Monday, September 27, 2010


ABOVE:  ha ha.. it's almost like old times when we had 6 young kids at home!  So cute.  Brings back some memories that does. (some good, some bad... it was HARD bringing up 6 young kids, and I made mistakes along the way, who doesn't?  But I did the best I could, and all of my kids grew up healthy and well cared for.  Some might think there were hard done by, but at the end of the day, I did my best).

Today:  Our new lounge suite arrives!   OMG I can hardly wait.  It's been so very long since we ordered it!
I will show you all once it's in place.

Also today... the SKY man comes to connect SKY to the TV in me sewing room... I can't live without it! 

AND if I get a chance I will go back to Pukekohe for more of the 'Beach Bums' fabric... the Whitianga shop loved those cards!  lol... so  did I!

The colour choices with the new blogger editing suck!  Where are my beautiful blues?   Most of the colours are 'wishy washy' and ikkkk.

I just got a call from the freight company ... my lounge suite will be delivered 'SOMETIME' this afternoon.  Grrrrrr... he would not give me an approximate time, so it could be 12.30pm .... or 5pm for all I know.  I am crabby about that.  And my biggest fear is that it will arrive and be the wrong colour or have something wrong with it!  That would be just my luck.  Not feeling confident.
ABOVE:  a nice photo of Kelly, Rena and the dogs this morning.
I am sloooooowly going mad here... Griffin is really NOT A NICE BOY when he has to share his things... or anything really.  I want to throttle him so badly!  He is really getting up my nose.  I feel like ringing Stew and telling him he has to come home and do SOMETHING with him. 

ABOVE:  yaa, I'm getting the hang of the new blogger editing tools.. my pictures are finally going where I want them!  Above is a spud growing!  I chucked 7 sprouting spuds in the garden a few weeks ago... never expected them to grow.. but they ARE!  Quite chuffed about that.   Maybe, just maybe, I do have a green finger or two? 

Still no sign of the lounge suite.... *sigh*

ABOVE:  Fed, watered.... and now watching a movie.  NO lounge suite obviously.  Rena is asleep so ain't in the picture.  I'm going to cut out another casserole carrier now...

ABOVE:  4pm.... this arrived.

ABOVE: two hot, sweaty blokes in my lounge...

 ABOVE:  Finally!  Tahhhh Daaaaa... we have a new, totally GORGEOUS... worth the wait, only just, lounge suite.  I am going to sit on the green suite and just LOOK at it a while now.   *smiles*


  1. Awww they are so cute all lined up! I think it's so fun to have all the kids! I love when my nephew is here and can't wait until my niece is old enough to stay. My brother is pretty protective though so who knows how long until that happens.

  2. LOL didnt even notice the color changes arrrgggghhhh thats right I am not really blogging lol...enjoy your day with the little munchkins :-)

  3. ENjoy the lounge suite!

    Cute photo of the kids:-)

  4. WOW you got them all to eat the same thing at the SAME TIME! You rock! And I thought those beach bums were really cute, too! :)

  5. Can't wait to see your new furniture! Wish I could see you "ON IT" with a great big smile!

    Love the cute little "rug-rats" - they are so sweet at that age.Loved the picture of you with your friend & totally loved that beautiful BLUE necklace that you had on! But, you forgot to Smile!!!!!!!!!!!! :)I could send you a "toothless" smile - but yours is so much more beautiful! :)

  6. Seeing the cards in Mosaic yesterday was a treat. They look fabulous. Photos here do not do them justice. That's not a reflection of the photographer but the difference between photos and the real thing. Bums will go like hot cakes. LOL

    It was ... I've run out of words ... very nice, super, great, special, to have lunch with you and Griffin and Stew yesterday. Stew must have thought I was a total ditz. Looking forward to next time.

    And I managed to copy the photo. Thanks. I think I have just learned a new trick. haha.

    I have been wanting for so long to change text colour as I go. How do you do it?

