Monday, September 20, 2010


I have learnt a lot in the past few days....

1. Teddy probably does NOT have food/environmental allergies
2. Teddy does not need to be on steroids at all
3. Both my dogs are allergic to fleas
4. Both my dogs are 'pick-nows'!

They HAD fleas. They both gnawed themselves silly until they were bleeding.
They would not stop!
So... they both have cones on their heads until the flea treatment I gave them works.
I got a new one... similar to Sentinel... which we can't get here.... the one I got them is called Comfortis, it's a pill they take once a month and it kills fleas, prevents fleas and helps with flea allergy dermatitis, which I believe BOTH my dogs have.
It will be WONDERFUL if it works.

They both HATE wearing cones. We hate seeing them in a cone. But hopefully in a week or so their sore areas will have healed enough for me to take them off...permanently!

Today: Patchwork class. Then housework. Then who knows?

ABOVE: an awesome photo I took last night on our way home from Hamilton.... been seeing skies like this for FAR TOO LONG, even though it's pretty.


ABOVE: a snippet of my newest project. I wanted to take a break from the baby quilts/pictures and work on something else. I can't show you any more than this cos it's for a swap I'm in. Hopefully it comes out lovely!

Class today was lovely (again)... I enjoyed just sewing away and ocassionally having a yak.

Need to go have lunch now... I am starving! Felt hungry all morning in fact. Maybe some days I would benefit from having breakfast! LOL...

OH... Stew took Brylee to school at 6.30am this morning... as they were leaving on the bus at 7. She cried. Yikes. I hope she has settled down now and is thoroughly enjoying herself. 5 whole days without her! Dare I say it will be QUIET here? ha ha ha... cos it will be!

I was waiting for Griffin to come home from school (on his own) and he was late... so I started to panic, and literally ran up to the school... to find him wandering home.. he had lost his shoes AGAIN.... and had to look for them... he found them, but this meant he was running late. I was so cross! I hate it when a kid is late and I end up panicking. Grrrr.

Anyway, all's good.. it's been an INCREDIBLY QUIET afternoon! No 'motor mouth' ... amazing. The 'men' are eating dinner. .. pork chops and veges and I'm going to do a grocery shop.

End of Day: shopping done. Much easier to get around the supermarket late at night! But a lot of the shelves were empty. Can't win. Stew is now putting it all away... yaaaa. nite nite.


  1. Poor puppies!!!

    If the treatment doesn't work maybe try talking to your vet, our cat is allergic to fleas and has to get an injection + home flea treatments

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I had to have a little giggle this morning when I read your title and then saw your two presious dogs with their cones on :O) lol poor buggers

    I hope they are cone free very soon.

    Michelle x

  3. Thanks so much for the beautiful card Chris.

  4. Oh, those babies look so pitiful! But you are a good mom and soon they will be back to the wonderful, playful pups that they are.

    Gorgeous, yet scarry looking picture! Great shot!

    Let me know if you want Sentinel.. I'll send you some!

  5. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I hope your pills work. I don't know of any pill like that here in the States. But maybe there is and I just don't know about it. I use FrontLine Plus on Lincoln and he never has fleas. You put it on the skin on their shoulders by parting the hair and squeeze it on in a line. The dogs look so cute sitting on the couch with their cones! ...debbie

  6. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Yah - so glad you found the answer. Fantastic


  7. The expression on Teddy and Coco's face says it all. Hopefully the new flea treatment works. Martine x

  8. Ohhhhh dear they are not CONE happy dogs!!! fingers crossed the new pills work I like the colours of your new project.... Brylee will have a ball (how is the hitting and punching going?)

  9. Good grief, 2 dogs in cones! I can understand how your dogs feel tho' as I have kids & 1 hubs who (if you let them)will scratch till they are raw and bleeding. I'll be surprised if both you and Stew did not cry over Brylee. I sobbed like a baby the first time my kid went away for camp and it was just an overnite one.

  10. Brylee will be fine. The teachers are all pretty good at combatting home sickness etc. The kids are kept so busy on camp they don't have time to be too upset. Mind you, I would cry too if I had to be leaving that damn early.

  11. i will probably go straight to hell for laughing but somehow the poor buggars struck my funny bone in their cones... hope they feel better soon and the fleas get gone... i hate fleas...
    I dont know if you ever got the message cause the stupid computer was acting up... but MJ LOVES the giraffe and sent a huge thank you message.

  12. AW, poor puppies!! They're very twinlike, though... PS I like your necklace and hope Brylee has a great time!

  13. poor puppies, we give our boy Sentinel, it's so good. i hate seeing them licking and gnawing at themselves :-(

    love that flower in the snippet you showed us, it's gorgeous!!!

    and like the new necklace too!

  14. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Poor Cone Heads!!!! Hope the treatment works ASAP.

    Likin' your new project :0)

  15. Poor little coneheads lol. You'd think animals would be smart enough to stop chewing when they start hurting themselves!

  16. Poor little coneheads lol. You'd think animals would be smart enough to stop chewing when they start hurting themselves!


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