Wednesday, September 15, 2010


First off... I get to stay home today, which is great as I am tired as.
I stayed up last night until almost 1 am in the morning.
I got carried away punching out teeny tiny dots for card making. I must show you later... you are not going to believe how tiny they are!

ABOVE: tiny dots!

Poor Teddy is back in the cone... he has worried two areas on his rump... and while he doesn't have fleas NOW, he will just keep on nibbling and licking these areas and they will just get worse and worse. ( and YES Nola, I did do their bedding too, so NO, you can't have him!) Teddy is like our son Russell.. who used to pick scabs and just make them worse as a kid. I called him 'Pick-now'.. lol. Funny the things you remember eh?

I managed to get a border on that first baby quilt last night too... so it's pretty much the size I want... so the next step will be getting the batting for it and backing fabric, then I can join them all together then move on to quilting it. That should be fun... I have hardly done any quilting at all.


ABOVE: see how I used the dots?
ABOVE: a 'close up' ... lol!

So I thought today I would do some blog reading.... but I started looking for something... and have spent most of this morning doing 'tidy up' around the house! It's one of the things I do very well... and like to keep on top of. So... I'll get back to it ....
ABOVE: The punch I use to get the tiny dots! It really hurts your hand after a while!
***Heartfelt Sympathy to a friend and blogger down in Palmerston North, Anne... who lost her husband Peter to cancer in the wee hours of this morning. Thinking of you Anne. (Anne is a private blogger)
I am stocked with myself! Why? Cos I remembered to take Brylee to her 3-monthly Orthodontist appointment this afternoon! First time I've remembered without being rung up and asked where we were in a while! LOL... I forget so easily .. .. Brylee has to go EVERY three months for the next 3 years... and then she will be getting BRACES, and it will be another 2-3 years of going there for that! Far out, I'm thrilled. Can ya tell? *sigh*
End of Day: and I finally got around to reading a few blogs tonight while sitting in the lounge with me feet up! It was so nice too. Even though my wee laptop is so much slower than my PC, I still managed to read and comment on about 100 blogs in 4 hours! nite nite.


  1. Arrgg fleas we have had them too, about three times this year, apparently the weather has been perfect for them or something.
    Have a nice day at home!

  2. I've been out of pocket for a few days getting my newest grandchild born. Congratulations on your new little one that is on the way.
    That baby will have the cutest quilt ever.
    Bless Teddy and his poor little rump.

  3. what do you charge for a baby quilt and i wonder what shipping would run? hummm

  4. Either those dots are minute or you have a huge finger :p

    What kind of hole punch would cut discs that small? Is is a specialist one for crafting? :)

  5. Poor Teddy hope he is out of the cone soon. A day at home that is wonderful. Hope you get a lot done.

  6. Awww, poor Teddy. I'm sure he's hating having to be in that cone again, but I sure understand why you need it!

    OMG, Chris, I would have gone blind cutting out all of those itsy bitsy dots! And...if I wasn't blind by the time I had cut them out, I would be by the time I placed them on those cards. They are so perfectly spaced and look amaze me!



  7. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Tell me you use a pair of tweezers to put them on the cards!? They must be tricky to place and you must be seeing dots before your eyes now! WOMBAT

  8. Cuddles for darling Teddy, poor love - he just loves that cone doesn't he, ha ha.

    Your on a roll with the cards

  9. At our grocery store there is a contest, when you buy things, they punch a card, when the card is all full of punches, you scratch to reveal your prize.

    At the office supply store, I saw a punch that makes a shape just like the ones they are using for the contest.... I didn't buy it but the wheels in my brain started turning.....

  10. I hate those darn cones, but i understand...I am a scab picker too. Gross, I know and TMI? Beautiful dots ;)

  11. O My - are you cross-eyed yet????? No wonder your cards are so perfect -when you get down to the tiny details -you really do !

    I am SO very sorry about your friend losing her hubby to cancer. That just scares me to death because my DH was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 years ago , and now it is attempting a come-back. After being together 42 years - it just scares me to death. Also, when you lose your partner in these "more mature" years - how do you pay your bills and have groceries -now that you cannot work at a job like a young person anymore? So, My heart really goes out to her.

    O, Teddy? If it is an allergy - you can use baby diaper rash ointment -the kind with zince in it -and that will stop his itching for a while. Also we use Benedryle pills - I give our pekingese a pill when she has a bad day . It has been a terrible summer for allergies this year. Boy, do I hate allergies! :(

  12. I said a little prayer for Anne.

    Love your card - the tiny dots are amazing, gosh that is some work that goes into them Chris.

    Hope you're well - enjoying your day at home, I had two afternoons at home this week, it was lovely!

    Best I get reading, have a couple of blogs to get to.


  13. rest in peace Peter
    Sad times ahead for Anne and family

  14. Whoa! Those are mini-chads! What patience you must have.

  15. You're such the crafy crafter!! Love all your creations :)

    So sorry for Ann and her family :(


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