Sunday, December 19, 2010


IT'S DONE... the blasted tree is up:

ABOVE:  cute eh?   lol.... that's  the baby one...

ABOVE:  here's the proper one.   It took a while, and I was not looking forward to doing it, but now it's up I feel almost "Christmasy".  *sigh*   I had sweat running down my back doing it... it's so humid here!  I omitted the blue feathers and bows this year... it was just too much effort.

Market:   well still waiting to see if the weather MIGHT be clear enough.... but I doubt it.  Weather forecast is utter crap.

ABOVE:  finished this one last night... see my wee KIWI?  Cute eh?  So is the boy I suppose... lol.

Market is not gunna happen for me today.  It is raining and I don't have an all weather type cover for my stuff.  Shame, but there it is.  Can't do anything about the weather!

So we will stay home, do some housework, some sewing, may go to the mall... who knows!

ABOVE: man am I so glad I didn't do the market today!  It is absolutely PISSING DOWN.. and my 'new' garage door is leaking like a stuffed pig! The rain is coming down horizontally, with a good wind to help it along.  It's really awful out there.

End of Day:  well the rest of the day went smoothly, did some more sewing, we went for a wee drive... dinner.... watched a  Christmas movie on TV then bed. nite nite.


  1. Bloody wet and humid here as well today, hope it clears up enough for the market for you :-), and love the tree....

  2. Anonymous6:51 AM

    I see the weather is still crap... sooo over the horrible sweaty blah wet yuk shite... ahh well... it isn't COLD I suppose. We'd be moaning if it was freezing cold and rainy!! Over the non-sleeping though - sooo hot!!! Am going to get my dehumidifier onto it today...

    We are off to the Snow Globe they have at One Tree Hill... every man and his dog will be there too I suppose but should be nice... a bit snow globe you can walk into and it has snow etc. inside... sounds pretty groovy.

    Anyway - I doubt you will be off to market but have a good day anyway whatever you decide to do!!

    Kate (

  3. I love your little quilt, and that kiwi is so cute. Your son is so adorable, like yourself.

  4. Your tree looks good and very christmasy, the hanging looks so cute and yes G does too, when he smiles his eyes smile too.I do hope the weather clears somewhat BUT we awoke too drizzle and yuck Samuel's Kapa Haka group is performing all day today in town it is the town promo day of shop till u drop day.Should be fun !

  5. Merry Christmas Chris! Your sewing is fabulous as always and yes that boy is cute! Hope you can get to feeling better. We are having cold weather. Your house looks pretty like it always does!

  6. You tree is very pretty and I just love your quilt!

  7. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Yeh us people in the southern hemisphere really should just cancel christmas in december and have it in July. Christmas in July is getting more popular so I can't see why they can't throw a couple of public holidays in July so we can celebrate in winter. We are fed up with cooking winter food (Roast pork chook etc) in summer. It was 35 degrees here yesterday. Sweated non-stop. Not a fart of breeze. I am dreading christmas day! Love your tree, sure got lots of dangly things on it and that big santa stocking/sack looks great in the fireplace. Looks like he really is coming out of the chimney! WOMBAT

  8. O Chris! You really had me going ! I was admiring the little tree and taking in every detail -then scroll down and look what I see! A drop dead Beautiful tree- I mean BEAUTIFUL! I love it! But - I can even see my clock better now ! :) I love it too!

    Gosh, I'm glad you did not get out to the market in all that mess - you might have blown away!That's ok - I would catch you and let you visit with the ICE! and eventually send you home to be with your beautiful family!

    Your little man is adorable! :)

  9. Your tree is beautiful Chris!

    Our weather here is crap too. That's a pisser about your garage door leaking! I hope they can do something to fix that for you !

  10. Both trees look very nice and neither looks blasted to me. What did you blast it with? Next time try dynamite or a hand grenade or something explosive...

    Sorry, my humor is twisted, I know.

    I just can't help myself.

    "Leaking like a stuffed pig"; THAT made me laugh!

  11. Tree looks great! Love the wall hanging!

  12. I still have a couple errands to run on Christmas eve. Yikes!

    I see you don't need gates around your tree anymore. The dogs must be behaving better now. I wish I could say the same for our toddler. He's broken so many ornaments this year. Ugggh!


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