here I was just about to comment that you only have your two dogs and a bit of quiet, and grandbabies come over and you get ready for Christmas! God bless you and have a great week!!

  10. You are doing WHAT???? Wrapping Christmas presents?? That's like.. months away. You are so ahead of the rest of the country and I'm very impressed. I also, am usually very last minute and it is kind of stressful. I'm giving a lot of baked gifts this year. People seem to like that. Homemade bickies and so on.

  11. What a lovely post ! Congrats. to your wining team ! How exciting for them and for your country!

    Hahaha - ! I have about the same amount wrapped so far also! At least we are making progress. : ) Great help-right! : )

    O- your blocks are beautiful! I love your idea for the placemats-they will be perfect and such a wonderful feeling to have something that you made with your own hands!

  12. What absolutely gorgeous pics of Emily, she is just soooooooo cute :-)

  13. Wish I was that orghanised with the christmas shopping.....Emily is a very cute wee dot :)

  14. Chris, those place mats will be great with your new dinner set from Briscoes! Also, have to say I love the photos, especially the one of Emily's foot. Very cute! Penny xo

  15. I wonder how all those beautiful puppies are going (with the exception of Chico as I follow Jackie's blog.

  16. Those pics of Emily are just beautiful!! The beach looks so inviting!!! You are going into summer and us winter :( Wish I was there! Never been out of the USA, would love to one day! But somewhere peaceful, like where you live.
    Congrats on your team winning!!!

    God Bless~

  17. I Have wraped 3 pressies actually just remembered, I am still on cloud nine AND like you celebrations will last a long time AND JAXX it's been 24 years in the making to win it so LET the celebrations rock on I say!!! they deserve all the kudos.

  18. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Congratulations on the big win we watched it from the beginning to the end. well done , can you tell me the name of the song that the singer sang at the end, please thankx you sure are organized, come to Uk and organize us here with our xmas shopping ..

    hugs to a pretty little girl. xx

    hugs to teddy & coco. xx

    Joan UK

  19. "The first blog I've read this year concerning Christmas" award goes to Diet Coke Rocks!

  20. Love that toe photo!
    It's a great idea, wrapping prezzies now. I'm going to steal that idea.

  21. I love all the pics of Emily. She is so gorgeous. And she's grown! I used foundation once - on my wedding day. Took hours to remove. Nowadays, there's BB cream. Not sure if you've used it. Btw, there are 5.18 million people living in Singapore as at June 2011.

  22. Ohh... Emily is an absolute little doll! Love those pics! I'm a little jealous, though, that you guys are heading into summer while I'm sitting here dreading winter around the corner... LoL

    Great job on that Christmas wrapping! I haven't even begun to think about it yet. Yikes!

    And good luck on your UFO! Those are gorgeous blocks! :o)

  23. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Congratulations to the NZ team!! Yeaaa!! Your doing good on getting the Christmas thing done. I've got a few done, am working on the rest. Have ordered a few things...I'll get there, but NOT by Dec. 1 !!! ...debbie

  24. Emiloy is beautiful.....I love the pictures with the clouds and water in the background.....and YOU'RE KILLIN' ME SMALLS!!! are already wrapping Christmas?????HOLY HANNAH!!! AMAZING I tell ya!!!


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