Saturday, December 25, 2010


And just in case you think I'm going to be a lazy tart today... think again!

ABOVE:  I have already started work on my next "UFO"... my heart quilt... which will be for another one of my kids....

I will come back later on (Derrr, you must KNOW that !).... and yak on about some more of the day.

We are expecting a few family members for dinner.... having a BBQ.... keeping it low key... don't want to do the whole 'turkey, stuffing... bla bla bla' today.  

ABOVE:  Santa came!

7am - dragged outta bed, witnessed kids unwrapping their presents, read some emails... ate chocolate for BREAKFAST.... went back to bed until 10am!  Feel ill... MUST NOT EAT CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST EVER AGAIN.  Not a good idea at all. Derrrrr.

Off to have a shower and feel human again...

ABOVE: months ago I planted some old, sprouting potatoes and today Stew dug them up and we have just enough cute new potatoes for Christmas dinner!  I am very proud of that little crop!  Next time I will buy 'proper' seed potatoes though, cos I am bound to get more that way.  *smiles*

End of Day: Dinner was really, really lovely... I would show you... but we ate it all!  lol
WE are now all chilling out with distended bellies... well nothing like Amanda's of course!  I will show you tomorrow .... nite nite.


  1. And Merry Christmas from me to you!

  2. Lovely lights!

  3. Merry Christmas Chris! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love and laughter xox

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I came over to tell you Merry Christmas because it's Christmas there, but not here yet! Hope I'm the first Blogger commenter on your Christmas post!

  5. Merry Christmas Chris and I love your heart quilt. Where did you get the pattern? It is really neat.

  6. Merry Christmas Chris and Stew. Have a wonderful day. I hope Santa came to you too. Your tree looks so beautiful. Pity it doesn't stay like that. Our lounge now looks like a bomb hit it!!

    Enjoy your BBQ xxx

  7. Merry Christmas Chris! I hope you are having a lovely day, and not working too hard. I can't imagine that anyone would EVER acuse you of being lazy! You are the busiest person I know!

    I do hope you have a little time to yourself today to sit and relax and enjoy.

    Warmest hugs.

  8. Merry Christmas Chris! I hope you all have an awesome day :)

  9. Merry Christmas! Beautiful tree!

  10. AAAAHHHH! My dear friend- I love your new heart project you are working on!

    Merry , Merry Christmas ! It only comes round , but one day a year which is probably a good thing. :)That would probably make for a Lot of Christmas paper going to wasted every year. :)

    Merry merry Christmas to you - AND- yea Chocolate likes to do that to me too - if I fill up on it for breakfast-but we gals are sooo drawn to it!

    I hope that you had a wonderful day and That somebody else did the dishes! :)

  11. Merry Christmas Chris and Stew. Hope you had a lovely day. Got those pillow slips done yet?

  12. Have a lovely Christmas with your family!

  13. Merry Christmas to you all too!!!!!!!! Love the day youhave had so far... yeah chocolate for breaky is not the best idea i have ever had either LOL
    love n hugs!

  14. Merry Christmas chris,stew and kids hope you had an awesome day

  15. Merry Christmas Chris & Stew & family...hope you all had a great day.

  16. Merry xmas to you too nice lights nice fabric too....I too ate TOO much.


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