Monday, December 06, 2010


Only two more weeks till school ends for the summer... I think I'm looking forward to it!

Not having to rush around first thing in the morning making lunches, organizing my day around school and school stuff.  Yaaaa.

But, until then.... the week begins again.
I have the RTLB teacher calling in this morning to discuss Griffin's progress at school  .... Pffffft... he's learnt more in the last NINE MONTHS from his SPELD teacher than he's learnt the last 4 years at 'normal school'!  I find it so INTERESTING that the school wants to take credit for something they didn't do.

So, it will be interesting to hear what she has to report...

ABOVE:  see this box of cards?  Well today I have to carefully peel the cellotape off  and take off the cellophane wrapping on all of them... cos I FORGOT TO ADD THE BLOODY ENVELOPES didn't I!  Grrrrr... I could spit tacks.  It's going to take me hours.  (edit: yes I have to unwrap them as they are going to the shop in Whitianga)

So ... that's what I am doing today... after I see the RTLB teacher, who's due any minute... OR NOT... she's almost always late.  (edit:  she was late.  She said Griffin is doing well she always says that, and outlined what they are hoping to do with him next year.  Which is get him on to a new programmed called WordQ... and they MIGHT fund it too, which would be good).

So that's it for now.. off to peel off cellotape *sigh*...

I've spent a lot of time this afternoon on the phone... pertaining to the kids mainly.  And a visit to the Doctor... will talk about that tomorrow.
Dinner is easy tonight, left over beef stew and veges... yaaa I don't need to cook much.

End of Day: and it's been frustrating... and long.  Time to go to bed and just relax.  nite nite.


  1. Told you SPELD was worth the money :-). Am glad it is going well for him.

  2. Make sure you let the RTLB know that as far as you are concerned SPELD are the ones to thank for Griffins progress not the school.

    Do you have to take the cellophane off, could you not just give them the envelope seperately for these ones?

  3. Well at least Speld is working for Griffin and that's great news, I hear the frustration of you having to stuff the envelopes back in lesson learnt.

  4. Ugh!

    Hope you got all the tape off....

  5. hey hon, have been catching up on your blogging and reading about troubles with Brylee, mmm it's such a tough one isn't.

    i find taking away their priveledges is the most effective way to get our boys to sit up and remember that good behaviour is the normal not when they feel they need to!

    good luck with it - i don't envy you but remember it won't last forever!!!


  6. Well Shoot! I wish I was there to help you peel off the cello. :)

    That sounds like mighty good news on the school front! YEA! I had 3 kids that struggled in school. I Hate our school system, almost as much as I Hate Pain and Cold. :)

  7. Bags have arrived. Love them, thanks so much.

  8. Anonymous12:00 AM

    That sucks that you never sold anything at the markets. Usually markets are busy at Xmas time with people looking for gifts.You are the only mother I've heard of that actually looks forward to school holidays! It's usually dreading the holidays! I've got no kids but I am looking forward to school holidays starting at the end of this week - I work at a school so I will have 5 weeks off! YIPPEE!


  9. Well, I kinda would like to see you slit tacks! That would be cool! When I get real mad, I eat nails and crap razor blades!
    Summer starts there, winter starts here...

  10. I'm sorry you had to unwrap all of your cards...bummer! But I have to admit that I thought I was the only one that did things like that! :o(

    Hope things go well for Griffin's schooling...must be really difficult for you and him!



  11. I forget things like that.... its all you can do.... just do it! Grrrrr!!!!

  12. Sorry about the frustrating day. Hope tomorrow is better!

  13. I'm always ready for summer but then I'm ready late for school to start lol.


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