Saturday, December 18, 2010


Stew and Griffin had a random conversation in front of the checkout lady last night at the supermarket.

Griffin asked Stew to teach him to whistle with his fingers... Stew said no, he wasn't any good at whistling and now wasn't the time ... but his Mum was really good at whistling, and I could teach him.

Griffin said yes, his Mum was really good at whistling, but I was even better at farting!  Seems everyone thought that was rather funny.... glad I wasn't there though!  How embarassing. 
LOL eh?  Right... today ... it's wet, wet,wet! Don't think we will be doing much.... might be a good day to finally get the Christmas tree up!   Yeah, good idea me thinks.


ABOVE:  Remember these?   I finally made some into wall hangings.  They are just gorgeous!  Well I think so anyway.  Will take them to market I think...

ABOVE:   well the tree is up.... and it's STINKING HOT AND HUMID....but not raining.  It might even clear up enough for me to go to Market tomorrow! 
That would be good.... any money I can make right now will go towards some Christmas presents for B &G.

I. AM. NEVER. EVER. LEAVING. PRESENT. BUYING. TO. THE. LAST. MINUTE. AGAIN!  Such a bad idea... cos I am always broke this time of year!  Dumb Tart.

WOMBAT:  about 2.6 years ago I went over to Melbourne to see my niece graduate from the Victorian Police Academy.  I got those shirts for B & G then.

End of Day: and I've been sewing all evening, more of the animal wall hangings.  Really enjoying getting them finished and out of the 'Projects Half Done' box!  *smiles*  nite nite.


  1. Oh my gosh what a little stinker he is haha

  2. kids have no filters. think it and out it comes

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Kids say the darndist things!! and your son is no exception!! lol how cute!! Hope you have the tree up by now! I feel like I'm spinning my wheels with the grandkids here - can't get anything done - dont know how you do it!!...debbie

  4. A tart who farts,
    and has a big heart.

    I would love to have seen Stew's face when Griffin came out with his pronouncement.

  5. Thanks for the early morning Laugh Chris. Kids are so funny. come on now get that Xmas tree up only a week to go. Have a great day

  6. hehe that made me laugh we had a karate fundraiser garage sale made $500 so it all helps ROLL on the Nationals I say! And the sooner we can stop fundraising the better. Fingers crossed for tomorrow I love the Wall hangings I bet you will NEVER leave xmas tree or shopping to the last minute EH!

  7. Griffin is a little stinker (no pun intended). What a hoot.

    Your wall hanging are terrific.

    Hope the temps break and it cools down for you. It's not fun decorating a Christmas tree when you're sweating. Oy.

    Merry Christmas, jj

  8. Oh! My! That would have been embarrassing, but Griffin is too funny! And anyway, everybody farts! :o)

    Love your little wall hangings...good luck at market again, and Merry Christmas to you and the family!



  9. I agree ... I jut started my Christmas shopping TODAY! UGH! NEVER again!
    Hot and humid for you and freezing here in Michigan!
    Have a pretty day!

  10. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Don't worry, I'm good at being windy too, according to husband! Where did Brylee score the Victorian police shirt? Or is that a secret? Hope you get good market weather and crowds tomorrow. Maybe you could get someone to man your stall and do your christmas shopping at the markets! Kill two birds with one stone! WOMBAT

  11. I'm still enjoying the fart story, and the name of your blog!

  12. O how cute your banners turned out!

    Congrats on getting your tree up - I have not pulled that off yet. Hoping to get the gifts finished and then enjoy the tree-time is just rushing by!

    In that picture of the tree - is that a little clock on the wall? I have a thing for clocks! LOL :)

    Kids - I use to tell my girlfriend when we were :having save the world talks" that little pitchers have big ears! It took her a while to catch on! LOL

  13. Just got my tree up today....only coz I had too (for the grandies today)
    Good luck with the market tomorrow, those wall hangings are awesome!

  14. I like the Monkey wall hanging. I always wait till the last minute to do my shopping.

  15. I like the monkey wall hanging. It's so cute. As for me, I would turn everything into bags!


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