Monday, October 03, 2011


Up until 6.30 pm last night ... we still had two puppies left.  NOW... only Bruiser... and he's sold and going to his forever home on the 16th.
I managed to take a whole heap of photos of Kiba and Bruiser last night before he left:

ABOVE: our gorgeous Kiba, we will never forget you.

ABOVE: last loves...

ABOVE:  such a pretty boy...

ABOVE: last moments with his brother Bruiser...

ABOVE:  Kisses from Mum.

So now you guys will just get to drool over Bruiser for the next two weeks!
Crikey... what did I blog about before we had pups???

TODAY:  Posting a parcel to Australia for Russell's baby girl Sienna and her sister Hayley... grab some salad stuff for lunch then home.

I have Beastie Girl and Lynda (both bloggers) coming for lunch today!  How exciting.  Better get the friggin vacum out I suppose!  yaaaaa.


Today is not going to plan.  I had to take my car into Papakura for looking at AGAIN... the warning lights are all on again.
I was driven home by one of their girls... so now I'm carless!

BRUISER: does not like being on his own.  He started crying and howling in the middle of the night... so I gave him a cuddle then shut the doors so I couldn't hear him.
This morning he started yowling and howling.. AND HE STILL IS... hours later.  *sigh*
Even Coco does not like the noise, she is whimpering and pacing... maybe I will put her in the puppy pen with him and see if he shuts up!

ABOVE:  that worked!  Thank god.... that one puppy sure could make a lot of noise!  Coco may just have to spend A LOT of time in there with him me thinks.

Lunch with the girls was lovely, had a really good natter.  BG and Lynda got on really well too... they both follow the same type of diet so could relate really well.

My car:  is still at the garage!  They said it would be 2 hours... and it's now been 4 and a half!  I feel so cross! I had things I wanted to do/get this morning... now if I want to get anything done I will have to take the kids.

Crabby I am.   

My car is home.  It has to go back on friday morning to have a new sensor put in... then the fault lights will stop going on... I HOPE.  They are giving me a 'loaner' car on friday so I'm not carless all day.  EXCELLENT.

Bruiser is doing me head in... crying, howling, whimpering... time to chuck Coco back in with him!  Hmmmm.... Coco didn't want to be anywhere him!  Seems she's had enough of him too....

End of Day:  it's 9pm and I can hardly keep me eyes open.  Stew has been snoring fit to kill the last two nights, add that to a crying puppy and I didn't get much sleep last night.  I'm off to bed early...
nite nite.


  1. Those pictures are priceless....I especially like the last 2. His mum giving him kisses almost made me a little weepy :)

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Thanks for the memorises little ones. It has been fun. Hope Coco can't count!!
    Mary H

  3. Oh poor Bruiser, hope he settles for you. Bugger about the vehicle, hope they fix it soon, hate being without a car, even if I don't use it lol.

  4. Anonymous12:54 PM

    I don't like that all the puppies are gone. At least we have Bruiser. I've really enjoyed them and will be glad when you have another littler in a year. Loved the photos, and yeah, a little sad moment....debbie

  5. Just a quick weight watchers question.
    does the "Think Eat Move Folder" for the pro points contain meal plans?
    thinking of doing weight watchers again. But can't afford to join up (joy of owning a business you earn less than minimum wage)
    But I have found someone selling all the books on trade me. But I have no idea what they contain.
    san :o)

    ps. I will miss the puppies.

  6. Poor Bruiser, he is probably just a bit lonely & confused.

    I am glad they have all gone to seemingly nice homes & families and are settling in well. It would be hard enough parting with them but knowing they are happy has to make it more bearable.

  7. awwwwwwww poor wee Bruiser..

    Hope you had a lovely lunch with the girls.

  8. oh the house will be quiet again and poop free lol they are cute pics chris Im sure you will miss them.
    Enjoy your lunch.

  9. aaawwwwww I would be crying my eyes out if I had to let those little darling go. Too cute they are.


  10. Oh noes!.. what will you do to up the 'cute' factor of your blog now?? XX

  11. Awww poor little Bruiser!!

    That sucks about your car :(

  12. Didn't those puppies turn into the most adorable creatures? Going to pick up Merlin on Saturday so very excited about that. Serious effort required on the weightloss front to get rid of the 2.7kgs gained during the holiday and of course Clive and Jo's wedding in April should add some incentive. Take care Zxx

  13. Thanks for lunch and thanks for inviting me - I really enjoyed myself and it was lovely to meet BG. Sorry if I hogged the conversation :)

  14. OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhBruiser the biggest is lonely all his brothers and sisters have gone and he is crying cause he misses them.... I do hope the 16th comes a bit earlier for you.

  15. Gosh, it's almost like Coco knew it was goodbye. I wonder if dogs miss their babies? Poor Bruiser. The last one is always the most lonesome. Kind of reminds me of me. All my siblings got married and moved out, one by one and then there was me and mom. Actually felt kinda good being an "only child" for a while.

  16. I guess the long but sweet blogchapter of puppies and puppy pics is coming to a close. Looking forward to whatever is next!

  17. I can't believe almost all the puppies are gone. I'm sad even though I never met them.


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