Wednesday, September 22, 2010


ABOVE: just to remind myself (and you) what the lounge suite looks like! I am sure when we get it the wait will have been worth it... right? It's not in that colour though...

Today I start working at the Hospice Shop on a Permanent basis, with my own 'shift'... the friday's were only temporary until she could find a 'space' for me. So now.. every Wednesday I shall be at the shop. Yaaaa. I much prefer Wednesday to Friday. By Friday I am usually ready to just have a slow day.

I love being there, mixing with other people.... some of our customers are right characters! It IS South Auckland afterall! lol


MARY H: shit ! good point. I will make Stew ring them today to find out. NO WAY are we gunna pay more for it because THEY deliver it 4 weeks late!!!

As Stew is in a meeting all day today, I rang Harvey Norman's myself. 'Shelly' was away today.... so a nice chap named Roy talked to me. He was ever so apologetic, I liked him actually. He has told me to go and see him as soon as our lounge suite arrives as he is giving me a Gift Voucher for our troubles. How nice.

Work today: interesting and smelly. The lady I am paired with at the counter has an 'odour' problem... she keeps dropping horrendous farts (silently)...OMG! She stinks out the whole shop.... I had to keep going out the back for some fresh air or I was gunna throw up! AWFUL I tell ya! And yaaaaaa... I am working with her every Wednesday from now on. I hope my stomach hardens up, or I lose my sense of smell.... either would be good. lol

ABOVE: a few baby things from the shop... all new except for the suit... but it's in lovely condition.
It's HAILING right now... today is a really cold day, we have a nasty blustery wind and it's rained on/off all day. I hope Brylee is warm enough on her camp... poor kids ... they have had dreadful weather so far. Right... time for lunch...
End of Day... and WOW! I haven't been on here all afternoon/evening! Odd... but then, I've been busy sewing! I'll show ya all tomorrow what I did. nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Your furniture looks really comfy! will be just great, as soon as it gets here! lol Congrats on your Wed. job at Hospice....debbie

  2. Hospice!
    Cool job for sure.
    Nice couch, too.

  3. Hi,

    Love the blog, I am on a mission to find many different blogs about the struggle with weight and body image, with the final view of writing a book about my own personal experiences and those of the people around me.

    Hope you'll join in and let people know of my new blog to keep me right on track! Love x

  4. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Hi Chris
    Think I would be checking with Harvey Norman on the GST situation Like will you have to pay more or not on 1 October if it doesn't arrive prior to that?
    Congrats on the Hospice job the organisation does great work
    Mary H

  5. I love customers and the variety they present I also love people watching. Gee you could have made a couch yourself in the time this one has taken!!

  6. Looks like a nice sofa and chairs. Someone could sleep on there if they came to visit!

  7. LOVE the new look here. I haven't been by in ages, I've been hibernating or something. I'm so excited that you'll have your furniture soon..and jealous too. It looks very comfy! Congrats on the permanent day at Hospice..enjoy it!

  8. I guess we now know why the Wednesday shift came up, they needed someone to work with the smelly lady :-)

  9. How sucky about your lounge. Man I am dreading when my girls can go on school camp. lol.

  10. Oooh, gift card! Gotta love that!

  11. Sorry for no comments from me for a while. :) This travelling sure takes up time LOL
    Love the new lounge suite to come. Nice man too by the sounds of it. You best go meet him LOL
    Oh dear......smelly silent farts....not good!!! Hope it wasn't why you got the Wednesdays LOL
    Hope the school camp goes well and the weather improves for them. Nothing worse than kids being miserable on camp from one who helped on quite a few winter school camps.
    Hope the weather improves for you too.
    Big hugs :)

  12. Oh no, smelly co-workers, there is nothing worse. Perhaps you need to make a big deal out of it when you can smell it, pretend you don't know where the smell is coming from but comment on how awful it is. She needs to get the hint!!

  13. Chris I have a student like your co-worker. His previous teacher trained him to say "popcorn" and run out of the door when ever he felt a SBD ("silent but deadtly") coming on. I was getting a bit suspicious that he was only doing this to get out of class, so one day I said he should say in the room and just say "excuse me". WOW was that ever a mistake!! Now I don't care if he spends half the day outside and totally disrupts his learning--at least the rest of us can learn! I have seriously considered discussing it with his parents, but surely they are aware of the problem. I think they must feed him cabbage and baked beans for breakfast. let's just hope it is only a one off bad day for your lady!

  14. The silent ones are the most deadly!

  15. The silent ones are the killers. I say fart back! (if you can)

  16. I guess they found a sucker to work on Wednesdays. Good luck!

  17. I know you can't wait to get that new does seem like FOREVER since you ordered it! And they should give you a gift for having to wait so long....hope it's something really good!

    Glad you got a permanent day for the Hospice Shop and it's a day that you wanted to be there. Good luck with the "fart lady"...that can't be any fun! :o(



  18. Ohhhh boy. Any way you can keep the other hospice lady from walking around too much and stirring up trouble?? Eeew.


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