Sunday, December 26, 2010


ABOVE:  Would ya just look at that belly!  Amanda is amost 32 week pregnant now.  I wonder just how much bigger  baby Emily can get in the next 8 weeks?    PHEW.

BOXING DAY here...we are off to the mall today so the kids can use their gift vouchers to get some PSP games... and I need some fabric to continue working on the Heart Quilt.

I hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is having a wonderful Christmas Day! 


oh man it's a nuts day!  We went out... so did 1 milllion other buggers!  At Sylvia Park they were making us park on the side of the road cos all of the parking spaces were gone!  People were even being allowed to park on the roundabouts!  Bedlam, utter bedlam. But we did manage to spend all the gift vouchers....and I even got a wireless mouse for my laptop!  Awesome.

Home now ... Kelly and Rena are here for the day and tonight too.  YES Mrs C... the lipstick is away!  I never did get it all out either.... dammit.

End of Day:  the good thing about Boxing Day is I don't have to cook... there is always masses of left-overs to eat!   neat.  Having a quiet night in... just chillin, watching some telly... doing some sewing.... nite nite.


  1. wow shes way bigger than MJ ... shes due tomorrow :)
    Happy Boxing day!
    Love n hugs Laura

  2. Wow that Emily is certainly making her presence felt eh!

  3. Oh, yeah, Boxing Day!
    What fun is that!!

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! What a "beautiful belly"! A picture to behold! :)

    Are you planning to be in the birthing room ? I got to stay with my #2D-n-l during the process. It was a magical experience. I got to see that little "Bugger" today. He is a month old and a whole entire 7 pounds. LOL SOOOO Tiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS> I definitely think that you are your DH's Toy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    PS again - We had your snow today! So, I thought of you and it is still coming down. :)

  5. Put away the lipstick!!

    Did you ever get that mess sorted out? And yep, Amanda is looking very fit and yeppp, Emily still has some growing to do. Eight weeks just seems so soon! :)

  6. I love your excitement as a grandmother-in-waiting.

    I'm glad we don't shop Boxing Day/ Never have, Never will.

    I guess it's kind of exciting though.

    Lots of cars and boats and toys passing our gate today. Is there anyone left in the city?

    Oh yes! Of course there's Chris and Co. Hope you have another exciting day tomorrow but maybe not shopping!!!!!!!!

  7. My guess would be that baby Emily is not 8 weeks away at all! :-)
    Hope you all had a great xmas!! xx

  8. Amanda looks swelte even at 32 weeks. I was like that too. No one could tell I was pregnant unless you see me from the side. Christmas in Singapore was 1 whole day of rain and thunderstorm. My family was "trapped" in my MIL's home the whole night.

  9. Hope you had a good Christmas and Boxing day, now lets get NYE out of the way and get on with 2011!

  10. Ok, so I just got my answer about the lipstick. UGH!


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