Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Apparently 'mug rugs' are all the rage overseas right now.. in the blog/quilting community.  If you are anything like me, you will be saying 'What the hell is a mug rug?".

Well I asked a friend in Ireland just that and she said it was a small 'quilted rug' for putting your coffee mug on!   OH  ... OK... here we call them 'Coasters'...LOL.

I tried making one last night....

 ABOVE:  my first 'Mug Rug'... using Kiwiana type fabrics, this is the top and this:
ABOVE: is the back.  Please don't go thinking we all wear grass skirts, cook our food in a pit in the ground, etc etc.... cos we don't.  That is how Maori's (they were here before Europeans) used to live!  Not anymore!  We are all quite 'normal' and just like you fulla's!  ha ha ha!   (fulla's = fellows) lol

Today: off to work at the Hospice Shop... fingers crossed yet again that I don't spend any money!


Home again!  And what a day... it was bedlam in the shop today as we were having a mad sale!  I was kept super busy serving customers for hours....
AND I did buy a few things... well I could hardly be expected to forgo a bargin eh? lol

ABOVE:  I got 8 tops for $1 each ! and some bling.... most of the necklaces I'm going to dismantle and give to Brylee for Christmas as part of a Jewellery Making set.... She is bound to have fun making her own necklaces eh?

Since coming home I've just kept my feet up... the busy day and the heat has made them swell up.. yeah such a nice look... I'm sure.

End of Day:  and I've had a lovely time sewing mug rugs!  And watching the TV all night!  Time for bed.. nite nite.


  1. Now I like that mug rug and the meoooowwwwri's too lol Good luck with the not spending.

  2. Mug rug sounds more like something you should wrap the mug in not sit it on.

    Enjoy the Hospice shopping - oops I mean shop :-)

  3. did i ever tell you tha tone of my first yahoo friends was a maori man from auckland?? he was teaching me maori and I was getting pretty good at it... then we lost contact and I lost the maori i had learned... his first name is reagan... and for love nor money right now cant think of his last name... I loved talkign to him on voice chat... he would sing to me :) his wife was awesome too... seems like her name is jean but again cant recall for sure... I woudl love to find them again :D
    kia ora :)

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Yep, good old coasters to us aussies and kiwis. If 'mug rugs' are all the rage overseas, then what have they been using all these years? It's a good idea though, they would soak up the spills and drips, then you could throw them in the wash. I hate the glass/wood/laminated coasters. Water just runs of them so what's the point? Maybe you can make some 'mug rugs' to go with the placemats you were making! Or should I say 'plate mates' instead of placemats. WOMBAT

  5. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I had some Mug Rugs several years ago and I have no idea where they are now. Sorta forgot about them. They were stuffed with cinnamon spices and smelled great with a cuppa on top!! ...debbie

  6. I've been perusing your posts a bit and realise that you are thinking of moving too...hehehe
    didn't you just move? lol
    had to ask since you asked me...hehehe
    Hope you have a great holiday season!

  7. I had to roll over laughing about your "cooking in a pit"! LOL
    BECAUSE many years ago I read someplace about people doing that in Hawaii and it peaked my curiosity. SO I dug a small pit and put our lunch in there and covered it back up until later . When I took it out -it was Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, of course I tried it again and left it while we went to town.

    That food smelled so good as we came up the driveway it made you drool . I scooted out side to get our supper - only to be Surprised because our Dear Saint Benard dog had thought it smelled too good too and she had helped herself and we only had the smell !LOL Needless to say - I did not cook in a pit again! LOL

  8. Sorry - forgot to add how lovely your fabric is . I also liked your comment on the Maori's lived. That caught my curiosity about how history has been changed.

    We had Native Americans here and the white men came over and stold their lands and killed their people . I Have always been so mad at how this happened. You can tell that there is still much anger between the white people and the Indian tribes here .

    Is that the way your history kinda was?

  9. Love me some bargain shopping! I got some heavily discounted things for Corbin yesterday. A "Santa's little helper" red tee-shirt for $1, and for winter, some nice, red fleece pants for $2, and two long-sleeve tops - which we'll probably use for pyjamas - for $3 each. The tops are good as they have buttons down the back, which is VITAL as his head is so blimmin' big!

  10. Good on ya, Sheila!
    That's all the Down Under Speak I know.

  11. You go to the barber shop, you end up with a haircut. You go to the hospice shop, you spend money.

    Those mug rugs rock! I like the green and blue! Why are they not square? Or round? I guess that would make them coasters.....

  12. i wish i could quilt. its on my list of things to learn before i die.

  13. We call them coasters here too, but "mug rugs" has a cute ring to it! And of course yours is lovely!

    I'm shocked to hear that you don't run around wearing a grass skirt Chris...I'm so disappointed! Ha ha!

  14. Its getting crazy in the shops here too. Goodness I dread going out even to buy milk. Looks like you got yourself some nice bargains.

  15. I call them coasters here lol.

    Great idea with the jewelry!

  16. Love the "mug rugs", aka coasters. They are definitely a good idea! You could make matching placemats to go with them! (ok, OTT, I know.) Happy Days' comment above reminded me that ages ago I had a square fabric mat stuffed with spices for putting the teapot on. It was gorgeous. I wonder what happened to it.

  17. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Love your mug rugs!~ Very cute.


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