Monday, December 20, 2010


I still have not bought much for Christmas yet!  I can't believe I have put it off this long.

Think I will be doing the bulk of it on either Wednesday or Thursday night.. then having to wrap everything Friday night.   Cutting it fine I know!

As I said before, never doing it like this again.  It's too stressful!

Most of my kids will get a small 'something' I have made. Thank goodness I have lots of stuff I've made!  lol
Wonder if my sons would like a handbag???  *snigger*

I don't know about YOU... but I have found it quite hard to get into the Christmas mood this year... not really sure why.  Maybe it's because I have left everything to the last minute? 

Right:  here's a couple more animal wall hangings I finished yesterday, excuse the bad photos, they were taken late last night, I shall replace them asap with better ones! (edit:  done that now)

I am finishing the zebra wall hanging today.. it was the only animal panel I really didn't like.  But I hope it will look better once I've finished it.  I used a really bright fabric for it's borders... hoping to jazz it up a bit.

Been busy re-arranging stuff in the garage, we need to use it over the holidays for visitors to sleep in... so my car gets to sleep outside.   *sob*

RESULT:  the garage door people are going to fix the door... just as soon as we have had about a week of consistant dry weather.  Yaaaaa... I emailed them yesterday and enclosed a photo of the water pooling on the door/floor.... good move that.  Got to love digital cameras eh? 

The garage now has the bed settee and a lounge chair in it... and the kids are down there playing with the lego.  Yaaaa... no more lego on my kitchen bench!  It's not 'photo worthy' so don't go looking for one!

The sun is coming out... the steam is rising... shit ya can't move without breaking into a sweat. 

End of Day:   and it's been a weird day ... this afternoon a sea fog rolled in.. it was really thick and looked like it was heavy rain.. but it wasn't.  Then later on we did get heavy rain.  The best thing (I suppose) is that I don't have to water the garden!  nite nite.


  1. You have to admit you have been pretty darn busy too, and school only just finishing ALOT of people are tired stressed and warn out xmas really is a stressful time of year, WE have said as long as we have good company a nice day relaxing and eating how much better than that can it get.

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Yep I have found it hard (and am struggling) to get into the Christmas mood.. although it's always like this for us - we work up until Christmas Eve, everyone's in a shit at work (tick THAT box today - Geesh!!) and no pressies have been bought (well, some have - I braved the rain yesterday)... we always travel too which is a pain in the bum... next year I might stay put!

    Ugh.... am over everyone's MOODS today!!! STRESSED MUCH!!!!

    Anyway - have a good day at home with your sprogs! You can get them to do your housework!!

    Catch ya.

    Kate (

  3. I really must get the packages to post South mailed today. Now that is late but kind of par for the course for me. I think I'll keep them envelope size this year. Postage is a killer.

    Hope the weather is improving. I'm completely fed up with the humid rain.

    Blessings for a pleasant day. I'll be thinking of yu with the children home. Fun but not easy in the wet.

  4. I don't think this rain is helping anyone get in the Christmas mood either.

    I have just dropped my 2 at a 3 day/2 night camp so will get the rest of the Christmas prep done in peace.

  5. I just cannot believe that you guys have a "warm Christmas"????????? I think I could get used to it though - never having to go to the kids house and worry about the ice or snow making you wreck and not falling down while doing outdoor chores. YEA- I like the sound of that -I could always look at snow pictures -IF - I got a twing/???/ LOL

    I love your wall hangings they are so cute- I wish I knew someone named Joey ! :)

  6. I am so over this weather, my hair looks like crap - frizz city & I can't walk out the door without breaking into a sweat.

  7. It's hard to feel christmasy in sweaty heat. I think home made presents make lovely gifts. Why not skip the whole commercial thing and just enjoy your family?
    Maybe get the kids one really special toy.

  8. I've hardly bought anything. Scott and I went out last night and managed to spend a lot of money but didn't get "much" to put under the tree.

  9. struggles here too... love the wall hangings but the giraffe is still my favorite :D
    so flipping cold here... gah.
    not liking these freezing temps.

  10. Sounds like Queensland weather, the sole reason we are here in Adelaide. It's still quite cool here, so fingers crossed the weather improves for Christmas!

    Thinking of ya, tart, hope your Chrissy all comes together for ya. *hugs*

  11. There seems to be a general feeling among a lot of people this year that they are struggling with the whole Christmas preparation thing. Down here in Christchurch, a lot of people are still recovering from the earthquake and huge number of aftershocks, and so many people knew families affected by the terrible disaster at the Pike River Mine. It's hard to get motivated when there are so many people around hurting. I think I'm looking forward to a break from work, more than I'm looking forward to Christmas this year. I bought all my presents back in October - but they still lie unwrapped in our spare room.

  12. You know I live in hot and humid Singapore all my life and I still can't get used to the weather. It's raining on and off in December too and then it's blazing hot. It must be much harder for the 4 seasoners when the hot humid weather rolls around.

  13. i think stress makes fOr a very blue Christmas. i cant seem to really get into it either this year. i havent even done cards yet.

  14. I live in Arizona so it rarely rains. No joke. Maybe like 6 times a year? It's so rare that when it rains or gets foggy (which I don't even know if it ever does) we all celebrate and crowd around the window to see. LOL. Then I'm excited because I don't have to water my plants.

  15. I'm with you Chris. I'm having such a touch time getting into the mood this year. I've already told my family that I'm going on strike next year. I want to take all the money that I normally spend on Christmas presents and take us all on a nice vacation instead. I think the cost would be about the same, and there would be a LOT less stress!


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