Thursday, December 16, 2010


YEP, one more sleep till school finishes for the year.  I can't wait. 

I am so over having to follow a routine.  I am tired.  I want a break from it all.

Sure it means the kids will be home 24/7... but they are not that bad.  Dire threats work well around here.

Today:  well I am taking Griffin to his last Speld lesson early, then dropping him at Totara Park to join his class on a picnic and swim in the pools.

Then I'm coming home, putting my feet up and having a bloody nap.

THAT. IS. ALL.   I really am tired.  And praying that it really isn't raining on Sunday.... cos I want to do the Market again... if only to add to the Christmas cash!


Well this has to be one of the most boring days ever.   After taking Griffin to his lesson then dropping him back with his class in the park I came home and have done diddly squat since!

Teddy is scratching his chin again, so now I'm off to put a cone back on him.  He's so infuriating...

ABOVE:  two weeks in a cone... Hopefully I have caught and stopped him before it gets infected or gets any bigger.  Grrrrrrr. 

End of Day: and it's wet and so nice and cool tonight!  I have decided I don't like summer!  Too hot, too humid.  nite nite


  1. Our kiddies finished yesterday. I too am looking forward to no routine. Not the constant bickering. But I liitle time for a few sleeps in.

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I hope you got your much wanted nap!! and hope it doesn't rain! Sounds funny to read the kids are going swimming at the pool when it's 18 degrees here!...debbie

  3. wondering what craft you are making while you are "napping" since you can't ever seem to do that lol.

  4. College finished Friday 10th, MOST primary schools here finished WED I do hope you get some nana nap in YOU sound tired, I believe weekend is rain rain rain I will do a sun dance for you instead!

  5. Glad to see you posted a picture of Teddy, haven't seen him for ages. Damn shame about the cone, he looked very unimpressed. If it is any consolation I am tired as well. Driving 7 hours on 24/12/10 to have Christmas with Vince the wonderdog hating the car - sounds like a hoot ! Martine x

  6. 2.5 weeks more and my kids go back to school. Altho' it's school hols, my kids go back to school for volleyball. The hours are weird and annoying. But at least it gets them away from the computer. The only thing I like about school hols? No homework!

  7. I can sure relate to "diddly squat"! I hate it when that happens! You are just too tired or too overwhelmed to participator in anything.I had one of those days too-so you have my compassion. Maybe you are just "spreading yourself too thing"?

    I think DH is a lot like Teddy - he can get a sore and it is "pick-pick" I tell him to leave it alone and let it heal -but NOOOOO he has to make it bleed. I do have one of those cones - I might have to use that the next time - plus I would need a straight jacket too! LOL

  8. If only there was a cone for out toddler. He sctaches himself bloody and sometimes it infected too.

  9. I have Porsche in a cone as well after she chewed her foot till it was bleeding. Why do they not learn!

  10. Do you run your heat pump on cool in the summer? I know I asked you this last summer. I have mine going all the time almost!! My house is like a lovely cool icebox :)

  11. I hope you enjoy the time with the kids...

    Poor Teddy! I know my dogs hate havingto wear the cone, I'm sure he does too. Smart to get it on him quickly though, before it gets worse.


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