Friday, October 28, 2011


Today I was supposed to go to Botany to have lunch with Beastie Girl.... that would have been really nice.  But as Brylee is now coughing and coughing I shall have to keep her home, so I can't go out.   Damn.

Tonight Stew and I are off to see Jackie and Marty's new baby girl.... I can't wait to see her!  I adore babies.... I just go all ga ga over them! 

I bought her some cute wee clothes, and a really lovely soft toy giraffe:

ABOVE:  it's not that often I find a soft toy that I simply adore... but this giraffe is one of them. 

Right, off to do some housework, followed by some sewing I think.


ABOVE: meet Sofia Grace!   I was sent this photo by mobile phone, so it's not the best... but isn't she gorgeous!  A perfect wee girl.

I decided that since I was home all day I had time to make a Baby Card for Jackie....

ABOVE:  I'm pleased with how it came out.
Now it just has to dry.

Off to do something else... 

MARY H:  how silly can people be?  PC in overdrive.  I have two gollywog dolls in me car:

ABOVE:  Seriously, what is wrong with them?  They are gorgeous.

I have said I would not publish any more ANON comments a while ago... but I am finding the last few amusing!
ANON:  I see you still cannot spell.  Maybe I shall post you a dictionary for Christmas! 


MARY H:  too funny... GOOD ONE!  NO dictionary for you then!

Lacy, I know you are bored shitless, being stuck at home all day every day... being on Home Detention an' all.... but please stop leaving silly comments on my blog.  It's getting tiresome now.  Twice in one day is enough ok?  And yep, I am going to send you a dictionary!  RONG?  Wrong.

To everyone else, just ignore the silly comments.... even though I am publishing them!  It's just amusing is all... *smiles*

*** The dogs did not get to play with that giraffe... they had a quick sniff, that was all.  It's for a baby afterall! ***

I'm now off to put me face on before meeting Stew in town.  OOOO a night without kids... what a novelty!  Uncle Steve gets to babysit.  He does not mind at all ... we are so lucky.

End of Day:  well.... Sofia Grace is the spitting image of her brother!  Only the plumbing is different.  AMAZING .... and as her Dad said... "she is obviously ours"... lol!
When you do IVF I suppose in the back of your mind you must wonder if they put the right embryo back in!  *smiles*
Stew and I didn't stay out for dinner afterall.  I simply was not hungry... had a late lunch. 
Probably have a light supper much later on tonight.
nite nite.


  1. Waah! That giraffe is soo cute and looks so soft! Chris, you are such an awesome friend and I hope you have a great visit. :)

  2. Adorable stuffed animal! The baby is so precious! It's girls all around over there ;)

  3. Anonymous10:41 AM

    The cost of IVF is terrible (friends spent a fortune last try a baby girl also)but look @ what you get when it works.
    How beautiful you can almost smell the baby smell from the pic. She will be truly loved after all the effort.
    Love the giraffe. I brought a friends little girl a beautiful golliwog called poppy. She loves so does her Mum but it some pc people go off.
    Mary H

  4. I always get a tear in my eye when people who have tried to have babies for a while have them. She is gorgeous. Babies are lovely, perhaps they are in the cards for me next life. Love the photos of Teddy and Coco - they are both cute. Martine xx

  5. The giraffe is wonderful. The pics with the dogs are too cute. The dolls are very cute also, and of course little Sofia looks precious.

  6. O Chris,
    That giraffe is soooooooooooo cute! I have a thing for soft animals also. I have two unicorns in my window that I just adore. When I get blue occasionally - I pick them up and love their super soft fur-maybe I am comforting my "inner-child" - who cares as long as it works???? lol

    LOVE, LOVE , LOVE that card you made! To me they are more than just cards - to me they are art.

    The wee one is a perfect angel! She looks so loved wrapped in that super soft blanket. : )

  7. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Get your facts right, #2 as you call her, wouldnt waste her time going on your pathetic blog, she honestly can not stand you or your pathetic blog life, shes busy geting her life sorted, her lawyer dosent think much of your blog eather, you ovesilly have some very deep isues you need to dig up and sort, coz your 1 messed up lady, whos only gona mess those poor kids up im the head..more than they already are. Well next year is goin to be so difrent, just you wait....

  8. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Thats just like them Gorgeous Poppy had a little red polka dot dress on frilly pants & red shoes with pink buttons.Love them but one Aunty went right off! PLEASE
    OMG that anon post is awful & very threatening What a load of BS and they thing they would unmess the kids YEAH RIGHT. Sorry I forgot to miss spell my words.
    Mary H

  9. Anonymous2:04 PM

    wow, picking on some one you dont even know because they have a problem with spelling.....seriouslly, what is rong with you.
    You need to take a really good look at yourself in the mirror, you have serious issues.

  10. Aw, Teddy and Coco look so sweet...and that little giraffe is soooo cute! But most precious of all is that adorable baby...what a blessing for your friends who have tried so long!

    Chris, do you know who that "Anonymous" person is? His/her comment sounds pretty threatening to me, and I think, if you haven't already, you should report them to Blogger!



