Wednesday, September 29, 2010


ABOVE: this sort of colourway (?) is what we are leaning towards for the cushions .  I can mix up the brown with the multi coloured fabric.

Or I may find some cushions or covers that I simply love at Harvey Norman's yet... I am just not sure what will 'go' in the room....

Today is young Damien's 7th Birthday, so I do believe we will go to McDonald's for his lunch.  And I may just have to invest in a Birthday Cake for him too!  *smiles*

Either TODAY or TOMORROW (edit: it will be today!) my blog will reach 500,000 views ... so I am going to have a GIVEAWAY on FRIDAY.... the person whose number is selected by random selection will recieve 6 of my Gift Cards.... so keep an eye out!  All  you will have to do is leave a comment on that day.

After being 100% well all year, I have finally sucumbed to a cold and sore throat... ain't nice.  Throat is all croaky and sore... snotty nose.... I'm full of JOY I tell ya!

ABOVE:  The Birthday Boy with a few presents we got him.  
ABOVE: opening fun.  We are off to McDonalds later.. until then I need to get a bit of housework done....

Tired.  So tired.  Kids all day ... *sigh*... we went to Harvey Norman's where I got 3 cushions worth $210 ($70 each)!  FOR FREE.  I'm not 100% sure if they are going to stay on the couch or not.. will have to see.  I am still going to make the other cushions ... to see how they look.

When I have a spare moment of energy I will take a photo of the new cushions to show  ya. 

After the cushion 'buy' I took the kids to Sylvia Park for lunch... now home and ready to just relax for a wee while.  These 4 kids are so noisy it is driving me ....NUTS.   Ear plugs.. now where might I find some of those eh?  ...

500,000 hits on me blog!  It's happened in just under 4 years of blogging! How cool is that... GIVEAWAY will be on Friday.

ABOVE:  The new cushions... two of the all cream, one of the striped.  Quite like them, not what I had originally in mind, which was for brights.   But I will live with them for a while and see if they grow on me.  Quite a 'grown up' feeling in the lounge now... lol!

I have started another casserole holder, in the blue fabric I got yesterday?  The days are blurring.... anyway ... I digress.... I'm in me sewing room... the 4 kids are in the family room playing... then I hear Brylee going on and on at the boys... who pee'd on the floor?  It was so INTERESTING listening to them 'negotiate' who was going to 'own up'!  I just checked... there is no pee on the floor!  Silly kids! 

Better get dinner started...

I have learnt today:
- Do not decide to move the lounge furniture after you have put the rissoles in the frying pan:

Because this is what happens!
- The new three seater weighs a ton
- AND I don't think my smoke detectors are working! 

Better get Stew to check them out when he gets home... they SHOULD have gone off with all the smoke in my house!  OOOOPPPS.

End of Day:  and we have all just had chocolate cake, ice cream and custard.... yummm!  Off to have a quiet evening (once the kids are in bed)... nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Make sure you check out Briscoes for cushions (I know you have a voucher for Harvey Normans though..) cos they've got cheap, groovy ones - so does Spotlight too - Oh dear!

    Oooh a giveaway.... niiicce...

    Hope you had a good night last night!

    Kate (

  2. Happy Birthday to Damien. I'm sure a little cake will be good medicine to get ride of that cold. Feel better soon.

  3. Oh no hope you get better soon!

  4. Well I have to say the brithday boy looks pretty pleased there, on the cushion front I'm afraid I dont like either I would need to see more I think so really I'm not much help.

  5. Anonymous12:32 PM

    If it were my couch, I'd put some bright colors on that couch. Bring out the colors in your candles!! Also a little pop of black. Lord girl, you love color! put em on your couch and liven the room up!! Happy Birthday to Damien!! Cute little chaps!! ...debbie

  6. Thank god the lounge arrived and the colour is right.

  7. I am a cushion addict. Often I have to stop myself from buying more. Can't wait to see your new ones!

  8. 500,000 - that's fantastic!!!

    Can't wait to see the new cushions.

    hope the cold goes away.

  9. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Oh they are LOVELY! Oooh so nice... loving the stripes! And very elegant too... A perfect choice..

    If you want brights you can always add a colour.. I have similar colours on my window seat and threw in a couple of bright bright red and that looks groovy too.

    Congrats on your half million!

    Kate (

  10. I love those new cushions - exactly what I would have got. I'm not sure about the lounge suite all lined up in a row though... any way that can be different? Never mind if it's what you want then it's all good :)

  11. Lounge looks great with those colours. At least with that shading you can put in any colour at any time.

    But tell me, how expensive were they if you only got 3 for $210? Good thing they gave you a gift card hey!


  12. Rhonda2:58 PM

    Absolutely love those cushions from Harvey Norman; very very classy

  13. Hope you feel better soon!! And the last pillows pictured are my faves. They go with the couch best imo. The others REALLY would look nice on something blue. :)

  14. Like Lynda I love the cushions - they are me!

  15. I love the harvey norman cushions I do I do!!!

  16. Love the cushions Chris. They are also very 'me', and would go beautifully in my house if you ever get sick of them!

  17. Those cushions from Harvey Normans are brilliant. Really a great match. How about a pale teal coloured one in amongst them for colour. Looks great with anything. Have fun with the kids. Jealous.. NOT!! X

  18. Congratulations on half a million views. AMAZING!! Happy belated anniversary--you and Stew restore my faith in the institution of marriage. Seriously, nearly all my friends are divorced and we are approaching our 25th anniversary also. Makes me happy to know another couple that have made things work. Cheers xxx

  19. The new lounge suite looks great - and I love the new cushions you bought :)

  20. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Stew will love the rissoles - all black! Love your cushions. A bit of blue would go nice especially since you have some blue things in the room. (sorry, I'm a frustrated interior decorator, I've done a little course) I wonder what your beautiful shell picture would look like above the couch? WOMBAT

  21. Ooh your rissoles look just like mine! Love the suite and the cushions! Enjoy x

  22. Love the cushions, Happy Birthday to Damien. Happy 500,000. Hope your throat feels better soon.

  23. I love all the cushions. The bright colored ones seem to be more 'you' though.

    You sound happy!

  24. love the furnature am a bit surprised it is not blue... love the pot holder and happy birthday to the wee one :)

  25. Anonymous2:13 AM

    nice candles on that table. very pretty.


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