Tuesday, December 21, 2010


When I go to market again... I will need something to put/hang my wallhangings on... so I thought about it and came up with this:

ABOVE: It's the hoodackey that you use to hang clothes on when you are ironing or steaming them.  Awesome.. it's PERFECT for the job.

TODAY:  more of the same... housework, keep the kids from killing each other... maybe some sewing... Who's doing something more interesting?  Tell me about it...

OH and here is the zebra wall hanging I finished yesterday:

ABOVE:  I think adding a vibrant border helps make it look better.

Heat + humidity =  FLIES...OMG there has been an EXPLOSION of flies around here.  I'm off to the supermarket to buy flyspray... LOTS of flyspray.  Ikkkkkkk.

It's MAD out there!  Cars and people everywhere... you can hardly move in the mall... so we just went into the supermarket, grabbed a couple of things and got outta there!  I now have dead flies everywhere... rather that than the buggers landing on me every 2 seconds.

Starting to think I will have to isolate B & G from each other... they are annoying each other so much I am ready to bang their bloody heads together!  I am NOT a friggin REFEREE!  *sigh*  I seem to remember saying that for the last 30 odd years!

10 years to go.. just 10 years to go.....

SANDIE:  YES, I have been watching that programme... it's quite amazing eh?  And yes, I think I will give that idea a go... nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?  Just have to figure out how much each day... luckily there's only two kids in the house now!

End of Day:  spent the evening relaxing, should have been reading blogs and commenting but just couldn't find the energy!  nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:01 AM

    gee you're clever....


  2. wow, you constantly amaze me Chris :) looks great...

    have a fantastic day today :)


  3. They look great on that hanger! I like the zebra, he's cute :)

  4. Now see I think the Zebra one is the best!!! Good idea with wall hangings hanging, We are in nearly wind down mode, only 3 more days before I can actually relax GOD I can't wait work hard long and tiring, BUT I am thankful of a job given current climate.

  5. Anonymous8:41 AM

    The wall hanging tree is perfect! Great idea!! and of course the wall hangings themselves are just darling! Hope you sold lots!!...debbie

  6. I love Zebra. They're all cute and he has come up loveme. xxxx

  7. I love your creativity!
    First place!
    From the "other" Anne!

  8. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hi Chris
    I love the wall hangings and the Zebra came up really well with the bright fabric

    Michelle x

  9. Hey, good idea!

    My friend paints these really cool paintings and now he has his art at galleries and goes to those art festivals the city puts on every year. There are so many ways to promote your work! :D U r very talented.

    Chris, when you get a chance, will you visit my friend's blog and leave a comment? She is starting a new one and loves when people answer questions. I am loving hearing people's advice. Especially today's, I would love to hear your advice because I deal with this with my sisters.

  10. I have one of those Raid cannisters on the wall that puffs out stuff every few minutes. Seriously NO FLIES since having this. I also have one in the garage too just because flies used to love it in there.

  11. the hippos are just too cute and i like them all!!!

  12. Just tell them to take it outside, you don't want to hear it. Sounds a lot like our house when we were growing up. There were 5 of us for a time, and school holidays were a drag. We never went anywhere or did anything. I remember several times all of us confined to our rooms, sitting in our doorways chatting across the hall :-)

    Good luck, Chris. Hope Christmas for you is full of love and happiness xxxx

  13. We have one of the Raid cannisters as well, they definately do make a big difference.

    Put the kids to work in different rooms doing something, get one to fold the washing & the other to clean out a kitchen cupboard, pay them a couple of bucks, it will give you some peace & quiet (hopefully).

  14. I know what you mean re: the crowded shops! OMG, I just had to run out and get some more baby formula and it was hellish!! It's as if everyone thinks THERE WILL BE NO MORE FOOD AFTER CHRISTMAS!!!

    Word: the shops will be open!

    There will be food in there!

    You don't all have to panic!!!!!!

    rant over... xxx

  15. have you been watching that show "Bad Behavior" on tv1, maybe you could try the fine system with B & G?

  16. I was just amazed at something soooooo simple could work. Will be interesting to see if it works with your kids too. Give it a crack :o) doesn't do anyone any harm and if it means you have a less stressful school holiday then all the better.

  17. I still marvel at your creativity!!! The bag is a huge success BTW - thanks again.

    Merry xmas to you and the family Chris

  18. I think you should open up your own shop ....maybe online?

    Have a beautiful Christmas!

  19. Nice display doohickey and zebra wall hanger!
    All your stuff looks great! You have a gift.

  20. I think the bird saved your zebra. The zebra looks too snouty. Today I went to the mall shopping and shopping. Lots of Xmas decoration to look at along Orchard Road. People everywhere. In my family, I'm the referee too. Not loving it.

  21. You are incredibly clever and SO tatlented! I get more jealous with every project I see!


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