Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am on a roll.... I have a box of UFO's (UnFinished Objects).. or PHD's (Projects Half Done) and I am working my way through them this summer!  Yaaaaa:

ABOVE: yesterday afternoon I finally got all the pieces put together on the 'Star Quilt' I started many, many months ago... now I just have to decide if it stays as a Duvet Cover or I quilt it.. I'm leaning towards Quilting it... even if it's not done very well!   I have only ever quilted one quilt before... and that was with just straight lines up and down it!   I am not good at quilting big projects. 

But, I so want to get this one done... it's been bugging me for over a year.

See my hydrangeas?...

ABOVE:  all of these started out as cuttings from my plants back in Palmerston North, and THEY started as cuttings from my garden in Hamilton... and THEY started from cuttings I begged and 'borrowed' from people's gardens all over the place!   So I am really proud of my wee cuttings... that have followed me all around the country!  I love hydrangeas! 

TODAY:  no plans.... the Hospice Shop  is closed for the next few weeks so I don't have to be there today. 

*sigh*  I've been working on something "secret"... but some fool let the cat outta the bag last night... so now I can talk about it!  We are having a party on Saturday the 8th January for Stew's 50th Birthday!  I wanted it to be a surprise for him... but his idiot cousin rang last night and told him he couldn't come to his 'surprise' party.   Friggin idiot.

NOW YOU GUYS... if you want to send his nibs a card (come on, I know you want to!)... just email me for my address !  Lots of you already have it of course.... but if not.... hurry up!  His birthday is on the 8th of January!!!!!

BLURG!..... the worst is done, the quilt is all pinned up... my left index finger is covered in little holes (ouch)... now it's time for the sewing....

OMG... did I think pinning it was gunna be the worst?  WHAT WAS I THINKING?

ABOVE:  try sewing it!  I have done 8 rows... my arms are KILLING ME.... and I have many, many more rows to go.  This is a workout for sure ... I'm all hot and bothered... and not in a nice way.

End of Day:  and I'm done in.  5 hours sewing wiggly lines on that blasted quilt, then 4 hours Christmas shopping in a crowed mall... I. AM. DONE.  Now all that I have to do is wrap and label everything.  But not tonight.  It's 10.35 and I've just got home.  Gunna relax for an hour, then have a cold shower and go. to. bed.  nite nite.


  1. I say duvet cover because after a year IF it isn't doen right that would bug me too,I love hydrangeas there is a beautiful stand of them just outside Hamilton and they are big and colourful, this may be the time and weather to achieve all your sewing projects YAY!

  2. your hydrangeas are beautiful!!!

  3. Ooo - I LOVE Hydrangeas!!! I didn't realise they could be grown from cuttings... I might have to go out and "acquire" some :)
    I am hoping to have Hydrangeas as my wedding flowers in March 2012.

  4. i love hydrangeas too. i have aleast ten or i did before winter started. i love their colors and different types of flowers.

    your quilt is very beautiful.

    have a very merry Christmas

  5. Love the quilt and the hydraingers are yummy maybe i could get some cuttings and share them around the country some more lol
    have a good day its too hot....wheres your pool???

  6. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Your quilt is just beautiful!! So colorful! I hope you quilt it. It's so pretty!! LOVE your hydranges!! So many! thick and full and so many different colors. I have one. It's either pink or blue - depends on if I put Epson Salts on them....debbie

  7. Love the Hydrangeas! Wish I had some on your energy at times!

  8. Love the Hydrangeas too!
    Duvet cover.

  9. beautiful quilt or duvet whichever it becomes... andsilly cousin... will work on a card I amusually late :)
    love n hugs

  10. your quilts are lovely, I am always showing my mum your latest projects. She does lots and lots of quilting.

    Wow what a idiot giving away the secret how annoying.

  11. What a twit that cousin is...oh well, I'm sure the party will be great fun anyway....but a surprise would have been good.

  12. Chris, you married a younger man! How cool. Ahem, so did I. Me hubs is younger by 2 years but I "act" younger. And I must say you're quite a gardener. I kill plants - over-water, under-water, forgot about them!

  13. Have you checked the cost of getting a professional to do the quilting?

    Some people don't know that a secret is a secret!

    I'm supposed to be making shortbread but I'm here.

    Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Just a suggestion ..... give the kids boxing gloves. Perhaps not!

  14. just looking at that quilt on your sewing machine made me nervous! good luck!!!

  15. One plant makes all those different colored flowers? I wonder if hydrangeas grow here...
    I'm stealing your UFO and PHD acronyms!
    My wife has a sore arm, and thinks it is from Crocheting. I guess it's possible, after reading your post. I thought sewing was easy, sit in the rocking chair.... I guess if you have to muscle thick fabric through a skinny sewing machine slot it can be pretty tough..
    Have a great day!

  16. Don't some numb skulls drive you nuts.. don't they know what surprise means. Bummer.

    Text me the address cause I'm going to send a card though who knows maybe we'll catch up while I'm up there??

    Have a great Christmas to all of you and relax, knowing people luv you and your blog. xox

  17. Just signing out for 2010 but had to stop by and wish you a merry christmas mate.

    Have a lot of fun, enjoy yourself and take some stress pills if need be.

    See you in 2011.

  18. WTG getting those UFO's done!! And the shopping! I finished and wrapped last night, on to cookies today!

  19. Chris you've gotta learn quilt-as-you-go!!!!!!!!
    Send me your snail mail address ... I've got something for you :o)
    Joy :o)


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