Sunday, October 23, 2011


ABOVE:  Yes, I moved the bed in the garage again... it is much better here.  I can access it easily, I can lay stuff on it, I can make it easily too.  OH and just so ya know, it's a darn comfy bed!  I slept on it several nights in a row when I was coughing fit to kill.

ABOVE:  Someone asked me what it was like living on an 'island'?  New Zealand, where I live.  Yes, it's a country of two main islands, and quite a few smaller ones too.  It does not feel like living on an island... it's a bit bigger than you realise.  To drive from one side to the other (in the North Island) can take about 5-6 hours or so, depending on where you are starting and ending.

To drive from the top to the bottom of the North Island would take about 15-16 hours, as long as you went straight down the middle I think.  It's a long way.  It would take probably longer to go from the top of the South Island to the bottom of the South Island as it is more mountainous country.

We are fairly isolated from the majority of the worlds heavily populated countries, but we are not backward!  We are totally 'up to date' and do not run around in grass skirts!  lol
I love living here.  It's a safe place to live... we do not have to worry about a  lot of things that some people have to ... like civil wars, nuclear meltdowns, terrorism, droughts and the like.

TODAY is a super special day!!!
Tonight it's the FINAL of the RUGBY WORLD CUP, and I can't believe I am so excited about it!
Our country has been hosting the competition... and our team (The ALL BLACKS) are in the final.  We are playing against the French team.  OMG it is going to be a nail biting game to watch!
I am even going to get some nibbles and stuff to eat... so we don't chew our finger nails off!

NOTHING is a sure thing until the final whistle blows though....and so many of us need to remember that!


After a lovely sleep in we went out to the grocery shop and bought a heap of nibble type things for tonight.  Must have nibbles while watching the game!

We are expecting Amanda and Emily for the evening too... they will be staying overnight, so we get plenty of time to cluck over Emily! 

ABOVE:  Look who finally arrived!  


ABOVE:  Steve and his Emily....

Emily is right on the cusp of crawling... she can get off her bum and end up on hands and knees, but has no idea (yet) what comes next.   Her life is full of tantalisingly close things she wants, but can't quite reach.   You can see how much she wants to get there, but just doesn't have the co-ordination yet.... it won't be long!

End of Day:  just over an hour until THE GAME.  My diet has TOTALLY gone out the window today... I will resume 'normal' eating tomorrow! 
I will update with the final outcome of the game before I go to bed.
nite nite.

THE RESULT:  WE WON, but only just.  I didn't think our guys would win the way they played!  But they did.  INCREDIBLY CLOSE GAME.
Stew was beside himself with nerves towards the end of the game.  Me?  I hid in our room, I couldn't watch it.  I was so sure we would lose!


  1. My co worker is cruising around your country right now. So jealous!

  2. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Hope you won the final game today!! We went to our granddaughters Soccer game at 12:45 - they played an older team and lost a Gazillion to 6. Our team was 6 & 7 yr. olds and they were 8 & 9 yr olds. But they played pretty darn good!! Thanks for the info on NZ - it's bigger than I thought!! ...debbie

  3. Thank you for your explanation about New Zealand life - it was so friendly but sure helpful, I'm sure, to many people who didn't know much about it. God bless and BTW that garage area bed does look comfy. :)

  4. Happy Days, I'm glad Chris answered your question - I was quite interested to see what she would say. It is bigger than you would think comparing it to the US or Australia, but having said that both of those countries are huge (well, they are to this NZer anyway). I grew up in Dunedin, the largest city in the bottom half of the South Island, on the East coast (just under the word Island on Chris's map). It would take about 12-13 hours to drive from there up the coast to the top of the South Island to Picton, which is where you take the ferry to Wellington in the North Island (if you want to, you can also fly, of course). I remember growing up my grand mother was in the North Island and it was much more expensive to fly then, so we didn't see each other often. I asked my dad if Granny wore a red dress and stood at the bottom of the North Island and we went to the top of the South Island would we be able to see her and wave to her? My dad laughed so much I never got an answer at the time, but the distance is enough that wouldn't be possible, even though they look pretty close on the map. I hope that helps!

  5. And yes, Chris you are right. I was talking about driving along the coast: the mountainous country / Fiordland / West Coast would take a lot longer. If you are interested in pictures Happy Days, Fiordland is famous for its terrain:

    I swear I do not work in tourism! I just thought this might be of interest. When I was in the US last year I was intrigued at the interest in NZ. I have tramped (hiked) in Fiordland, as have members of my family and friends (my mother even did the Milford Track pregnant with my little sister). It is beautiful.

  6. Hi. Good explanation Chris.

    Gotta add my bit.... *smile*

    I like to tell my American friends that we are very similar. You just think of Nth America as a huge mansion and NZ as a tiny dolls house. We have everything here and you don't have to drive for days to see it all.

    The one thing we don't have is huge mega cities. And I still have trouble getting my head around the size of many of the National/State parks in Nth America. Because we are small we tend to do all things well and are represented in top sports, jobs, arts, fashion etc all over the world.

    It took us roughly 8 hours from home on the Coromandel Peninsula to drive to Wellington where we took the Interisland Ferry, 3 hours crossing Cook Strait and another 4 -5 hours to Christchurch from Picton.

    Google maps say it's 1,127 km, 17 hours 29 mins, including the Ferry. Because we don't like travelling constantly these days we had 3 overnight stops.

    Can't wait to go home. Christchurch seems like a very sad city although there is a lot going on.


  7. New Zealand looks like a great place to visit. I'm meant to be going on a cruise there with my sister next year!

    A bed in the shed looks comfy to me.

  8. I am loving the world cup build up too. We went into town today & had a look around the Wynyard Quarter then we walked the fan trail from the city to Eden Park & back to Vic Park where we parked the car. Heaps of people doing that even at 2.30 ish.

    I like your description of NZ.

  9. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Go the All Blacks
    Mary H

  10. Thank you so very much for the information about your lovely country- it sounds like paradise compared to the USA. I seem to like everything smaller- little stores , little cars , little critters , ect. LOL

    I remembered the name Christchurch because of the sadness there last year. How are they doing now?

    I love the picture of Steve and Emily - you sure can tell that the apple did not fall far from the tree. They both share the same eyes and facial expressions and it looks like she is well into "winding him around her little sweet fingers?! Hope they stay that way - special Uncles can be very hard to find. : )

    Let us know who wins the game!

  11. HOping it's going to be a good game! Emily is just adorable!!!

  12. Just saw the win and it made me think of you:)

  13. Well done to the All Blacks !

  14. Oh yeah we won. Too flippin close for my liking though.

  15. It takes only a couple hours to drive around our island. Less than 45 minutes to get from end to end.
    Great pics. Cute baby!

  16. Congratulations on the win!

    Those pictures of Emily, especially the ones with Steve are just priceless!

  17. love love love love love :)

  18. Wow she's so big already! Babies grow up so fast!

  19. Emily and Steve gorgeous so GLAD we won too hope Stews nerves calmed Imust admit was very emotional in our house!!!!


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