Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So, am I the only person who has a printer/copier and doesn't use it cos it's too complicated?

Well. I'm not any more! I got Stew to lift it down from the top shelf above my computer so I could see the buttons and instructions... and last night I managed to scan and copy a couple of quilt patterns from a borrowed book! Yaaaa... I am no longer printer illiterate. The possibilites are now endless... oooo the patterns I can copy ... maybe not sew, but copy is a start!

Today? Think I will go out and cruise the main.... window shop in other words. I have some wee pieces of fabric to pick up from the patchwork shop I go to on Mondays... just off cuts and ends... all only $1 each. Good for little projects or blocks that require little bits here and there.... like the Noah's Ark blocks. Not sure what else I will do, depends on the weather.

I'd like to do some gardening... (STOP LAUGHING STEW).... I really want to get my summer garden ready soon.

ABOVE: ooo lots of lovely wee fabric bits! I can use them to make all sorts of things. Adds to me stash. One's stash is so important! lol

Home again, time to do some serious housework... wonderful I'm sure.

And I may have to knuckle down and make more cards yet.. I have not finished the Whitianga order yet... almost there.

I have been good! Done the vacuming, tidied up the linen cupboard and read some blogs on the new laptop. It's taking a while to get used to this new laptop... the keyboard is a bit different from me old one, and the space key is not as sensitive, so I keep tapping it and not getting a space... which is rather frustrating. But I will get used to it.

My girlfriend Chris D down in Palmerston North has found me a pad for using under the laptop... it keeps it cool. I couldn't find one here ... so she found one for me! Yaaaa. AND it's PINK!!! How cute. I will show you all when it arrives. Can't wait.

What else? Well I have a really yummy beef stew cooking in the crock pot... this family loves beef stew. Might get off me butt now and do a bit more housework... getting hot sitting here in the lounge with the heater on!

End of Day: another day done and dusted... just a normal day to be sure. nite nite.


  1. I have a similar printer, works great most of the time but everytime we turn it off it wants to reinstall itself!

  2. Morning,

    You just reminded me, jersey beanies need to be planted soon to be able to get potatoes for Xmas.. mmm yum!

    I love my garden just wish it would stop darn raining so I could plant some potatoes and lettuce in it. Tried strawberries last year but they weren't to flash think its not sunny enough.

    Hope today is better than yesterday :)
    well done on using the technology !!


  3. yeah printers computers cellphones DVD players anything electronic I have trouble with mind u doesnt need to be electronic as I have a can opener that hates me too I can never get it to wrk and alsways end up dragging out the old wing job..so good for you getting your head around ya printer.

  4. If you can scan, you can enlarge or reduce the images too. You can also draw pictures on a piece of paper, scan it in and manipulate the sizing. I do it all the time for my applique shapes. Saves a lot of time redrawing.

  5. I saw a sneak preview of bubba's face last week during my 36 week scan... it was really amazing and yes, I did notice a similarity between him and Guy.

    Also, check my blog v. v. soon as I'll be posting all about your lovely necklace that I've now finished...!

  6. I have a redundant printer too and it is dead simple too everyone else BUT ME!!!!! lol

  7. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Printers are pretty simple when you get the hang of the dang thing! lol like your little scraps of material! Pretty good for only a dollar!!...debbie


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