Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Next saturday afternoon this little darling goes to his 'forever home':

ABOVE:  our darling Bruiser, our First Born puppy, from our first ever litter.  He's special.
It has been lovely having him stay home for these extra two weeks.

ABOVE:  it doesn't matter how many toys you give him... he finds a grape twig and it's the best thing EVER to play with!

ABOVE:  isn't he just adorable?

ABOVE: he doesn't have blue eyes, it's just from the flash...

ABOVE: he really is a stunning little puppy.  But  I am biased!

Today:  taking it easy at home.  Relaxing in the peace.  Brylee and Griffin are really good at self entertaining... I've trained them well!  I will probably do some sewing...


I ordered a Beaver soft toy from Amazon... it arrived this morning:

ABOVE:  The Beaver for the Viva. 

I have been sewing.... hence the lack of updates...

 ABOVE:  I asked Amanda if she had any preferance in colour for a dress for Emily.   She said 'NO orange/yellow or purple.  Hmmmmm... I COULDN'T RESIST that, and made an orange one.  I think it looks lovely!

ABOVE: then I made this one, but it came out too big, so I need to add another frill along the bottom to make it longer.

I have a nice beef stew in the crock pot, so don't have to race around now and prepare dinner, it's done!  yaaaa.

End of Day:  I went to bed at 6.30!  I had a thumping headache..... so bed was the best place to be.  Got up again at 10.50 and felt much better. 
nite nite.


  1. He's super cute!!

  2. Chris , are you trying to reduce us all to tears?
    He is beautiful no doubt there.
    Thanks for sharing all those delightful pictures with us .

  3. Anonymous9:50 AM

    You should put the most beautiful photo of Bruiser (if you can pick just one!) and put it in a frame since he's the first born of the first litter so he will be there all the time for you to look at.Are you gonna call the beaver "Justin"? Ha ha! WOMBAT

  4. Just realised there was no point in posting this as a comment on my blog - sorry, brain was mush yesterday !!! Since we moved here I have always signed off as Me - and I guess it has just stuck - sorry for the confusion.

    Hi Chris - I am Linda. I used to blog a few years ago until I moved across to Facebook but with all the changes that are happening on there, I decided to come back to blogging. I am trying, again, to lose the excess kilos that I am carrying.
    I live on the Gold Coast in Australia having immigrated with my family here from South Africe nearly 12 years ago.
    Have a great day !

  5. Bruisers pictures are gorgeous he is such a wee darling I agree too get a nice picture of him or maybe of all six and put them in a LONG frame seperately or a gathering of frames.

  6. He does look like a very special boy!

    You will probably get empty nest syndrome while you are adjusting to your puppyless life again.

  7. Oh Chris, my heart melted at those pictures of Bruiser.

  8. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Bruiser is so cute. I think he has the prettiest faces of the litter. I would hate to see him go, but I'm sure having a pup around plus 2 other dogs is a lot of work!! ...debbie

  9. O- the "blue-eyes" just amazed me.(yes, I did get it that it was the flash-BUT- all my life I have seen them turn RED. How in the world did you pull that off????)

    He is so precious - I am praying that he gets a forever home as good as the one he has shared with you all.

  10. What!?! I thought you were keeping this one!

  11. Those dresses are SO sweet. Knock a few up and take them to the markets. There is a huge market for such lovely, handmade things - trust me!

  12. Amanda, forgive me for this but I think that dress looks great! I hope you like it too though, and how typical of your Mum to take the bait!

    Penny xo

  13. And Chris, I agree completely, aren't those slow cookers / crock pots wonderful?

    Penny xo

  14. What a sweetheart. Sorry to hear you ended the day with a headache. Looks like things have been very busy around your place these passed few days. Cute dresses. Take care.

  15. you want one more to look for a 'forever home"?

  16. The dresses turned out great! After I get my house clean maybe I'll make a few :)

  17. Absolutely love the orange and pink dress...and Bruiser of course, he is so, so cute.


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