Friday, September 24, 2010


ABOVE: So... what do you think of the newest fabric??? I made about 5 cards using it last night, and will show you a bit later... when I get time! Isn't it just fabulous? I just had to get me some. Can you see YOUR bum in that lineup? I know I can... lol!

Today: Griffin to school, then Kelly, Rena and I might just go out for a while... browse some shops.... the mall... whatever. Just do 'chick' type things! lol
Brylee comes home late this afternoon... I am hoping she has had a lovely time... and not been bored, cold and unhappy. Time will tell....

ABOVE: The cards I made last night. Cute?

OMG!  I haven't blogged ALL day!  Well... we have been busy.  Kelly, Rena and I went out to Penrose ...their  Spotlight to be exact... where I  found some lovely fabric for another of my swap partner's gift.  Then we had morning tea at Sylvia Park ... then stopped in at the Manurewa Hospice Shop to say 'Hi'... came home and had lunch.

Then I proceeded to sew all afternoon...
Brylee arrived back at school at about 5.15... and would you believe it... she had EVERYTHING in her bag that she left with!

Well..... except for 2.5 kilos... she lost it in 5 days on camp.  I expect that will be because they didn't make her eat... she won't if not 'made to'.  She also has a very croaky voice, sore throat apparently.  

BUT on the PLUS side, she had a lovely time by the sound of it.  I am really happy about that.

Stew is out this evening... a 'Managers Only' dinner and whatever.  Pffffffft.  I hate that.  Don't wives/partners matter then???

Dinner tonight is going to be left overs, sandwiches, whatever ... I am not cooking!

End of Day:  and his nibs is still out.. and I'm off to bed... it is, afterall, 11pm.  nite nite.


  1. That is the greatest fabric I've seen in a long time. I'm sure your cards will sell like hotcakes with this fabric-- and the colors are great too.

    Have a great day. jj

  2. Love the fabric... have an awesome day and weekend :-)

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM

    That's an awesome print and yes, I think I am the pineapple! Wish I was more like the wee tomato looking one...

    Sounds like a nice day browsing the shops...

    An Eye for Art - is that the one by the ANZ bank? I went in yesterday and didn't see any cards... maybe I got the wrong shop - if not, you need to re-stock!

    Anyway - have a good weekend. I am taking my daughter (4.5) to the movies tomorrow morning for the very first time... not sure how that will go (she's already got a thousand questions about whether we can talk during it and do we eat popcorn etc)... and will it be DARK!! Oh dear.

    Anyway - gotta fly - have an excellent relaxing weekend.

    Kate (

  4. Anonymous9:46 AM

    LOL, I love the fabric and I love your cards! So cute! and YES, I do see my bum...the big one that is a fact though...debbie

  5. Those cards are so stinking cute!!

  6. Those are cute as can be.
    I will be interested to hear how it went for Brylee.

  7. Love the cards AND the fabric!! Hope Brylee went well--no news is good news with school camps, so I'm guessing all good on that front.

  8. I think I am the red one next to the green one. Sad... :-)

    Great material! Love it! xx

  9. That fabric is truly wonderful. My ass is very recognisable!!
    Hope Brylee was ok at camp.

  10. Love 'em, love 'em .... they are so cute !! And yep..I see me bum !

  11. Haha there isnt fabric wide enough for my voluptuous BUM!!!! but it is delightful fabric made me laugh. Can't wait to see more cards and hear Brylees news, and of course you will have pics of Rena I'm sure!

  12. I am not going to say anything about the butts!

  13. I love your Beach Bums! I can see the bum I have and the bum I want to have. ;)

  14. It is gorgeous fabric Chris. I have two in that range but haven't done anything with them yet. I'm definitely the pineapple! Still!

  15. I am glad Brylee had a good time. I am going to school camp for 4 days the weeks after the school holidays - wonder if I can lose 2.5kg - yeah right!!!! Although no booze allowed so that should help.

    Have a good weekend, I hope this weather improves I am over wind & rain.

  16. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Hi Chris, that fabric just takes the cake in my opinion.

    The food on school camps can be pretty awful, my children always came home starving and with a weight loss. Brylie doesn't have any problem saying no to food. She will be glad if she stays that way when she is older.

    Maggie (Magpie) Aus

  17. Oh Chris... get over the "manager's dinner". That is the story of my life!! Heck Stu is always out at dinners without me. He is even over at Surfers Paradise without me at the moment!! :)

  18. love the cards big bottomed girls

    glad Brylee had a great time wow wish i could loss 2.5 k in a week

  19. MarkD well said! very diplomatic

  20. now those are awesome cards..please email me..I seriously want to buy

  21. I love love love that fabric. I'm trying to think what I could make with that fabric?

  22. I love love love the beach bum print! Have a fun weekend.

  23. Anonymous8:10 PM

    What time did he arrive home? I hate that too.

  24. Ally (Aus)10:14 AM

    Love the beach bums!
    Would love to see one of the casserole carriers made from that. You are so creative!


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