Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I quite like wednesdays. I really don't have to go out anywhere.

Today I'm just going to revel in being at home, in the peace and quiet.
Probably will do some sewing.

Might even do some more housework.

How boring can I get?

HELL... I might even get on the cross trainer... my butt would thank for me for it! I'm sure.

I read blogs about weight loss every day... and I applaude you girls who are challenging yourselves to lose 'XYZ' by a certain time. I wish I had the motivation. But I don't. I am almost at the point where I wish I could just be happy with how I am and live my life regardless of what I weigh. Wouldn't that be great? To never feel like a fat, useless, unfit git again?

But knowing me, I will stress about what I weigh until the day I die. And what would I have achieved? Nothing but stress.
So, maybe I will try to just try to live and enjoy my life, and if I ever get back into 'dieting' mode, and 'fitter me' mode... well that will just be a bonus!

Cos one thing is for sure, I am miserable always thinking about what I weigh, what other people will think of me... bla bla bla.

I've just been yakking to the owner of Mosaic in Whitianga. She has sold ALL of my cards! And wants more now. So it looks like we will be going up there in the coming school holidays to deliver her first order... and she's made it easier for me to keep on top of supplying her... I can deliver on a monthly basis until Christmas. Yaaa.. it acutally means I have a larger order from her now!

Martine has requested a photo or two of the dogs, so without further ado:
ABOVE: yeah THANKS Martine, we were asleep!
ABOVE: How's this? A good pose for ya? Well, it's the best I can do, I wanna go back to sleep...ZZZzzzzzz....
ABOVE: Whot? Me, look at you.....zzzzzzz....
ABOVE: MmmmKay. Does this do it for ya? zzzzzzz....
LOL... they are both asleep again. So cute. And me.. I'm off to get some lunch....
Wow, I kinda got carried away making cards this afternoon... I had forgotten how much I love making them, having taken a couple of weeks off from them and doing sewing instead! And the best thing is I have got about 10 cards to go and I will have finished the next 4 months worth of orders! Choice.
Dinner tonight is going to be left-over beef stew so I don't even have to cook tonight. Excellent.
End of Day: a neat day. I ended up making 15 cards this afternoon/evening, which was a good effort. nite nite.


  1. I hear ya. That's EXACTLY where I am on the weight loss thing. Exactly.

    PS Thanks for saying hi to my friend. :)

  2. I hope you're enjoying the day just chilling at home. I'm sure you're excited it's almost summer as much as I'm excited it's almost winter here.

    I'm not sure if I'll ever be happy with what I weigh but I've been trying to think more in terms of being healthy and taking care of myself rather than dieting to see a certain number on the scale. Take care of yourself and enjoy life.

  3. You and me both, I am hoping I don't get called into work and am hoping for a day at home just chillin :-). Enjoy

  4. I know what you mean! Lost 3 pounds last week and gained it all back this weekend!!

  5. Uou sound so like how I feel about my weight. Trouble is although I would really like to look nice body shape is no longer the issue.

    I'm too old to be carrying all this excess weight around. I wish I could continue to age gracefully just as I am but it's doing nothing for my health.

    I need to think a little because I'm not at all happy with what I'm doing right now.

  6. Anonymous10:30 AM

    You know, it's like you've read my mind! I feel the same (as do a lot of people obviously by your comments!!)...

    I hate summer for that very reason... feeling fat and squishing into clothes is not fun - trying to cover the belly/butt with CARDI's etc, when its friggin boiling outside.... that's my motivation (well, I say "motivation" but haven't actually found any yet - have just polished off a few bikkies with my cuppa tea at work this morning!!) The 1st of September was meant to be the turning point....

    I think if we can be "healthy" - which I am not, on medication for high blood pressure - then we should be happy. So therefore in my case I need to start having some "me" time to go for walks or things... NEXT YEAR!! Go the part time hours!! I should be able to find some time, surely!!!

