Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ya, two days in a row at patchwork class... I cut out 2 more of those new bags last night, and did the preliminary work on them... could only do some much before I had to stop as I did not have any of the necesary buckles.  Will get those today no doubt... want to see them (so far)? 

ABOVE:  bloody awful photos.. it was dark.. and they are on the ironing cloth... so crap.  I bet they will look much better when they are finished and in good lighting. 

ONWARD....when I get home I promise to pop around the blogs and catch up! 

OH and I just have to say.... it's RAINING!  REALLY PISSING DOWN.. it's lovely!   Griffin is MEGA pissed off though, as it was supposed to be 'Water Fun' Day at his school today... playing outside with water bombs, water cannons etc.  Doubt it will happen now.  So we have to put up with a super grumpy, 'slam the door' type of GRIFFIN.  Not nice first thing in the morning I tell ya!

ABOVE:  I finished the blue bag at class, and have about 1/2 an hour's work left to finish the purple one...  Class today was lovely...we had a really nice morning tea for 'end of term'...  I am going to miss going there for the next 6 weeks.

Home now and ready for lunch and a quiet time until the kids get home.  I usually hear them coming... Brylee yaks all the way home, and I can hear her for about 4 minutes BEFORE she walks through the door.  lol

Oh and it's stopped raining now and it's super MUGGY... the humidity is at 100%.  Ikkkkkkk.

End of Day:  and I've been busy sewing again.... got the purple bag finished and started on 3 more.  Tired .. it's almost 11pm. my bedtime.  nite nite.


  1. I hate the way you can just WHIP something up WISH I could, I LOVE the way it all turns out!! you crafty beggar.

  2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Poor Griffin, probably had been thinking about this day forever and now, dreaded rain, foiled his big day. Feel for him!! Your purses are pretty darn cute!! ...debbie

  3. Irony is Meagan can't have her water fun day because you're having yours!

  4. I love those new style of bags :-).

    Siobhan is annoyed because it is monitors day out and they are supposed to walk to the pools, I think they will still go - it's only a bit of rain (Ok a lot of rain).

  5. i am always amazed at how damn handy you are! :)

  6. You know what? Your new bags with the buckle kind of reminds me of evening outfits - the curvy part is for the bosom and the clutch is where is hips are? Or maybe I'm sleep deprived - seeing things!!!

  7. That is one classy bag. I like that one.

    Hope all is good your way.

  8. As you can plainly see, I am fascinated by the way you speak...... er, uh, write.....
    Relay pissing down, eh?
    Bugger that, then!
    Am I getting any of these words right? Struth!

  9. O Yes! I agree , I love the new style of bag! That is so cute!

    Wish I could trade your rain for my below 0 weather. Burrrr

  10. I love the bags!!

  11. Anonymous11:49 PM

    What the..? Why cancel water fun day if it's raining? They would have got wet anyway! Yes, your new bags are glamourous! They do look like a halter-neck, sweetheart bodice dress with a buckle on the waist! WOMBAT

  12. Very cute bags! Poor Griffin life is tough. Keep cool.

  13. oh those turned out great!


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