Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'm sorry... I have once again too busy to get to reading/commenting on your blogs.  I feel bad.  But... Christmas is coming and I have masses to do.

Shit, I haven't even got our Christmas tree up yet... I'm NOT looking forward to that as it's a shit of a job.  Just getting it out of the 'attic' is a job in itself.  Hopefully I can get Stew to do that this coming weekend.

I'm off to do my stint in the Hospice Shop this morning before taking 2 weeks off over the silly season.  Luckily Stew is going to be home for most of January so I can still help out at the shop during January.

ABOVE:  This is one of three bags I started last night..... it's rather swish!  It's not finished yet.... I have to put the lining in.


ABOVE:  every time I go to the Hospice shop to 'work'... I tell myself "DO NOT buy anything"... but do I listen to myself?  Pffffft.  Obviously not.
Today I bought 2 BRAND NEW white tops for one of the grandkids ($1 each!), a pretty little dress for Rena and a bunch of belts... cos I can use their buckles on my bags!  ($1 each)... SCORE!  LUCKILY for my wallet the Hospice Shop is closing for Christmas.   lol

It's a diabolical day weather wise.... hot, humid with virtually no wind.   *MELTING*

We are lucky my head is screwed on... otherwise I'd forget it!  *sigh*.... 3.35 and Brylee reminded me that she was supposed to be at the Orthodontist's at 3.25!  Far out... jump in the car ... race down the road so the orthodontist can look in her mouth and say all is going well... and we can come back in 3 months!  That took less than a minute!!!   Grrrrrr... I get home and realise that I'd left half the outside door wide open.  WONDERFUL.

It's so hot I am now SUPER CRABBY.

ABOVE:  I finished the purple bag today...

ABOVE:  and this brown/pink one.... and the red one above too.

I have one more of the brown/pink one's left to do and that will be it for now.   I have enough stock.

I would like to make more of the 'CUTE STAY OPEN' bags at some point too... but not right now.

End of Day: weather forecast for sunday is RAIN... so I might have made these extra bags for nothing!  Me thinks people will be getting bags for Christmas forever!  lol
Spent the evening lazing in the lounge, reading blogs... and watching the telly.  My feet are really swollen and aching... not nice.  Hope it's not too hot tomorrow.  nite nite.


  1. "Swish"
    That's good!
    It looks great, at any rate.

  2. The bag is so pretty! I finally got our tree up yesterday. Only had to slightly kill myself to get it out of the shed.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh that's a nice bag is your sister in law? still sellling your bags in that craft shop? Maybe you could get those back too for the markets. I like the RED one and the BLUE one. Busy Busy ahhhhh yip super busy.

  4. Those buckle bags are very classy, I especially like the red one.

  5. Beautiful christmas tree up in my house either, or any presents bought...

  6. i am soooo loving your purses.

  7. I've got my christmas tree up but no pressies yet. Not going to worry about them till after christmas.

  8. I just soooooooooo lurve these bags !!!

  9. It's all show. When I was single, I never bothered decorating. When my wife was single, she never did either. Now we live together, we decorate. Why? I still don't care if we decorate or not. She does. Why?

  10. I'm way behind on the Christmas stuff too. Hope the rain holds off for Sunday.

  11. I'll take one for Christmas, do you need my address? ;)


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