Sunday, September 26, 2010


The other day I bought a really cute candle holder from the Hospice Shop ($2.50)... 

ABOVE: this is what it looked like.  It had 6 little metal loops around the top where I presume crystals hung.   Hmmmm... I wondered what I could get to hang on them.....

ABOVE:  Solution:  my dingly, dangly, sparkly earrings!  WHOOT... I'm so friggin clever, I surprise myself sometimes!  ha ha ha!

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon... from ROY... such a lovely bloke.... he works at Harvey Norman's.. and he said my LOUNGE SUITE was here in Auckland, and he could deliver it TODAY (sunday)!

I was thrilled to bits.... but had to tell him he would need to deliver it on Monday, as we will not be home today to take delivery of it.

Well... Kelly will be here, but I want to be home when it arrives!

So, it's coming tomorrow!   ****SQEALS****... I can't wait!

Today Stew and I (and maybe Griffin) are heading off to Whitianga to pick up our grandson Joshua and his younger brother Damien.  AND I am delivering the first of 3 orders of my cards to Mosaic... a gift/gallery shop in Whitianga.   Yaaaaa.... money!!!  It will go towards Christmas... that is a load off my mind I can tell you!  'Santa' really struggles sometimes to give to everyone in our family nowdays.   It has GROWN!  

So, once we leave for Whitianga,  my blog will be 'quiet' until we get back late this afternoon.   Miss me won't ya!  lol


We are safely home... we now have 4 kids plus Rena in da house.   Amanda was here when we got home... so that was nice.
The shop LOVED my cards!  What a relief... as they hadn't really specified exactly what they wanted... just "Kiwi-ish, and bright"... lol! 

ABOVE:   We had lunch with Anne, who has a blog too... and has the same daily struggles with weight/family bla bla bla as all of us!  She is lovely and I really enjoyed spending some time with her today.

Really need to go now and make some dinner for the kids.... then a huge coleslaw for us adults as we all need to pull our bloody fingers out and shift some weight!   It is so easy to slip back into bad habits... and Stew and I certainly have!   Friggin carbs are evil.

End of Day:  and we FINALLY started having 'good' meals again!  Meat and coleslaw... NO CARBS.  Had a busy evening... kids finally in bed, hubby in bed... heading there myself shortly.  yaaa. nite nite.


  1. Oh boy, so the new lounge finally arrives! Yippee! Can't wait to see the pics insitu!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh squeals in unison for you I do hope the dogs aren't allowed to jump on it a new lounge suite dogs and children I do hope its a happy mix!!! the candle holder is divine.

  3. I can't wait to see the new furniture!!!!!

  4. glad the shop liked your cards

    and how exciting your lounge suite arriving in one more sleep.

  5. Oh, I see you wore your fabulous necklace with matching ear rings. Beautiful!

  6. yayyy lounge suite FINALLY arrived.

    Why shouldn't the shop like your cards...they are all awesome !

  7. Glad they liked your cards! They are awesome so they will probably sell out in no time! Do you provide envelopes too?

  8. Don't your ear-rings look fabulous on that candle holder .... aren't you a clever chooky!!! I'm with you on the weight battle ... I lost heaps on WW a couple of years ago and now every flaming kilo has crept back!! Back onto a healthy diet once we finish our hols **sigh**.
    Enjoy your lovely new suite!!!!
    Joy ;o)

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