Monday, December 27, 2010


 ABOVE:  LUCKILY it's NOT lipstick this time ... it's orange juice.  I think it will come out. 
Now when she's here she will be confined to the family room.. FULL STOP, END OF STORY.

ABOVE:  my cutey, patooty new wireless mouse for me laptop.  I would have preferred a blue one, but no bugger makes blue ones it would appear.  *sniff*... so not on!  Got it in the Boxing Day sales ... it was worth braving the crowds I suppose.

Today:  ... if it's nice I think we might go to the beach....


Visitors just left... time to take down the tree and get the house all tidy again.  I.  LIKE.  TIDY.  lol

Then I can relax until Stew's Birthday Party on the 8th!  He will be 50!  Wow, time flies eh?  He was a young 25 when I met him... so we have been together  half of his life now...and I love that man just as much now as I did way back then.

No beach today... I have hung out 4 loads of washing... Murphy's Law... now it's raining.  Sooooo typical.
It's not too hot today, but mega humid... you break out in a sweat the moment you move.  Not nice.

Tonight for dinner I am going to try a brand new recipe!   I tried Eggplant (Aubergine) once years ago and hated it... but my SIL brought some over recently that was just DELICIOUS... so I have found a recipe online that sounds a bit like her's... and I'm going to give it a go!  Fingers crossed it comes out EDIBLE.  Otherwise we will just have to eat.... ICE CREAM!   lol`

End of Day:  and my eggplant dish was really lovely!  Even the kids ate it!  Watcing a movie on tv..."As Good As It Gets"...really enjoying it.  nite nite.


  1. LOL time to use those baby gates for something other than the dogs!

  2. Hope you get to go to the beach! Here it is snowing and there's snowing at the beach too!

  3. Is that the spray to be used on dry stains? If it is, it is not meant to be used on wet like orange juice. Just thought I'd say :)

    I don't let any kid near my home with juice! All of mine just ever have water. At least I know that dries stain free.

    Yes, go to the beach, lovely day by the look of it.

  4. OMG that looks funny but I bet you weren't laughing UM ALL the kiddies I have looked after in my house food/drink is only consumed in the dining room/kitchen or outside NEVER walked through a house!! lucky it's fine enough to dry out I suppose DO you have those magic cloths that soak up majority of spills (dampen first then wring out and re apply I HAVE one they are brilliant!) they sell them at all the home shows. Like a shammy they are orange and came in three different sizes.

  5. I love my wireless mouse, except for how quickly it goes through batteries.
    Good luck on getting the spill taken care of.

  6. Dirty dog, that!
    Hope you went to the beach and had fun!
    Ya can't spill on the beach!

  7. I know it is hard , but it could always be worse. :) Like yesterday at my daughter-in-laws house -she had worked so hard to have the perfect meal and she accomplished that one hundred percent-the food was lucious. I even got a seat at the table for a change and I was enjoying my meal where there was a "lurch" of the little table behind me up against my chair ! All the food went sliding to hit the floor.

    I guess since this is her first Christmas with her grandbabies that are just learning to walk or run those little walkers. One of them had made it to the table and gave a jerk so she could see better and -well lets just say the floor got fed really well. I was sooo glad that I had got a small helping of her luscious cheese-ball! It was to die for!

    How neat that Stew has a birthday coming up. Are you thinking up plans yet? LOL I used to be so naughty when I would get my DH a gift. He loves to fish and hunt- so one year in April I got him a pole and then told him to go to his chair where I posted him "hints " of where to go next. It took him about 20 minutes of "running him around" and making him EARN it till he would finally find his prize. LOL

  8. Don't blame you for loving Stew, He seems very lovable. Pity his cousing ruined the suprise, I told my hub and he laughed his head off, Fancy saying to Stew, sorry I can't come to your surprise party.

  9. So funny, it is SO coldout I don't want to go outside and get my phone charger out of my car and you are planning a trip to the beach! That is so great you feel that way about Stew!
    Have a pretty day!

  10. Did you ever get the lipstick out? I missed that post if you did...

    Again, I am jealous of you, with your house all tidy. I think my stuff will all be put away on Tuesday. At least that is my plan.

  11. I just LOVE eggplant, but hubby hates it so I never make it ....*sigh*

  12. I'd keep her locked in the BATHROOM! No carpet! She'll grow out of it, if your house can survive that long.
    Nice mouse, sorry there was no blue.

  13. Anonymous5:00 AM

    Happy Birthday Stew! Can't believe your taking the tree down so early. I like looking at mine till New Year's Day...then it comes down....debbie

  14. I've only tried eggplant a couple times and didn't really care for it. What kind did you make?


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