Tuesday, December 28, 2010


While we were out yesterday I saw, and bought, this amazingly cute plant:

It's called a 'Lucky Bamboo'... supposed to be a good plant to have (Chinese say so)... I just think it's funky!  I have never seen one before..it grows in water... not soil.... weird.

It has a few off-shoots, so I'm going to try and grow more from it too.

Today:  well we need to move a bit of furniture in the lounge... it's looking a bit 'wrong' now that I've taken the bed settee out of the room and put it in the garage ... which we are using over the summer for extra guests to sleep in.  Don't worry, our garage is really nice! lol

Stew goes back to work tomorrow for three days, then he is on holiday for 3 weeks!   It will be the first break he's had from work in years that wasn't longer than 3-4 days!   Sadly we can't afford to go away... so it's a 'Staycation' for us.   But we will do a few day trips I'm sure.


ABOVE:  three cute glass crabs... Amanda and Andrew gave them to me for Christmas... along with two fish shaped glass platters.   It's so nice when your kids go out of their way to find just the right gift for you. 

ABOVE:  furniture moving done AGAIN.... now off to do some 'proper' housework.

It's pissing down with rain here, the whole country is wet I think right now..feel sorry for all those camping!
Off to Spotlight to buy a few more pillows... for visitors to use...they are only $10 each today.

End of Day:  got 5 pillows, came home and carried on sewing next quilt.  Trying 'quilt as you go'... but I'm not that happy with it.  Will keep going for now, hoping I don't have to unpick it all later!  nite nite.


  1. Cute plant -
    Lucky you!

  2. I've seen those before, they are really nice! I need a few more plants for my desk at work.

  3. I had two of those...but they died. They were'nt curled around like yours though. I think I may have watered mine too much and they went all rotten around the bottom.
    I love staycations! Go out for a couple of nice counter meals or something and a couple of day trips then home to your own nice, comfy bed with no stress and sleeping in!! bliss!!

  4. Those crabs are gorgeous :) Hope you have better luck with your plant than I did with mine!!!! However with your green fingers I am sure you will.
    Have a great New Year ..... Hectic here in Sydney LOL:)

  5. Anonymous10:53 AM

    We have those curley Bamboo plants here. You can buy them at Lowes or Home Depot. They grow pretty fast! How nice that your hubby has off 3 weeks. wow! How wonderful! Your worse than me about moving furniture! lol But, it looks nice!! Seems weird to be hot at Christmas...it's 21 here, little sunny, windy and freezing out! yuck!...debbie

  6. Loving those crabbies! Those colours are so pretty

  7. The bamboo is really neat - very unusual! I love the crabs too. The colors are perfect!

  8. Our local vege shop has those lucky bamboo plants they are indeed funky, THERE is so much to do around Auckland that staying at home will probably be just as expensive as going away!IT IS raining torrential rain here we are slobbing...

  9. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Tell us about the rain! Greetings from soggy Queensland! Our town has had nearly 200 ml of rain since christmas eve and still raining. Fortunately, this place doesn't flood like the other towns built on rivers. Love your cute little crabs. A perfect spot for them on the window sill. KMart here has got a 3 pack of pillows for $9. You want more than pillows at spotlight don't you! Can you show photo of fish shaped platters? I lovefishy things too! WOMBAT

  10. Yep, the lucky plant is weird looking but in Chinese homes, it's very common to have all sorts of lucky plants which come in all shapes and sizes. Hope it brings you luck.

  11. We sell heaps of those plants at work, I have thought about getting one but will wait and see how your grows before I decide :-)

  12. I am surprised that you have never heard of lucky bamboo. My wife gets them and they slowly die... (Hope she doesn't read this)
    Maybe your will have better luck.

  13. A stay at home holiday is great - so restful! Like Nola says, a couple of nice meals out and a few day trips and home to your own beds at night. No pressure. Enjoy!


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