Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Yesterday I had to visit the Dr to get them to fill in and sign a form from the Welfare (WINZ) so we could continue to recieve a small amount of money to go towards helping Griffin with his learning.

WELL... according to the Doctor Griffin did not meet the 'criteria' of having a disability!  OK, he's as healthy as a horse PHYSICALLY... but his learning disability impacts HUGELY on his MENTAL HEALTH lady!  I was not impressed.

I talked to his Speld Teacher.... and she said we needed to see a Peadiatrician... as she was sure Griffin has:  Dyslexia, Dysgraphia AND Dyspraxia.... I didn't know about the Dyspraxia.... so I Google'd it.... YEP, he has that too.

So, today we are visiting the Speld Teacher (instead of on Thursday as Griffin has a class trip on Thursday) and she is going to let us know who to see so we can get the Disability Allowance reinstated.

I can't believe this really.... and hope we don't have to jump through hoops every year to get the $help.  It costs a bomb to keep him going to the Speld Teacher once a week!   AND he really needs to go. 

So, that's what I am doing this morning...taking his nibs to his Speld lesson.  Then I will come home and do something!  I don't know what!  But I should be doing some Christmas shopping!  Maybe that's what I will do.


ABOVE:  4 little fat quarters I got in Pukekohe today... and a bacon burger, which I am going to eat in a mo.  So... I was HUNGRY!
All good, but a super muggy hot and humid day.  It rained overnight, which is good for the grass/plants but not for us who feel the heat!  *sigh*

Off to eat me burger now...

Le Burger was YUM!   So was the 2 hours I spent on the net reading up on stamping/techniques.   *sigh*.. it is so easy to get carried away reading up on all the ways you can make cards, tags etc!  It's AMAZING how 'technical' some cards are!  The amount of time that goes into them.    Mine look so AMATEUR compared to others. 

Enough fluffing around, time to think about what's for dinner.. not that I want any!

End of Day:  and I feel like I've done bugger all today really.  Must do better tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. Good luck they have really cut back on the child disability allowance in the last 6 months, even with people with epilepsy are not getting it anymore, we had to fight for Steph and finally got it. In my honest opinion with those 3 diagnosis you will still be lucky to get it as they are no longer handing it out for those with learning disabilities as such but more for those that require continuous care through there disability. we only got it for Steph cause she still requires someone to cross a road with her, also she can not carry hot cups of coffee etc (in case she has a seizure and drops it, which happens on a regular basis) etc etc and like I said we had to fight for that. I doubt Chris will get his renewed next year when it is up for renewal, cause even though he has OCD, Tourettes, Asbergers etc I do not think he will qualify anymore thanks to the national government. Sorry to be the bearer of possibly not such good news but that is how it has changed in the last 6 months.

  2. I suppose what I am saying is that Chris does not require one on one daily living care like Griffin for their disabilities whereas Steph still does hence we got it for her. Though Chris's and G's disabilities are learning ones they still function as healthy kids in every other way. But then having said that if you get the right person on the desk then you just might strike it lucky lol....

  3. good luck getting the money covered I hope and pray you do as obviously he needs the help and its simply not fair to NOT give him every chance to succeed.
    love n hugs Laura

  4. Somehow it seems wrong to me that you have to *fight* for this little bit of help!!
    Joy :o)

  5. It's good G is receiving the help he needs, hope you can now get the funding. Good luck!

  6. I agree as Samuels disability allowance was stopped for his Asthma so I lost $45 a week (but that covered a portion of power (heating in winter), phone in case of emergencies and only for line rental, then the rest was medicines. It wasn't a lot a week but I miss it that's for sure.

  7. It seems to me to be very unfair that kids who need it are not getting the financial help they can at a young age to assist their learning. The schools have not the funding or the time ti help them so it seems that they just fall thru the cracks. These are the kids that end up having trouble later in life as they just fall further & further behind.

    I hope you do get the funding you need.

  8. Kudos to you for fighting so hard to get Griffin what he needs.

  9. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I hope you can get some compensation for Griffin. Keep in mind, the squeeky wheel gets the oil...so just keep at it, and you might catch a break!! love the material!! esp. the doggie one!...debbie

  10. Enjoy your last few weeks of freedom before the summer break. Good luck getting the funding for Griffin. Enjoy that warm weather.


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