Thursday, December 30, 2010


ABOVE:  where I'm at with the Heart Quilt... I need to add some wide side borders and a thin top/bottom one to make it the right size... but I'm really happy with it.  It's come up really nice... even if my rows are a bit 'wonky'... I'm sure the recipient won't mind!

No specific plans for the day... might go out with the kids ... we will see.


Nice day so far.... went to Spotlight and got the fabric for the backing on the Heart Quilt... saw some people who had just bought a beautiful wee, white, fluffy puppy from the petshop... awwww it made me all clucky!

 ABOVE:  I will only say this about pinning up a quilt....

ABOVE:  for some reason the sewing of this one is going better than the Star Quilt.. it's not quite so laborious... yet it's the same size as the other one.  Weird.  Hoping to have it finished tomorrow. 

For now.. I have to prepare dinner... roast pork, roast veges... yum!

End of Day: and it's now almost 12.30 in the morning... yep, dinner was lovely... after dinner I watched a movie on the telly then went and finished the quilt!  nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:10 AM

    hi! Just managed to have a catch up on your blog - I'm still in Rotorua with my parents and every morning I wake up and can't be bothered driving home!! Pretty bad.... we'll probably go home tomorrow (NYE). Sooo lazy which is sooo nice... have eaten a truckload and feel revolting so that's my New Year's Resolution (not that I normally make one)!!

    Anyway - quilt looks amazing as usual!! Maybe have a catch up again soon???

    Kate (

  2. O Chris!

    It is drop dead beautiful!
    Would you be interested in trading your heat for our 39degrees and snow melting and mud everywhere? LOL

    O Boy - your creativity must have really been inspired? I can't believe that you got all that accomplished while I have been "cooling my heels". LOL

  3. Seriously woman, where do you find the time to make these treasures?

  4. Oh my gosh Chris you are a machine awesome quilt and im sure the recipient will love and treasure it

  5. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Love the quilt! My goodness! You are quick!! It looks wonderful!! Who is the lucky recipient of this fine quilt?!! ...debbie

  6. Hi Chris. your quilt looks good. I love the hearts.

    I came across this comfy cone for dogs. Probably not available here and if it is will cost heaps but thought you'd like to see it.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year and I hope the weather gets a little more holiday friendly. I had a swim at Simpsons Beach yesterday. Water warm. Air decidedly cool.

  7. your so clever Chris!!

  8. Superb quilt it looks great lucky person, we have been doing little jobs everyday early in morning then just slobbing. (except for the raining day of course!)

  9. The quilt is so gorgeous, and you really did do it will have a very grateful recipient.

  10. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Hi Chris....I love the heart quilt, its beautiful.

    Happy New Year to you and all your family and I look forward to 2011 and what awaits you all.

    Michelle x

  11. i agree with all the others that is a very beautiful quilt. i love to come to your blog just to look at the beautiful things you are making. hope you have a great day


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