Thursday, December 02, 2010


Happy it's Thursday.
I don't have to do anything really but take Griffin to his Speld lesson.
While I wait for him I might go to Pukekohe and check out the local fabric shop, see if they have any new and exciting fabrics in.

Other than that... I think I will be a lazy tart today and do bugger all!

Well... it COULD HAPPEN!

ONWARD....  (hopefully I'll find a photo or two for today's post later on too, yesterday's was naked!)

HI!   Believe it or not... I have been lazy!   After taking Griffin to/from his lesson I have just sat on me bum and watched some tv programmes that I had taped.  

I did buy a couple of things in Pukekohe, but they are to be Xmas presents ... so can't show ya!  What a shame eh? just got home from school.... the house is no longer nice and quiet.  *sigh*.... so I will pop down to the garage and make some more cards or sommit.

And, as I have nothing else to take a photo of.. you get the dogs!

ABOVE:  they seem to love being on the dining chairs.... under the table. Isn't Coco just so damn cute?  Teddy is too, but he is not fond of having his photo taken.  Takes after me he does!  lol.  I have been calling Coco "Baboon Bum" cos she's in season, and as she is clipped quite short right now... she has a.... BABOON BUM!   AND NO, I ain't gunna show you... she's shy like that.  *smiles*

I have managed to make about 8 cards this afternoon... and now I've stopped as I have the shakes and feel ill... I do believe I forgot to eat today so far!  So I rang Stew and he's bringing home takeaways... cos I feel awful!  Such a lovely man I have eh?  

End of Day:  ahhh, much better with a bit of food in me tum.  Spent the evening chilling out in the lounge... did NOTHING at all!  Crickey dick talk about a lazy day!  nite nite.


  1. A lazy tart doing bugger all day.
    sounds great!

  2. Lazy I would never had said but tart yes!!! lol bit cooler here today thank goodness.

  3. A lazy day is a great thing to look forward to. I hope it was all good for you.

  4. i could not agree with you more... IT COULD HAPPEN :)

  5. Anonymous2:53 PM

    LOL, you are so funny!! would love to meet you in person!! ...debbie

  6. Coco is so photogenic. I forgot what Teddy looks like now seeing how he's always hiding his face!

  7. I wanna see the bum now lol
    Good for you, getting the time to chillax. It's a precious thing :o)
    Nearly finished Christmas shopping?

  8. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Ya gotta put Coco's photo on a card! She's so photogenic! Or she could become a dog food can model! WOMBAT

  9. Chris, I just had to let you know that my kids, Hubby and I are all here decorating our Christmas tree, and I mentioned the video of Rena you posted the other day. Of course I had to show everyone, and we wound up watching it about 4 times because it's just so cute. Of course that's easy for me to say since the lipstick is not on my carpet....but she is precious!

  10. Your Teddy is just like my little toddler. He doesn't like having his pictures taken either. He usually runs off or cries.

  11. O My dear Chris,

    I certainly think you deserve a day to recharge!

    I loved the pictures of your furbabies - they are sooo sweet.

    Thank you so much for being your sweet self. ;)

  12. Sometimes you just gotta be lazy especially if you can hang out with those cute puppies.

    Hope you're feeling better.
    xo jj

  13. Bringing home takeaways, sounds like an oxymoron!

  14. It's okay to have a lazy day once in a while, Chris. You work so darn hard every day, you deserve it! And yes, both of your dogs are unbelievably cute, but that photo of Coco is priceless! She's going to have the cutest puppies when she's ready!




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