Tuesday, September 14, 2010


ABOVE: here's the latest batch of Kiwi Cards... these ones all have a fish... it's actually a button! But perfect for the cards.

I had a lot of fun doing these ones... I feel like I am slowly getting more 'adventurous' with the cards... I just hope like hell the owner of the shop in Whitianga likes them.

Today... I am going out to get a couple of things I've run out of, and to price a parcel of cards to USA. After that, I'm working on more of the baby quilts... there is still so much to do with them!
ABOVE: Quilt No #1... see... my sashings match!!! I still have to put sashings around the outside and a couple of borders too... I had thought this one would only fit a cot, but it's a lot bigger than I thought. I also hadn't planned on putting the wee dog block into a quilt... but somehow I put it in without realising! Oh well... it looks cute eh?
My garage door has been giving me the shits! It keeps jamming ever since I kinda backed into it... so today I finally gave up and rang the insurance company to make a claim to get it fixed. Some bloke is due around here shortly to inspect it. Yaaaaa.
My dogs have fleas! Teddy had been knawing his rump and made a mess.. I only noticed last night. *sigh*... got to bath them tonight in flea shampoo... another yaaaa!` Two dogs bathed and de-flea'd... I hope! I gave Coco a trim too.... now she looks like a two year old attacked her with scissors! But the difference between a good cut and a bad cut is only 6 weeks .. right???
End of Day: I ended up with a friggin nasty headache after bathing the dogs, I think it was the flea shampoo getting up me nose! Ikkkkk. Spent the evening sewing. Trying to practise 'free motion sewing' on my machine. What a trial! nite nite.


  1. As ever, brilliant. Those fishy cards will go faster than hot cakes. I'm betting they will order a bunch of that design for tourists.

    At last we see some sun. I'm at Simpsons so am looking forward to a walk and some serious shell collecting.

  2. O Chris!!!!! I adore the quilt and the cards . I too, think you are growing as you try new things!

    I saw the precious pup and thought for sure that had to be your cocoa! I am so envious of your work!
    Everything is a mind blower for me! You are so talented! :)

  3. ohhhh so love the quilt !! Wonderful effort !

  4. Anonymous11:52 AM

    chris...maybe you should raise the price of your cards? they are so beautiful and i think folks will pay top dollar for handmade things now a days... just a thought. i have missed my diet coke rocks!!!! i have to use hubby's computer, but it is worth it. have missed you! btw, i can't sign in to my mumtotwo account anymore so you will just have to get used to knowing me as robin again. :( not quite as interesting.

  5. God you are clever, I am barely able to sew on a button.

  6. That quilt looks awesome. You're incredibly creative :)

  7. The cards are beautiful, and your quilt is really cute! If I would quit procrastinating, I could actually get some painting(s) done. You're such an inspiration! I need to set my mind to it and then just go for it!

  8. The cards are beautiful, and your quilt is really cute! If I would quit procrastinating, I could actually get some painting(s) done. You're such an inspiration! I need to set my mind to it and then just go for it!

  9. Anonymous2:30 PM

    The only reason the gift shop lady wouldn't like those cards would be if she was colour blind! They are brilliant! When we visit NZ one day, that is the first thing I will do, go and buy one of your cards! WOMBAT

  10. Wow I am constantly amazed at how beautiful and "quirky" your cards are!! I keep changing my favourites...but I really like the fish buttons on these ones.
    Don't forget to dust or spray my darling Teddy's bedding where the flea eggs and more fleas might be!! Actually....no don't...leave them there so I can call the welfare and get him sent over here to me!!

  11. cards and quilt is fabulous I love the new cards funny MY GARAGE door has packed a right royal sad and is puckeroo! my car is currently parked outside.

  12. The cards are wonderful - how could the shop not like them?

    That quilt is adorable. My favorite is the frog . . .

    Way to go, Chris!

  13. im always amazed at how handy you are....

    p.s. happy belated grandma news! thats awesome!

  14. Your cards, as usual, are fabulous...your quilt is fabulous...you are fabulous...fleas - not fabulous! Hope you are flea-free now and your headache is gone! :o)




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