    Enjoy your day. I think winter is over. *smiles*

  7. Is it there yet? Is it there yet? Is it there yet? (Sorry . . . as if you don't have enough kids in the house already?!)

  8. Aggh boys and their toys...
    Wish I lived closer I would come and entertain them.. I am soooo bored right now... Stupid holidays I miss my kids already :(

  9. At least you know it will turn up today. Can't wait to see the pics.

    Don't worry about Griffin. Dobby is the same. By the end of our Great Ocean Adventure last year I really disliked that child. Rude, selfish, embarrassing. Just kids being kids. Don't sweat it. If it's a really big issue, take it from him and let the others use it, tell him he can have it back when they go home if he doesn't behave. Just don't get worked up. Ain't worth it.


  10. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Good on you for having that many sproglets at one time.. I'd be going silly in the head if it was me... bad enough one weekend with ONE kid!! Although when there are more they do tend to "play" without nagging all the time.

    Ahhh... take photos of the suite when it comes - busting to see it!

    Have a nice afternoon! I'm having a nice quiet day with no-one else at work... lovely!!

    Kate (

  11. Those casserole carrier's are brilliant, I got one YEARS ago from a linen party and its still like new and so handy. Everyone always asks me where I got it from.

    Loved the photo's of all the kids lined up eating but loved the photo even more of the kids (and Amanda) sitting in the lounge room (on the floor) watching a movie.

    It is 1.45pm, hope you lounge suit has arrived without any drama's (wrong colour etc).

  12. Poor dogs in their cones...

    Hope your furniture arrives soon!

  13. i cant believe the hell you have gone through with this lounge suit... unreal!

  14. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Had that happen - ordered a lounge suite in a certain pattern and the wrong one turned up. But it wasn't Harvey Norman. We ditched that furniture company who stuffed up and went to Harvey Norman instead! It was cheaper and they actually delivered the lounge on time! Not like their turkey stoves! Good luck with all those kids! WOMBAT

  15. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I keep coming back for news on th lounge suite but alas... nothing.

    Kate (

  16. i have been in and out this afternoon to check update on lounge suite glad to see it has arrived and it is all that you hoped for. Enjoy hun u deserve it

  17. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Think I will order 2 of them Hot sweety men in my lounge that is !!!
    Suite looks lovely
    Mary H

  18. Love the lounge suite it looks so comfy and I like the colour.

  19. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Lounge suite is beautiful colour! Aren't you game to sit on it now? Ha ha! You should buy some fancy blue cushions with the gift voucher harvey norman said they were going to give you! WOMBAT

  20. Thanks for the tip on colour. I know why I couldn't work it out. To show the right tool bar you need to be on one thing and I have trouble posting my photos or something. All good now.

    I tell you I am a computer and internet dunce.

    Hope you and Stew have a quiet evening to enjoy the new lounge suite. It looks reeeeally good.

  21. oooh, my that does look good! fits in perfectly! And lucky you having two sweaty guys in your lounge!

  22. Love it!! Looks so comfy

  23. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Oooh it's lovely! so jealous.... but it really does look super duper.

    Bet you are wrapped!!

    Kate (

  24. THE lounge suite is fabulous so worth it I bet you are relieved pleased and I reckon you may even sleep on that lounge suite! Pic of the kids just classic how orderly!

    Rule in my house about SPECIAL toys if you dont want to share special ones they go away and no one plays with them WHAT is left is open slather, or you could do 20min timer on each different pile of toys? so a change is something to look forward too?

  25. Fab photo of all the kids eating! Love the suite, bet you are sooo excited x

  26. Lovely furniture, glad to hear it arrived safe and sound. You've got a full house there. Enjoy the hectic pace.

  27. The lounge suite goes SO well with the sheepskin and your walls. LOVELY colour choice, Chris.

  28. happy that you finally got the lounge suite mum.

    Me and bubs hade a good time with you and the kids.

    you and dad have done a great job bringing up 8 kids keep up the awesome work.

    Love Ya Kells

  29. Anonymous4:08 PM

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