Monday, December 13, 2010


Well... after such a busy, hot weekend... I'm so happy I can do bugger all today!

AND bugger all is what I really am going to do!

I might read some blogs... I might watch a movie on the telly... hell I might even lie in the sun (if it's not TOO hot)...

It's the last week of school.... and then we have something like 6 and a half weeks off... with kids home.  Like THAT'S gunna be fun.  *sigh*
But, we all need a break from the routine... and I am (for once) looking forward to it!

Weird me saying that eh?  But it's true... I want to be able to just relax and not have to worry about getting kids to school/speld lessons... and I'm also taking time off  from the Hospice Shop too.... well,  someone needs to look after B & G eh?

I can't imagine a day when I can do whatever I want without having to look after little kids!  So far I've been at home with little kids for ..oh.... 31 years, 11 months, 1 week and 1 HOUR!  Let's not worry about the minutes eh?   lol

ONWARD... Let's start being lazy!  Or not.... I just remembered that I can 'make up' missed Patchwork lessons by going on a Monday AND Tuesday... so I am going this morning.

 ABOVE:  this is the room we use for our Patchwork mornings... it is a room off Fabricland, Papakura... the best thing about this class is that if you need anything it's right there!  You don't have to wait until you can go to the shop to get it...

ABOVE:  This is the 'best' part of the shop... where all the patchwork fabrics are.... *drool*.  She doesn't have as much as some other shops I've been to, but it's OK. 

So, ONWARD..... got to empty my car from yesterday before I can go anywhere!

Class today was FUN!  We were told to bring along 4 fat quarters as we would be making a bag!  Well.... that was right up my street, so I grabbed some fabric and this is what I ended up with:

 ABOVE:  isn't it just adorable?  The pattern called for hard handles, but I just made fabric ones to keep the cost down.  That buckle is to die for:
ABOVE:  *BLING* !  *smiles*.... I think I will be keeping this bag....

Time for lunch... and maybe relax for a while!

Donna:  my tutor's name is Lynn... Gloria used to teach at Fabricland but has just retired.

Ummm... I had lunch... then I fell asleep!  Must have been tired.... off now to make the pattern for that bag.

End of Day:  well I did rather more than I intended today... but that's how it goes eh?  nite nite.


  1. Enjoy the lazy while you have the chance....I always got very afraid when my kids were going to be out of school for weeks at a time, but it always turned out okay.

  2. We havent so far had the relaxing mornings we have been fundraising !!! that is soooo not fun BBQ's galore hot stinky sausage smells and onions! this week just as hectic next week equally so as town parties, xmas late nights kapa haka performances and not 1 BUT 3 BBQ's ! oh I can hardly wait!!.

  3. hi chris yes bloody hot isnt it. Tell me is gloria your patchwork teacher ? if so shes a very good friend of mine :)small world lol
    have a good relaxing day

  4. I WANT THAT BAG!!!!!!!!! Any chance of you emailing me the pattern? I might me able to manage that one!

    Ya talented tart, you!

  5. P.S. I love your idea of a lazy day - lol! Sit around and do nothing - my @rse!

  6. That is a lovely bag. I like the bling too. I'm guessing the patchwork class is a year-long thing? I've never attended such classes before. Sounds so exciting.

  7. OH MY GOD I LOVES that bag!!!!! double drool

  8. ooooh, that bag is lovely! Yes, if I were you I'd be keeping it too. Very swish!


  9. lol oh ok very cute bag nice bling

  10. love the bling bag Chris

  11. Not having to set the alarm for school in the morning sounds petty appealing to me.

    LOVE the fabric store and the gorgeous blue bag! Nice job.

    Have fun week, jj

  12. Love the bag Chris, it's got a lovely shape and just love the bling. Clever lady!!

  13. Bugger bugger bugger!
    Love that word!
    I think it's a great day for a lazy day!
    Hope is was for you.

  14. That new bag is absolutely wonderful! With all that Bling you certainly should keep it yourself!

  15. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Oh YES!! your new bag is just darling! love the BLING!! Six weeks off! My goodness! guess you'll be off to the beach, the pool or something to keep those little guys and gals happy!! ...debbie

  16. That bag is gorgeous!


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