Monday, September 06, 2010


First up today I am going to Patchwork class.... but can only stay for an hour as I have to attend an IEP meeting for Griffin up at the school. I think these meetings are a waste of time... as they can't get the funding to give him any more help than they are already giving... which is 5/8 th's of fuck all. Oh excuse my language... I'm sure! (lol) But really, they say they are going to do this, that and the other thing and don't follow up. Pfffffft. So over banging my head against a brick wall.

Onto something much nicer...

ABOVE: we went out yesterday and bought me a new laptop... it's teeny tiny and oh so cute... I have to charge and deplete the battery 3 times before it's up and running optimally.... once it is I can sit and read blogs in my lounge chair again in comfort! Yaaa hooo!

ABOVE: Stew on the new computer last night 'talking' to Amanda on MSN Chat... with a video link ... so we could see her and talk to her .... it's so neat having that function again. My PC does not have that.

Righty ho... better go get the day started.... kids to school, etc. Stew had to be in at work really early this morning to sort out how to run the Christchurch Call Centre from here in Auckland.... at least until they can access their building in Christchurch again after the earthquake.


Patchwork was lovely, I got the bear block blanket stitched. Then I went to the school... where I heard all that they were doing...and listened to his teacher say what he was doing in class, saw a sample of his 'writing' and just sat there and cried. Felt a fool. Left feeling like they were doing all they could, given the funding... and if it wasn't for us taking him to Speld lessons he would simply not be doing as 'well' as he is now. They certainly realise that he will need assistance with his reading/writing for literally all of his school life, and more assistance will be provided as and when he needs/qualifies for it.

I hope they are not empty promises.

It is now 1pm and I still havn't had breakfast or lunch, so that's MY next priority. Food.

Kids just got home from school... Brylee had a sealed letter for me. From the Principal. It was not good. It was BAD. She has been hitting out at kids at school... so far 5 TIMES this term! Last friday she split open some boys lip. FUCK. She is being referred to RTLB AGAIN. I can see lots of problems ahead for her if she thinks hitting someone will solve her problems/frustrations/anger. And why did the school not tell us until she had done it 5 friggin times already???


End of Day: feeling better, know there is not much we can do about little miss madam. She is a product of her genes. We have talked to her about her behaviour till we are blue in the face and it makes no difference. Maybe she will outgrow it. As if. Not very positive I know. Deal. nite nite.


  1. LOL 5/8ths, is it? That's more than half! I'm trying to imagine what sort of "unit" f-all would be, though... bad of me...

  2. Morning love,

    If they are nor following through say it. They are meant to, hence the dam plan etc. I would be livid, you can't say something and not do it.

    Also ask them to explain what they have done since last IEP.


  3. Nikki8:06 AM

    Hi Chris
    I loooove all your animal blocks. Gee freehand drawing, you are talented. My free hand is stick figures!!!
    Hope Stew isn't to crazy busy with the Chch call centre work... U need your time together :)
    As for meetings at the school it's a shame our kids suffer because of funding issues but at least you care enough for yur children to go outside of school even if it cost you a bundle. Your a great mum!!
    Have a great day.

  4. But really, they say they are going to do this, that and the other thing and don't follow up. Pfffffft.

    Sounds like some things never change -even in another country! I guess Duds are everywhere. It's that way here too- " they might "talk the talk" But they sure do not "walk the walk!"

  5. I love your new wee laptop and I am a little jealous. I have looked at them a few times, but not yet made the jump.
    Make your frustration known at the may have a hard enough head to bust that brick wall.

  6. Try not to get too frustrated at the IEP meeting. It's too bad the important programs don't get as much funding as they desperately deserve.

    I need a new laptop too. I only use mine for blog reading and on-line poker but it's slow as molassas. I can't even comment when I'm using it because it's so damn slow.

    I'm prayer for all those there affected by the earthquake. Relievec you and your family are safe.

  7. Congrats on the new puter!

  8. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Chris, I made that cake it was divine, thanks heaps for sharing Wendy

  9. I hope the week settles down for Stew a bit, and maybe CROCKPOT dinners for comfort food did you know YOU can hire protable SPAS that take begger all to inflate and install MAYBE a soak in one could be a nice end to a week for the both of you? Who am I KIDDING I need one too!! Have a great day (oh thanks for sending the rain down our way!!)

  10. Anonymous11:25 AM

    OH Chris!! Dontcha' just LOVE new toys. That is one cute little mini computer!!Just keep bitching at the school, the squeeky wheel is the one that gets oiled!! Remember that!...debbie

  11. Your picture of Stew reminds me of my Hubby sitting on our couch with my new iPad. He gets as big a kick out of "playing" with is as I do!

  12. Anonymous4:08 PM

    aww are such a good mom.
    hmmmm can't get my mumtotwo working??

  13. Oh my friend, you have not had a good day :( **HUGS**
    Brylee needs to be taught to deal with situations better, you have never said she hurts Griffin at home so I think its the schools job to teach her to deal with her feelings as that seems to be the situation she is blowing up in. The school/teacher/class need to deal with it.
    Some children just don't have these skills and some have tempers they can't control. She just needs to learn these things, and they take time. BUT 5 times, I would have been in contact after 2 times.. 1 fluke 2 umm we have and issue and I would have called you not written you a letter.
    Hope all gets better soon and the calm arrives.


  14. Sorry to hear about Brylee. I get all worked up when I hear negative stuff about my kids thru' the school. The important thing is to get to the root of the problem and help her overcome it. That's gonna take time, effort and love. All the best.

  15. Oh dear, not a fantastic start to the week for you - it can only get better.

    I would have thought the school would have called you and definately before incident number 5.

    A couple of wines sound like the deal for you & Stew tonight, I am sure his day has been a bit stressful too.

    Take care.

  16. Chris, is it within your financial power to consult a counsellor? We had been taking Dobby and it's done a world of good. It could help get to the bottom of whatever issues Brylee has and help her work through them without lashing out.

    Fingers crossed for you love!

  17. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Another one who recommends a counsellor for Brylee. THere is obviously some pain there that she is unable to express in other ways. YOu are a great mum to her and I know you want to help her - but maybe she isn't able to verbalise what is going on in her head. I hope you get her help because I really want your life to be peaceful and not have terrible teenage years with her!

    As for Griffin I think the help you are getting him is fantastic. My brother had VERY similar issues at school and after a lot of help now runs a successful trade business. He will be ok...especially with your pair as parents.

  18. Love your new little laptop. You will have lots of fun with that!

    So sorry to hear about the problems for Griffin and Brylee. I wish I could help but not having any children of my own, I probably don't have any advice that anyone would want to listen to! I wish you all the best with getting to a satisfactory conclusion, though!



  19. OMG that is disgusting! I mean the school is effectively telling her it's ok, after all the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th times there have been no repercussions. It makes you wonder what the school system is coming to these days!

    Have to admit I used to HATE laptops, now I use it more than the PC, love sitting in bed with it reading blogs, facebooking etc - in fact it's where I do most of my computing ... lol

  20. Hey matey, long time no read, great to catch up again.



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