  11. Oh, P.S....forgot to say, the card you made is are all of your cards! :o)



  12. love the baby love the giraffe love your blog and love you !

  13. Hi Chris,

    A wee while ago I mentioned I had a friend whose pretty clued up with IT and were able to track an ISP number to a location for me so I was going to ask them about your delightfuly 'anon' who just can't seem to help themselves as I see they are still ozzing vileness from every pore in their body.

    I havn't forgotton about asking my friend about having them traced but when I tried to get hold of them I discovered they had made a temp move to Matamata as the filming of the Hobbit had just begun and they are working over there with that. I should be seeing them sometime this weekend so will mention the issue to them and see what they suggest.

    Your gutless wonder may think they can hide their identity but in this day and age they obviously arn't that smart if they think they can't be tracked.

  14. Hi Chris

    I really don't think you should publish these comments or even mention them on here. You are only playing their silly game and they probably want you to "talk" about them on here to turn it against you.

    Ingnoring them entirely is much more effective. Mention them on the private blog if you must but not here.

    Probably best if you don't publish this comment.

  15. Anonymous3:41 PM

    What is a rong? Something you smoke, wear. No thats a bong and a thong.
    Yep have a look in the mirror Chris see if you can find a rong to wight.
    This is hilarious Keep the anons coming please
    Think you should call the giraffe Ice cause he loves Coco.
    TG it's Friday

  16. That card for the baby is absoluteeeeeely gorgeous Chris. The effort and detail you put into all your cards is fantastic...

  17. I love the giraffe it is so cute, I bet your friends will love it.

    If Lacy is stuck at home maybe she should look at using the time to improve her education and take the chance to improve herself.

  18. What a beautiful baby! They must be so thrilled to finally have her in their lives.

    I've never seen such a cute giraffe toy before. No wonder the dogs love it!!

  19. Love the Giraffe - enjoy your evening with ya man!

  20. Giraffe is so, sooo cute. I can't resist those sweet things for Corby as well... xxx

  21. naw new baby cuteness!! Loving the babyness of your blog atm, especially now that the puppies are gone!!!

    I work for corrections...wouldn't be looked nicely on if someone on HD is also breaking the law over the internet.....not nicely on AT ALL!

  22. Cute baby! I hope Brylee gets better soon.

  23. Geez that abusive 'Anon' is a bit over the top. Why read the blog and comment if she doesnt like what is being said? And she thinks YOU have issues! She needs a good shag - poor thing lol

    That baby is far too cute for her own good!!!

  24. Oh and Golliwogs are adorable! I had one as a kid and the ones pictured are cute as! But a couple of years back someone decided they were racist and tried to have them banned [some places wont stock them]. Started a whole group of people that needed a new soap box to stand on. Nothing to do with polical correctness, just stupidity. There are black and white children so there should be black and white dolls.

  25. Wow, so ANON is Lacy..... Guess I should have been surprised, but nah.
    Her and his BS is so far over the BS line now its can only be called fiktion :D
    But really guys, there is a place to leave your dumb time wasting comments, and thats not on my mums blog, pity no one else is interested in your attacks, maybe start a diary, that way you can be as nasty and vile and hurtful as you like, cause unfortunately at the end of the day the only family now you have is yourself.
    Have a pleasant evening :D

  26. Gorgeous giraffe love it, Sophie Grace is delightfully beautiful, the card you made is lovely.

  27. Sue from Cyprus8:43 PM

    Listen Anon 1, Anon 2, Lacy or whoever you are..... leave the nasty comments to yourself. What is it with you? I can't get my head around this.... why do you purposely want to hurt someone. You probably don't even know Chris so why are you so nasty to her? My advice.... get a life! Looks like you don't have one.
    Chris, my advice, just ignore this person. No point man, no point!
    Sue from Cyprus x x x

  28. "Ovesilly" ???? Hahaha!! Creative spelling you have there, Ms (or Mr) Anon. Keep on keeping on, Chris. You rock.

  29. Anonymous11:07 PM

    "Golliwog is a racial slur in Germany, England, Ireland, Greece, and Australia. Interestingly, it is sometimes applied to dark-skinned Whites, as well as brown-skinned persons. Golliwog is also a common name for black pets, especially dogs, in European countries -- much as nigger was once popular as a pet name.The Golliwog was created during a racist era. He was drawn as a caricature of a minstrel -- which itself represented a demeaning image of Blacks."

  30. I like reading the comments on your blog.
    Anonymous @ 12:57 has some serious problems, and will probably grow up to be a psychotic axe murder or something..

    Anonymous at 3:41 made me laugh!

    I wonder if Stew has a blog, I'd like to hear his view.
    " Came home today, house if full of "Cute" stuffed animals and freakin puppies - AGAIN! ARRRGGHHH!!!"

    I love you Chris!

  31. Looks like another busy week for you. Hope Brylee is feeling better. What a cute baby. Enjoy the weekend.

  32. I ♥ her name but mostly LOVE her face!!!!! Both BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


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