Saturday, December 11, 2010



- get house and yard/garage etc all tidy for House Inspection at midday.

- Do grocery shopping, we have nothing to eat!

- Get ready for the Pokeno Market again....

So it's gunna be a busy day!   Like FRANTIC is more like it!

You think your home it nice and tidy.. until you have someone coming to look at it with a view to buy!

So... if this is 'it' until later on today.... you know why!   I'm.  BUSY.   lol.

ABOVE:  I made these coasters last night... in between doing housework...  I quite like them... even though they are 'rugby' themed. 


ABOVE:  OH.. I made these really late last night!  Funny yes? ($6 each or $20 for 4)

Well the people have been, looked.. and probably won't  buy... they want a seperate lounge.  The ONLY cosolation for all that cleaning.. I have a really, really tidy house!

But now I'm exhausted.  We just did the grocery shopping too... I have NO energy to put it away.
Must have a 'nana nap' soon...
Before packing my car ready for the Market tomorrow.   Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  1. They are rewally cute Chris! I never saw coasters that adorable!

  2. CUTE! GL with the cleaning, yuck.

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I didn't realize that you were still putting your house on the market. Do you have another house in mind in the event that it sells?? Love the coasters!! ...debbie

  4. Loving the coasters! The rugby ones are so fun and should be a great gift for Christmas, so hopefully lots of people will snap them up at the markets.

  5. Very cute coasters, Chris. I'm making some for Christmas gifts, too.

    Did I miss something? I'm a few days behind on reading blogs, so perhaps I've missed that you're putting your house up for sale? Better go check out your previous posts. And good luck...hope it goes well!



  6. Whenever I think my house is clean, I just have to invite friends over that I'm not used to having over, and all of a sudden I see things differently. Especially if my inlaws are coming. My house will be sooo clean. Hahahaha!

    Anyway, I was on a blogging break for a tiny bit and missed you and Mrs. C. :)

  7. I LOVE the last lot of coasters you put up - surely they will sell well! (Especially if available individually or as sets). How much are you selling them for?

  8. Oh gawd a HELL CLEAN everyone hates those I hate them too!!! What I am loving is those pink coasters!!! hilarious and funky. Hope the market goes well fingers crossed.

  9. How talented you are!

  10. Chris-

    I just caught up on your "doings."
    You are certainly a busy thing, aren't you? The "mug rugs" look lovely - even the rugby themed ones. I am sure that they will sell!

    Have a super time at the market!

  11. Yeah for a clean house! Hopefully it will still be clean when you get home from the market!


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