    Anyway - underneath it all, we're all beautiful! :)

    Have a good day!

  7. So glad the cards are doing well. With the weight, you are not alone and I know it is hard. You did it once and I am confident you can do it again. By the way, need my Teddy and Coco fix - a photo please. Martine x

  8. Ohhh your order has sold how cool and now regular ORDERS yay how neat. the dogs just cute as usual no surprises there.

  9. Why don't you just courier a batch of cards over to Whitianga? Would that be too costly? If so, why not courier a small batch now to see her through until you can deliver some.

  10. Chris, congrats on selling all of your cards at that shop and getting a larger order. You go girl! And of course the pups are too cute for sure...even if they are sleepy!

    You know, I feel exactly the same way as you about the weight thing. I try to watch the amount of junk I eat and make good food choices, but if I want a cookie or piece of cake, I have it. Life is just waaaay to short to worry constantly about what other people think of us. I'm sure Stew and your friends and family love you just the way you are - for who you are and not how much you weigh or don't weigh. Live and enjoy your life...after all, when it's all over and done, do you really want people to remember you just for being thin? Me either! :o)



  11. I love it when you post and say "It's Wednesday" and it's still Tuesday here!

    Nice dog pics!

  12. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Congrats with the card re-order.. super news...

    And I forgot to sign my comment from before too - what a dorkus. It was ME!!

    Kate (

  13. Anonymous3:21 PM

    The only reason I'm losing weight is my Diabetic Diet. I'm not TRYING to lose, you just do, because of the small portions and low Carbo diet. I am still quite fluffy however, after -21 lbs, I'm just scratching the surface. I need to lose about 40 lbs. more to put me where I should be. The dog photos were just darling!! They are so cute! I would love to hold them both and feel their soft fur.
    You are going to be known as "THE CARD LADY" !! how you keep coming up with those darling cards is beyond me!! You are one talented gal!!! ....debbie

  14. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Thats the attitude Just get on with it stop stressing
    You would be mortified if these 2 were your kids:
    Google: Ablisa X-Factor
    Worth a laugh
    Congrats on the cards order Well done
    Mary H

  15. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Chris, My doctor said to me the most important thing to deal with at the moment is to not gain anymore weight, I think we need to learn that first, how to maintain our weight, even if it is too high, and then perhaps just change one little thing each week, I really believe that where we fall down is when we want to loose too fast and too much very quickly, Even if you loose 1/2 kg to 1 kg per month it still adds up.

    The pressure is from trying too hard, just little changes make such a difference and you don't notice them as much.


    p.s. am I too late for pepsi

  16. omg i HEAR you!!! i feel the exact same way and the worst part of it all is that i actually do love myself like this, i actually allow the fact that others judge me for re-gaining weight to motivate me, wtf am i doing?

    thanks for the reminder!

    don't you also find that the second you stop worrying about it, you don't eat anywhere near as much... you don't crave, you don't berate yourself, you don't have inner arguments about whether or not you should or should not eat the potato in the chicken curry!!!

    FFS i need to slap myself sometimes for falling into this trap.

    ooops, sorry for the rant!!! x

  17. Congrats on the card business booming. It's good you can deliver monthly, then you can just supply whatever and not have to stress about figures. Goon on ya!

  18. It is draining thinking about weightloss what seems like all the time. I am in a good mind at the moment So just going with it.

    YOur cards look great Jillx

  19. Just a thought I had: I remember your last trip to Whitianga cost you a bomb for the dogs kennels... have you thought of renting a beach bach there that allows small adorable dogs? rather than a motel.

    There are two websites you can use to find beach bach's in NZ. or the other one This time of year they are really cheap to rent as well $100 a night for some.

    Just thought I'd share that with you.

    I read your blog regularly but don't comment (often) - good luck filling that card order :-)

  20. What a cute dog! My oldest son thinks we should our toddler a puppy for Christmas. Can we adopt your dog?


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