Wednesday, December 01, 2010


OMG it's DECEMBER already, where the hell did this year go???  I have not got ANY Christmas presents yet... though this year and from now on I am only buying for the Grandkids, it's getting far too expensive to buy for everyone!  Serve me right for having 6 (+ 2)  kids eh?

So.... off to Hospice Shop today... then  I might pop down to Spotlight, they are having a big sale and ya never know what you might pick up for a really good price.

Then, back home to do ????

Don't know what....

But I've been thinking of maybe trying to make myself a summer dress or two... copying a dress I already have that is nice and comfy, and seems like easy to make!  We will see...


HI *waves*... well work was rather slow today... so I bought a few items of clothes which were rather nice, not necessarily for me... just got them cos they might fit someone in the family and they were just too good a price to leave.

I've not done much else today... except do a bit of housework.  Got an Estate Agent calling in this afternoon to value our home... so we have a better idea of it's worth now in case we decide to sell and try to find something bigger elsewhere.  Only THINKING, EXPLORING the possibilities right now.  DON'T. GET. EXCITED!

Well, the Estate Agents liked our house.  Not sure if I really want to move now!  They said there were not many houses like ours in this area... and they thought it was a lovely home.  Bearing in mind,  if we were to put it on the market I would need to have another house lined up for us! So it's still a 'wait and see' situation.

End of Day:  and I've spent the rest of the afternoon and evening reading and commenting on blogs. I can't believe how behind I was.... almost 600 updates .... I only read about 100 and left the rest!  I have to accept that I just don't have the time to keep as 'up to date' as I would like nowdays.  I hope no one is too upset that I don't 'visit' as often?   I don't like to think I am ignoring someone!  But... life intervenes so often!  lol
Off now to watch Survivor ... I quite like this programme.  nite nite.


  1. Everyones seems to be having super sales at the moment (and why cause NONE of us have spare money! always the way) I reckon after xmas there could be crazy crazy sales as STOCK isn't moving like the retailers hoped it would.

  2. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Ahhhh... so envious..... Spotlight.. Would rather be there than at WORK!!! Only 24 sleeps until a HOLIDAY though!!!

    Have a good day - it's meant to be a little bit cooler today - I am heading out to the Post Office soon before it gets too hot...

    Kate (

  3. Have a great day.... Im not organised for Chrismtas myself yet.. will start today I think.. Im off to Spotlight too..

  4. Not December here yet!

  5. Pinch and a punch for the first of the month!

    I know! where the heck did this year go!

    Sigh... Christmas is all finished for me. Just have to wrap the last few gifts then post them all.

    It's far easier and manageable to do it all year. Just remembering is the tough thing...

  6. Anonymous1:57 PM

    You know, this year has just flown by. Just seems like the other day it was the first of July. ...debbie

  7. Oh yeahh. Shopping sounds lovely.

    Had you thought of redecorating the house you have? And what happened with the CEDAR GARAGE DOOR? Did I miss an update? You are always doing something to prettify your house and if you decide to sell it, someone's going to really like the little touches you put on it. :)

  8. How exciting about your home! At least you will know a true value of it. :)

    I am having Christmas panics too. Although I have worked all year long I still have my sewing table piled full -trying to pull off lounge pants for all the kids and grandkids. When I finish that I have to hop onto a fleece jacket and pants set that one grandson asked for-in WHITE! I tried to tell him that white would not be white long - but he had his heart set on it and I caught the fleece on sale for 3.00 a yard. So, I will TRY to accomplish that goal too. :)


  9. Hi Chris,

    Life is mad busy at the moment, and I've not been commenting much. Just wanted you to know I'm still following (and enjoying) your blog so you could feel the love!



  10. Pinch punch the 1st of the month :)
    I cant believe it either!

  11. Hi Chris! I just caught up on what you have been doing while I was vacationing. You have been busy! The new cards look fabulous and, as usual, you are amazing! Good luck with the decision about the house. It isn't easy to decide to move and it isn't easy to actual move either!

  12. Don't feel bad about the blog situation. I rarely have time to comment on most blogs. I missed the old days when I had more time.


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