Friday, December 17, 2010


School finishes at 12.30 today.
Stew is taking half the day off too... as Griffin's Speld Teacher is holding a pool party for her students.... IF it is not raining.

It's raining.

So maybe the pool party is not on.  Will find out later on in the morning I suppose.  Griffin will be really crushed if it's cancelled.  If it is, with Stew home this afternoon we can take them out for lunch... that will ease Griffin's disappointment.

So, fingers crossed the weather clears up for the afternoon.

It's not looking good for the Market on Sunday either... I cannot sell bags and cards in the pouring rain.   DRAT.

ONWARD... I must enjoy this morning as it will be the last morning I get to myself for 6 and a half weeks.  

Poor Teddy is going nuts... he wants to scratch his chin SO BAD... and can't.  He is crying with frustration.  To watch him anyone would think he had ants in his pants.. he can't keep still.  Kinda reminds me of Griffin.

Two more hours till the kids get home.... Yaaa kids are home... and I have already got cross with them!  Griffin is the world's best nagger... he's already 'reminded' me  a dozen times that the pool party MIGHT be on.... if it's not raining.   Well mate, it may not be raining right NOW, but it so could be in an hour!  *sigh*

Well we were very lucky this afternoon... there was a 3 hour 'window' when the weather cleared up enough for the party to happen.
So off we went out into the country ... and the kids had a ball!  They spent 2 hours IN the pool!

ABOVE:  the pool area... it was just gorgeous!

ABOVE:  Griffin having fun.....

ABOVE:  just as we were all leaving,  the Tutor's son dived in the pool... miscalculated and smacked his nose on the edge... took a really good chunk off the bridge of his nose... it looked nasty.   When he surfaced there was blood pouring down  his face, it was quite scary really.   I'm sure he will heal fine, but I bet he has two black eyes tomorrow!

Back home now... and almost dinner time.  I've made no preparations for dinner either, think it will be a 'silly bugger' dinner (anything you can find!).  lol

End of Day:  having a nice evening, watched some TV then did some sewing.  nite nite.


  1. Awww that sucks for the end of the year party to get cancelled due to rain! I know my kids would be upset too. Enjoy your last childless morning for awhile!

  2. Anonymous7:27 AM

    May the rain dry up through the weekend! I hope you have a lovely weekend~!

  3. ANother pool party, another rainy day. Enjoy having the kids around in the mornings!

  4. Raining here too. Hope you can get to market!

  5. Yes, we are all sending wishes for the party to continue to be! All kids like a last day party-that was the only day I ever wanted to be in school. LOL

    6weeks - that is neat -ours go for six months and then off 3 months. I think I like your way much better. It does not seem like they would "Lose" as much knowledge that way.

    I am anxious to see who his "speld" teacher seems to think they have done together? I had two boys that had learning problems and the schools would shot you a line -but they never really got any help-it was just a case of "if you get it - you get it & if you don't thats just your tuff luck! I hate our school system over here. So, I am rooting that maybe it can be different in your case -because education really does unlock some doors for their adult life.

  6. The rain sucks doesn't it? It's been the same here, hot and muggy, then rain and storms. So boring with little kids. Aaaarrrgh, I am *freaking out* about the school holidays, if it was only Guy I could do so much, but with little Corbin, I'm really quite limited, but at least I won't be alone, so Tom and I can "tag team" them both!

  7. I really hope the rain clears up for the party, and for your sales at the market! Have a wonderful start of a new routine.

  8. Why cancel a POOL party because it is raining - I never get that?

    Mine finished school yesterday, you at least had an extra half day.

  9. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Make the most of your time alone! Lets hope this muggy weather goes soon - really over it... making me tired and cranky.

    Anyway - enough! It's Friday and all is well.... have a good weekend.

    Kate (

  10. At least it's cooler here. I heard Jimmy, (Weatherman), say Singapore weather and felt for you.

    Poor Teddy. Know how he feels.

    I hope someone will give the kids a holiday and you a free week. Is it possible you would let them go for that long?
    Crossed fingers for Sunday.


  11. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I'm sorry for Griffin. Guess Lunch will be on tap after all. How nice that your hubby came home for them!! Hopefully it will quit raining and you can go to market...debbie

  12. Anonymous11:19 AM

    I'm sorry for Griffin. Guess Lunch will be on tap after all. How nice that your hubby came home for them!! Hopefully it will quit raining and you can go to market...debbie

  13. We had snow and ice here today and no school! 3 more school days until Christmas break for 2 short weeks!

  14. Ohhh, I hope it stopped raining!

  15. I really get paranoid over rain whenever I sell outdoors. Last weekend at Iluma it rained but the area was well sheltered so the rain "trapped" shoppers taking shelter. We kinda benefited. Hope it shines on Sunday for you.

  16. You know, they should have a pool party regardless of whether it's raining or not. I mean, they're going to get wet one way or another!

    Poor Son with that nose job! Hope he gets over it soon. Nasty. Made my teeth hurt looking at it :-(


  17. Eeek that nose injury sure looks nasty, LUCKY Griffin for having a neat afternoon WHAT a nice pool that is too, Teddy not being able to scratch is like me not being able to wear me lavalava (sarong) around 24/7 SUCKS big time!!

  18. Kids are tough, That would have knocked me out of action for a month.
    Glad the pool party went on. I always like seeing your pics.

  19. Thank goodness the weather clear!!! Good luck having the kids home on holidays. Hope you get to go to the market this Sunday.


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