Thursday, December 23, 2010


Yeah, don't YOU get excited.... cos I'm only excited about maybe finishing that Star Quilt today, that's all!  lol

If I do, then I will be able to sit down for a minute and relax.

Lunch today is going to be nice... the kids and I are going to the Hospice Shop End of Year Christmas lunch at the local Cozzie club.....Don't ask me what a Cozzie club is cos I can't remember! 


OH JOY... I have a shitty headache... and my fingers and feet are all swollen up... massive fluid retention going on... ikkkkk... off to take some pills and hopefully feel like actually going to the lunch.

Well... lunch is over... and it was really nice!  We could choose whatever we wanted from the menu... (usual Bar food)... the kids and I enjoyed toasted sandwiches and chips!  The Cozzie club in Manurewa is a really beautiful club... it has recently been renovated and upgraded:

ABOVE:  there's the kids and one of our Hospice Volunteers enjoying the outside amenities!  So pretty!

Home now and I am off to FINISH that Star Quilt!  I only have the binding to finish, and I'm cheating going to sew a lovely pattern all around the edge to finish it off.  lol

ABOVE:  it's DONE! Finished, no longer bugging me in it's box waiting to be finished!  The detail on the binding too ages, but looks neat!  I know you are supposed to HAND SEW the binding on... but stuff that in this heat! 

End of Day:  Stew arrived home from work and then we went off to Sylvia Park for dinner and a grocery grab.  Home by 9.30.. unpacking all the groceries... then once the kids are in bed it will be time to wrap the freakin presents!  My No# 1 most hated job of the year!  WELL that and cleaning toilets, lol.  *sniff*   nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Have fun at the lunch today. I think Cozzie club is short for Cosmopolitan Club. Don't ask me why tho!

  2. See now DUVET cover would have been mucho faster and no sore arms!!! BUT quilt will look nice I'm sure and the satisfaction of having laboured over it rewarding! Have a nice lunch today. We are on our LAST official fundraiser day today(well tonight 7.30pm)for this year anyhoo A KAPA HAKA one this time at someones birthday party THEY BOOKED us after seeing us perform last Sunday at Taupo shop till u drop promo day where we performed for 5 hours on and off ($400 for tonights effort Noiiiicccceee the kids get to share it). Then we have karate Fundraisers New Years Eve, Jan 2nd and then Jan 29th!! JAN 2nd (Stan Walker, Anika Moa, Ivy Lies, Dane Rumble concert) WHOOP WHOOP!!! can't wait

  3. You amaze me.

    What a huge feeling of satisfaction you are going to have when finished.

    Hope your back and arms last the distance.


  4. I will expect pictures of the quilt when it is done. I hope your hands and shoulders hold up.
    Off to lunch with you and eat something sweet for me.

  5. You are so productive! I am impressed.

  6. The quilt looks great Chris. :-)

  7. Pretty stuff! It looks beautiful on the bed! :)

  8. Woohoo!! yay for you Chris, it looks great :o)!!
    Bet it feels fabulous to have it finished too :o).
    Joy :o)

  9. I Had to laugh as I was visiting - I LOVE your quilt and I LOVE that zebra wall hanging and I Love your hydrangeas and I Loved your idea about Stew's birthday party and I LOVED your star quilt!

    I also am amazed that you have Christmas in the Summer! So, I was having a blast! O, I thought you might get a kick out of knowing I had made my sister-in-law a laptop sleeve also. I had kept the measurements of her computer and was so excited about it! The week before I gave it to her - her laptop just up and died - so she and her husband got two new ones and OF COURSE THE SLEEVE WOULD NOT FIT either of them!!!!!!!!!!! AM I Just having a run of bad luck - or what ! LOL But, as least you know I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    HO HO HO - Who wouldn't go???????LOL

  10. I love the finished project ... looks great!

    I'm still procrastinating about wrapping presents - I'm wondering if hiding the presents and making people find them would be a lot easier (I'm sure it would be environmentally friendly if nothing else!!) I loathe wrapping presents 99% of the time! :)

  11. First of all: Ha ha You? sit down and relax? Not possible.
    The star quilt looks really nice! Did you do that trimwork by hand? How did you get the piece of candy in there?
    Really Cool!

  12. From one procrastinator to another I say "Beautiful" - the quilt and that it is done. All the best from Long Island, NY for a very merry to you and yours!
    Ho ho ho,

  13. The star quilt is spectacular!! I absolutely love it!


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